With Pfizer’s Vaccine Proving To Be Much More Effective Than Expected, Will Travel Begin To Return To Normal?

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Pfizer announced today that data from their vaccine trial shows that it is more than 90% effective in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

That’s much greater than the expected 50% efficacy and there have been no safety concerns so far among the tens of thousands of volunteers who have signed up for the study.

The vaccine will be delivered in 2 doses and will be prioritized for high risk individuals at first, but hopefully in the coming months there will be widespread availability.

A world where my grandparents can hug their great grandkids without fear, where I can go into the store without a mask, and where I can start traveling internationally again? Sign me up!

What’s your guess for when things will begin to look like normal again?

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You need to have an option with Biden and Trump as president. That’s the real question


Cuomo is already against it.. (we have to wait for after Biden gets in.. so Trump doesn’t mess up.. or more like, take the credit)



Coumo is not against it. Watch the press conference. He is concerned that the Trump distribution plan will be haphazard and mismanaged, while Biden wants to have the US Govt completely underwrite the cost of vaccines, with a comprehensive, region by region plan.


They don’t expect wide distribution before year end 2021. So I don’t expect much change until mid 2021 at best


Interesting that this releases less than a week after the election lol


Interesting, that if Trump had not denied the pandemic for two months instead of starting work immediately on vaccines, the election results might have been much different.


Clearly you haven’t been paying attention. Have you heard of operation “warp speed”? Was that operation launched also because he “denied the pandemic”?


yes very interesting after they ridiculed and tried to marginalize trump as just conning all us naive voters when he kept saying good news about a vaccine was very close maybe even before the elections. The true ultimate con artists, the establishment government and most of the media


If you voted no, please explain. We’d like to be enlightened as to why the world will never be safe again.


Cause if you go with common sense, life should have returned to its normal long time ago, in many places…
So the control-hungry leaders will still make us go with masks open and close our business, school, shuls, every 2 weeks


Amen. and Amen. out of control


Leisure Travel – yes

Business Travel – no, but not for health/safety reasons


True, we work to live not live to work.

We only die once,
But we live everyday

Deff Leppard

If only folks had that attitude after 9/11


Most people won’t take a chance on a vaccine with no real trial period. Therefore we are no better off for now. Down the road when people are more comfortable with the long term effects of the vaccine and are willing to take it… Then things can normalize


And how is that supposed to happen if no one takes the vaccine?


Initial trial period is for 60 days.


We’ll try it on democrats, they’re brainwashed enough, to think it’s not safe to live without getting vaccinated!


Travel? What about everything else??


Did u read the post


1) Thanks for including a link to a reputable news source with the info!

2) Your poll is not great. “Released” is too ambiguous. Does it mean when the first doses are available? The answer there is obviously no. Does it mean when it is widely available to anyone who wants one? The answer there is – it depends on whether people actually take it.


2) Oops, poll wasn’t meant to be published. Deleted now 🙂

And exactly for that reason, it doesn’t add much to the conversation.

reb yid

I’m right behind you getting the vaccine, but masking and other restrictions won’t be lifted until vaccination has become the norm.


COVID became a political game. Yes, hundreds of thousands of died in the US. Yes, there have been millions of positive cases over the many months (most recovered). I don’t think there is a coincidence that this announcement came a few days after the election, nor do I find it coincidental or “cute” that suddenly social distancing doesn’t apply for BLM protests, Biden celebrations, or during the election- anti-Trump protesting. Somehow, someway this virus took a political ideology, captured a double-standard, and some of the original conspiracies don’t appear fully fictional at all. If CNN, NBC, ABC, Washington Post and many of the politically liberal professors and scientists change their song at the end of January, then certainly the coincidence is too “coincidental”. No drug, regardless of how effective will change the song.




We’re lucky that the Dems didn’t politicize 9/11. They obviously won’t make that same mistake again. Those evil Dems blamed Trump for coronavirus deaths. That’s despicable.


So the US leading with COVID infections by population, with a president who ignored it, refused to listen to the scientists, refused to take any significant mitigation measures…and it’s being politicized by the *Democrats*.

How’s the Kool-Aid withdrawal going?


Yehuda, Not sure how the Kool-aid tastes. Perhaps ask Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser why for months she tweeted, knocked, criticized Trump gatherings, Trump campaigning, shul (and other houses of worship) events— but said nothing, zero about the mass gatherings in DC after Biden’s victory. She said nothing about the mass gatherings of BLM or #Metoo. Want to take it a step further? Jake Tapper, Wolf Blitzer, Portland Oregon Mayor Ted Wheeler said nothing regarding the social distancing violations for Biden’s victory. Here’s the difference between a Kool-aid drinker and one who is cognizant of society and fairness–> As one who personally isn’t against social distancing or strict mask-wearing— I’m generally supportive of such a Covid attitude towards Trump-style events and equally supportive of BLM, #Metoo, Biden events; but what *WOULD* be unfair and devious would be if I only gave my blessing for Trump events but not for Biden events. A person like yourself, sits with liberals Bowser, DeBlasio, Cuomo and will come after gatherings of Jewish events, Trump events, Jewish funerals—- but will completely turn a blind eye for Biden mass- parading. Tell me where I’m wrong, please!


