Dansdeals.com Beta 1.1


Dansdeals.com Beta 1.1 Linky
(Dansdeals.com Beta 1.0 is no longer available for viewing.)

Please continue to vote and post specific comments on what you like, or on what you would like to see changed!

Some of the changes to the original design based on your suggestions so far:

-More “color” added
-Search box raised to the top
-More white space “between things” added
-Post lines shortened (Note: If you have a higher resolution screen then the post lines will be longer, if you have a lower resolution screen then the post lines will be shorter. Please be sure to include your screen resolution in any comments about the length ot the posts lines!)
-Knowledgebase added
-Font size slightly increased
-Main page only displays the 50 most recent posts, down from 100
-Separate pages added for specific popular categories
-Every individual post’s title is now clickable and has an individual URL
-Separate RSS feeds are now available for Posts and for Comments!

What do you think of dansdeals.com Beta 1.1?
Better Than Beta 1.0
Not Any Better Than Beta 1.0
Worse Than Beta 1.0

Is the Dansdeals.com layout better than the Ctownbochur.com layout?
Better Than Ctownbochur.com
Not Any Better Than Ctownbochur.com
Worse Than Ctownbochur.com

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13 Comments On "Dansdeals.com Beta 1.1"

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wider middle posts, my resolution is 1028×786 and middle is very narrow


at 800×600 i only get like 3-4 words per line. (but thats only this screen, all my other comps run at much higher res).


Dan, the new site basically looks just like the Blog but with less color.

If you really want a snazzy looking site, spend an hour or two with a web site developer and get it done. You are all ready half way there.


still very bland and boring doesnt catch the eye looks like a bunch of text…..makes me tired


maybe my resolution is way off, but I get an average of 10 letters per line, it takes an hour to read a post with all the scrolling down


I think it looks great. With a image with a cool logo or something on the top left instead of the current text, I think it will be awesome.


Im with aishel-people always resist change, dont listen to them!
The name is very sweet as well-it has a nice ring to it.
Now go get yourself a cool logo for dansdeals.

Asher O


I like the CtownBochur name better though. I also like that blogger remembers me (I dont have to enter my email/website every time I comment).


for all those who sed worse its not its just still not to good yet dan sorry wher all just being honest

Chaya Tamir

Love your site, check it at least twice daily so all my criticsm are coated with good feeling,

I don’t know my resolution, but DEF wider middle, add a cute icon, and maybe something to ding every time you post something…
like the colors, but change the font to something more straight and cool…less times new roman.

Good luck with your new venture!

other guy

dan, the site needs some serious design… especially the colors!

i gotta agree with that earlier poster, you need to spend a few bucks on a professional designer.

thanx for working on improvements and thanx for including us in the process.


for all the people that say he needds it to be better and pay for a designer so y dont we all help him out and give some money it all ads up dan put the google checkout thing again please


The posts are still harder to read. Can you try to make the line and font size the same as ctownbochur? Also, try to make some sort of michitza between the post and all the category/archive stuff.

You’re getting there….