2 Month Long Trip Coming To An End…

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I think I’ve had my fill of traveling a little while.

Over the past 2 months we dear wife and I have been in NY 3 times, in Toronto for a wedding, in LA for a year-end mileage run, on 3 Hawaiian Islands, went home to Cleveland for 3 days to move across the street into a beautiful new apartment, went to Pittsburgh for the weekend to buy furniture at cut-rate prices for the new place, and are now in Kansas visiting the in-laws.  Oh yeah, it’s supposed to be -13° here tonight and -30° with the wind chill-Hawaii is definitely the right place to be just about now.
Once I get home I’ll have to open up some more credit cards to get the mileage signup bonuses to pay for all that 😉

Finally we get home on Monday and have no travel planned for a whole month! It is definitely tons of fun traveling in style when it’s all on the credit card companies dime (or mile in this case), but even with all the amazing upgrades (lie-flat airplane beds, 4 room oceanfront suites, caddy’s and camaro’s) it’ll be nice to just be home!
I guess that means I’m no Ryan Bingham. Although 10 million AA miles would also be nice.

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So you will understand if I choose to spend Shabbos in Maui instead of cleveland next week…..:-)


Were you in Honolulu at Chabad of Hawaii for a shabbos?


sounds great wish you luck in being able to keep it up. alot of people are being KOed for new Credit Cards. Hope you have the $$ to pay for tkts, but after all the up front flying will you be able to do it in , dare I say Coach

a few freinds who are also heavy into this have told me the gravy train is a pullin into the barn and their exploits wont be going forward what it was like in the past


gut gezukt!


You probably wish you had the 10 million mile card, your dream!


@EBelsky: is the mint shipping orders of 5k?


I trust you are keeping track of the amount of ionising radiation your body absorbs each time you fly, and are aware that the effect is cumulative, and will slow down or stop before the total goes over the limit and puts you has veshalom in danger. Necessary trave for business or other is one thing. For pleasure, it should be moderated. Venishmartem lenafshoseichem. Gitte voch to all.


I tend to agree with ChaimB, plus, applying for all these cards seems to be a knock on ones credit score isn’t it?


I know how you feel I left 100 degrees Sydney weather to come back to 10 degrees


i see….
please stay safe daniel all that flying takes a toll


dan how do you rent cars with points?


and… what do you do for a living?


I am a chusid of your site you need a yidishe kup to enjoy these metzias. As a token of appreciation I would give you mezuzos for miles.