Follow Me On An RV Trip Out West!

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4 DDF (DansDeals Forums) members have been driving an RV from NYC to San Francisco this week on a Photo DO organized by Something Fishy, who worked with me to make the Antarctica Cruise.

Inspired by PBaruch, I signed up for my first RV trip.

They stopped at places like the Smoky Mountains, Mammoth Caves, and the Gateway Arch before we met up in Denver.


After taking thousands of flights it’s not often that I’m left speechless, but I had that experience at the gate in Cleveland:


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My #United empty #EconomyPlus row to #DEN filled up at the last minute with standby passengers at T-30 before my flight today, so I went to the agent and asked if there were any seats left next to an empty middle. She said the flight is nearly full and there’s just one in #EconomyMinus. But no worries! As you’re a valued #1K member I’ll just go ahead and downgrade those 2 standby passengers to Economy Minus and get you that empty Economy Plus row back! 🤯🤯🤯 Not sure if I should feel happy or guilty, but I’m legit terrified to look back at row 14. Uptate to clarify: I didn’t ask for anything due to covid. All I did was ask for another seat with an empty middle as I always would. I certainly didn’t expect the agent’s actions! Also the standby passengers had not been given their boarding passes yet (I saw the passes on the podium) so it’s very unlikely they had any idea what happened.

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I grabbed a delicious burger and we bought Shabbos food at Denver’s East Side Kosher Deli before hitting the road out west.

It’s a bit of an #KosherAntarctica reunion, as 4 of the 5 of us were on that 2018 cruise.

I just spent a glorious Shabbos amongst the majestic Rocky Mountains and can’t wait to check out some beautiful national parks as we drive out west!


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There’s nothing quite like a #shabbos spent amongst majestic mountains

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If you want to join along on our trip, you can follow @DansDeals on Instagram for the latest updates.

DDF member Something Fishy runs Kosher Horizons and you can follow along via his Instagram stories as well.

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I have been in ardent follower and vocal local advocate of your blog for many, many years.

I have traveled extensively around the world (100+ countries) but have also made several RV trips, including most recently an RV trip to the national parks in Utah during coronavirus.

I have some tips to share for your current trip and would be happy to be on the sending end of advice to you as a small token of reciprocation for all of the advice I have received from you over the years.

Please feel free to contact me directly.


I’m curious; how do you stay in an RV over Shabbos?


easily. just don’t go out the driver or passenger side doors. All lights will remain as set. Hook-up in a park provides water and electric. A burner left on low doubles as a blech for keeping hot water and food warm. Done it more than once. Currently doing a similar trip as Dans. NY – NV. Had dinner one night at East Side in Denver’s as well. Enjoy! Hashem created a gorgeous world for us to explore!


Looking forward to following you on this trip! A whole lot better than following current news!!


Please stop at Chabad of Mammoth Lakes! We’d LOVE to have you here!!
-one of your biggest fans


1k?! What happened to gs?


used to wonder why you ran all around the world and never saw the beauty that is in america i guess because of covid you are now looking in your own country that has some spectacular beautiful places


I’m not on the forum, but just read the comment by Galitzyaner. Just wanted to share a tip with him – and hope he sees this. Easiest way to get an RV deal is on their rental websites search for one way deals. They need to get the RV’s across America and offer amazing deals. IE, $12/day (+ $30 insurance if yours doesn’t cover) for a 28′, free mileage for the distance plus some extra, and a monetary credit towards gas costs. With tickets (for the return) priced inexpensively due to covid, it’s a deal too good to pass on. The National Parks are beautiful this time of year and much less crowded than summertime. Enjoy!


How are they doing this without violating quarantine and travel restrictions? Even if they “stick to themselves” they are still prohibited from this sort of travel.


I’m curious to hear how you dealt with the Shabbos issue of carrying outdoors? Surely you need to construct an Eruv in order to bring things in and out of the RV, as well as to carry things 4 amos outdoors. Can you share with us how you dealt with this issue?