Will New York Impose A Reciprocal Quarantine On Floridians?

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Florida has required a 2 week quarantine on people coming from the New York Tri-State area since March. That end date of that order is unknown.

With NY cases slowing down and Florida looking like it is the new epicenter of the deadly virus, NY Governer Cuomo said that he may require visitors from Florida to quarantine for 14 days if they come to NY.

Coronavirus in Florida:

When New Yorkers rushed to Florida to escape the pandemic, stores in Florida started checking IDs and refused entry to New Yorkers. No word on whether that will now happen in New York.

The other open question is how will the Florida outbreak affect the NBA’s plans to finish the season in Orlando?

Do you think New York should impose a quarantine on Floridians?

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Joel Rosenberg

Time for revenge I guess


I was just thinking that! If if becomes bad I think they should


Who is going from FL to NY?


Plenty of NY’ers are there


Morons like me who moved here. NY is so backwards. Cuomo is too busy trying to deflect from the deaths he caused in Nursing homes


What about all the new Yorkers that are chilling in florida and come back to New York. You think hes gonna make them quarantine?


End the quarantines.


If you live in Florida and you’re stupid enough to come to a dumb liberal state, you probably deserve to be locked up in your house

Not wrong

As a new Yorker I can confirm


Though I don’t disagree with you, the heavily Jewish areas (Dade, Broward, Palm Beach Counties) are some of the most left-wing counties in the US.


Then they’re dumb for living in left-wing Miami, Miami Beach, Palm Beach, Dade, Broward or whatever.


Moe, where do you suggest a frum family live in Fl? Pensacola? Tallahassee? Just because its Republican?


Jacksonville !!


True they call that implant city


Not entirely true in Dade

Not that liberal

I guess you are not aware of the fact that Miami -Dade county has a republican mayor?


It’s all due to testing. No major outbreak yet.


Cuomo and especially De Blasio’s rules on social distancing are so arbitrary and selectively enforced that it won’t matter.

If the past month is any indication, BDB will implement the quarantine rule, but only enforce it if you are identifiably Jewish.


If it’s very bad in FL yes your job is to protect NY’ers, now show us that you are actually doing your job but don’t wait till it’s too late


Wow i this a Pack of lies

In Florida the Daily death rate is Still Lower (Or Same) as New York (like 30 – 40 a day)

the only rate that went up is the Daily New Cases and this is due to a huge increase in testing

Now: Of course if when you test 10,000 PPL and u get 300 PL Positve, so when you test 100,000 PPL U will get 3000!!!!

And in case U check – no the per 100K Is Actually going down — it is just the testing that is goijg up!!!


The positive test rate has increased as well.


the positivity rate is now 3x higher. In just 10 days. Its not just more testing. Actually more testing should lead to less positivity rate.

New Yorker

Re: the stores checking IDs; maybe you’ll have 1 or 2 stores doing so, but definitely not all stores.


In my experience and that of hundreds of other families I know that are currently here from NY, it happened 0 times. Been here since April and self quarantined for 2 weeks which was never enforced or followed up on, after that was free to come and go as I wished. All others I’ve met here over the past 2 months did the same.

“When New Yorkers rushed to Florida to escape the pandemic, stores in Florida started checking IDs and refused entry to New Yorkers.”

This is #FAKENEWS.

Don’t sensationalize.


Will New York Impose A Reciprocal Quarantine On Floridians?

Of course, NY Democratic Dictator Coumo will punish the Republican Floridian governor. Health and safety are never his true concern. Politics and protests are his only decision factors.

Grois Apple

Dan, please stop trying to create animosity between our brothers in FL and NY. Live and let live!

Dan\'s the Man

Although the numbers of positives are going up in Florida they have huge capacity for testing and contact tracing in Florida (unlike NY had in March/April). Assuming those positive actually stay at home for 2 weeks it may not turn into a big outbreak. There is currently no evidence of the hospitals in Florida being overwhelmed. The Governor in Florida said he isn’t concerned as his goal is to protect the most vulnerable and the far majority of new cases are those under 50. It’s actually refreshing to hear the Governor respond saying he isn’t going to putting another lock down (even though the media is making it sound like he needs to). The media did this also when Florida (along with Georgia and Texas) started reopening at the beginning of May. They made it sound like the governors would be killing people. The mass number of hospitalization and deaths never came. We know so much more about this virus now than we did at the end of March and yet the media pretends we know the amount that we knew in March. We know 85% of deaths are those over 65, most of whom have at least one underlying health condition. We know the virus doesn’t affect children (I know there are a very small number of children that got sick a few that even died from the Kawasaki like disease but percentage wise it’s totally insignificant) and yet the media likes to portray mass hysteria so that even people having chest pains are scared to go the hospital. #FactsNotFear


The whole thing is a joke. I know of 2 or 3 families that quarantined upon arrival to FL. And I know of another thousand that didn’t quarantine at all. In fact, one day the week of Shavuot, I davened (outdoors, of course) with someone who arrived just a few days before from the tri-state area.


