What To Do Once You Get The 7200 RPM Notebook Hard Drive?

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Update: Asher O. points out that Newegg has a 2.5″ enclosure for just $5.84 after a $13.99 rebate… 


An anonymous commenter said,

“hey dan
i bought the hard drive, now do i have to reinstall win and all my programs, if i want to install the harddrive ( i dont have any cd to install my programs that i currently have) is there a way to just transfer from one hard drive to the other?”

Anon-that’s a great purchase, I hope you enjoy the upgrade as much as I did!

Meanwhile, you have a few options;

There are basic data transfer programs that come free with some external hard-drives.

You can also just buy a program like Norton Ghost to duplicate your data onto a new hard drive.
The $16.99 deal for that is still valid:
Norton Ghost Linky

As far as Windows goes, if you call your computer manufacturer and tell them that you fried your old hard drive and are putting in a new one, they will send you out a free Windows CD.

Finally, you may want to invest in a 2.5″ external hard drive enclosure which will allow you to use your old notebook hard drive as an external drive.

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