If you arrive in FL by air, do they check where you reside upon arrival? or just from NY/NJ/CT airports? I had tickets and really wanted to go for Memorial Day weekend, but my tickets were from Newark. I had thought about changing it to be from PHL to get around it. Too much to risk, in the end, so I followed Dan’s advice and waited for United to cancel my flights and I got a full refund.


No they don’t check anything in airport. When you drive they make you fill out a form that is never followed up on. Your loss for not coming.


See US Constitution, Article IV, Section 2, 1st paragraph. It is unconstitutional for one state to refuse entry to citizens of another state.


So people will fly to other airports or drive. Just like they did when Florida was imposing a quarantine. Did people who flew actually quarantine themselves? I doubt it.


I don’t know about upstate, but if you live in NYC, chances are quite high you were exposed to the virus already. Florida should lift their quarantine requirement, and NY should not impose one. If you are not considered high risk, just be careful in indoor public locations.

Adam Guillette

The Miami Herald had a great piece on how Florida’s infection rate has actually remained flat. The increased cases are purely from the five-fold increase in testing. Deaths continue to drop. Perhaps Florida should cut back on testing so that there are less “cases”!


Florida has around 3k corona deaths. Try to compare that to NY/ NJ


Completely unenforceable.

Even if someone has a New York or Florida drivers license, ID or license plate, he may have been staying in Montana, Iowa, Maine or any other place other than NY or FL over the last six months, despite being a NY or FL resident.

He can simply say I haven’t been to NY or to FL (whichever the case may be) at any time since March and have been staying in Virginia all this time, despite being a New York/Florida resident with a NY/FL ID.

And businesses cannot require ID, anyways. What about people who don’t carry any ID? It isn’t legally required to carry an ID with you always.


there are only 4 ways to get to Florida;by train,car,plane,or boat.Doesn’t one need ID to board a train or commercial airline.Only way to get to Florida without ID is by private boat or private plane as a passenger known to the owner.Otherwise you do need an ID.

David R

You missed a few ways. You can be a passenger in a car or bus (I think train as well) without ID. You can arrive by commercial plane without state ID (lose it after TSA checkpoint or use a non-state ID such as a passport). You can walk or bicycle from an adjacent state. You can swim.


You do not have to produce an ID to anyone, even if requested.


You can take straight the i-95 there is no borders to check where you come from


Yes, it would be a prudent move but considering they won’t enforce it the effects will be limited


What if you came from Florida in order to attend a protest? Would you be treated as a Floridian requiring quarantine, or as a protester exercising his rights? The virus works differently, you know.


Quarantine Shmarantine. It’s a joke. It’s not enforced. Go to Israel and you’ll see what a quarantine is. Seriously LOL USA!!


I have flights next week TO MIAMI for 3-4 days. Will they let me come back to NY or make a problem.


You will not have any problem.

Ken Zein

New York does whatever they can to parrot other liberal municipalities do. There’s no sense in anything they do legislatively


Many of our grandparents are in FL
Pls don’t be a wise guy
Need to do anything possible to protect them


This will go on back and fort until there is a vaccine. Everyone blaming everyone. Everyone stressed beyond belief. Let Darwin take over and Hashem will guide it


i live in PBC,i am a new yorker.i am surrounded by new yorkers.never heard of or saw any of this. checking i.d.’s??? where? like anyone would put up with that.i would go to different stores. they would lose even more business. i had my hair cut at aveda and they took my temperature…


Look at the comments, the Sinat Chinam (Baseless Hatred) is so high now. Shame on all of us. From the Temple destruction until now we never changed.


as if NY is a Place where Florida residents are even interested in traveling to


I don’t understand how people are buying into this garbage about testing numbers only going up due to increased testing.