The difference is EVERYONE was wearing a mask at the Biden WIN vs No one wearing a mask at Hilter’s…excuse me..Trump’s gathering


Biden itself was not wearing one… Shame on you & Biden team for even mentioning that word Hit… I guess you are both on that side.

Trump is actually the first president that has done so much for Jewish people and he deserves credit!


Yes especially selling billions in weapons to the UAE, (and others) – there’s no chance these ever will be used against Israel, right?


@Dave so well said!
But these liberals are so brainwashed against trump it doesnt help to talk logic to them.


Trump, his brainwashed followers, proud boys etc will forever be stuck in Nov 7th…..they will be living in denial for the rest of their miserable & pathetic life as the world moves on without noticing them. So Sad 🙁


Did u forget to take your medication?


Johny, So is it over? Is Covid over? Social distancing isn’t important anymore? I mean, the media is barely talking about it now, and no one is critiquing the shoulder to shoulder gatherings at Biden events. Which is it, do we have to social distance or not?

Is it Safe?

Great news! Is it Politics or People’s health that drives our country? Now since the “Black Lives Matter (most)”, why don’t we let them try out the vaccine first?


Been done many times before. Check out the “Tuskegee syphilis experiment” if you think you are the first racist to suggest experimenting on black folk because they are somehow less human in your estimation.


Pfizer said it would only have enough supply to vaccinate about 20 million people by the end of 2020. By the end of 2021, the company anticipates, there will be 1.3 billion doses—enough to vaccinate about 650 million people, considering each person gets two doses.

They did it with help from a German company. Is this going to be a problem for those who still refuse to own a Volkswagen?


But you have a whole bunch of people like Nurses I work with……they said they will not take the vaccine!


why ?


Preliminary results of 90% efficacy is a good data point, but please don’t mischaracterize this as being super good compared to an EXPECTED 50%. That’s setting the bar artificially low and then celebrating that the super low bar was cleared.

Nobody ever EXPECTED that this vaccine (or most of the other COVID-19 vaccines) would have an efficacy as low as 50% against COVID-19. It is possible that a vaccine could have an efficacy which is that low, and yet could have a very important public health impact. Imagine a society where R_effective, due to various intrusive counter-measures falling short of a total lockdown, is still above 1.0, say 1.1. Even if you can deliver a vaccine with 50% efficacy to only 50% of the population willing to take it, that could easily drive the R_effective to below 1.0, thus helping to dampen out the epidemic week after week. The society can then carefully loosen the counter-measures in place while watching to see that R_effective remains below 1.0.

Looking at all the factors that roll into R_effective is how you manage the pandemic from a public health POV.

A COVID-19 specific vaccine that has a much higher efficacy, such as 90%, should have a stronger effect on R_effective with the same percentage of the society’s population having been vaccinated. So that means more counter-measures can be safely relaxed.

By contrast, there are interesting studies (including large scale randomized double blind controlled studies) on the long-standing BCG vaccine, which is *NOT* a COVID-19 specific vaccine, but which seems to have meaningful impact. Perhaps the BCG vaccine will be found by those studies to have something like only an 50% efficacy against COVID-19, although it may have a super high efficacy against the diseases for which it was created (tuberculosis and leprosy). But because the BCG vaccine is already in volume manufacturing, quite inexpensive (a necessity to be afforded by the countries where tuberculosis and leprosy are still widespread), and has long extensive safety data available, we may see increased deployment of BCG vaccines in 2021 and beyond to provide partial protection against COVID-19.

Also, note that we don’t have long-term data yet on the Pfizer/BioNTech mRNA vaccine in regards to its efficacy in the long run. The Phase III trial has not lasted long enough yet for us to know if the cited 90% efficacy still holds true a year after the vaccinations. But even if it turns out that the efficacy slowly decays over months, this is still a positive development worth celebrating. Just not worth setting up a false narrative and then really celebrating that the false narrative got disproven.


Correct, 50% was a minimum threshold the FDA set for emergency use, all vaccine candidates aim for much higher efficacy than 50%.

Dan\'s the Man

They already said you will need another vaccine every year.


In my opinion. Business Travel will take years to return to what it used to be. Factors to consider, working remotely/from home has become more mainstream. Important meetings via videoconferencing has become acceptable. The biggest one is the bottom line. Less business travel increases the company bottom line.

Mainstream media

They forgot to report the COVID numbers since last Tuesday. Yay for a vaccine! But now the MM is treating COVID like a bad flu. And avoiding it. Suspect?!


Yeah, in their thinking, election is over, time to start helping Biden by helping the country for a change. But fear not; they’ll continue to tear down the country racially.


This is not accurate. This is something that was said to politicize Covid, and it became “fact” for some.

Here’s the latest data, updated on November 4:

Positive tests: 9,321,806

Negative tests: 122,831,365

Cumulative hospitalized: 480,878

Currently hospitalized: 50,340

Patient deaths: 224,265

Here’s the latest data, updated on November 5:

Positive tests: 9,424,893

Negative tests: 123,695,129

Cumulative hospitalized: 483,680

Currently hospitalized: 52,049

Patient deaths: 225,831

…need I go on?

Joe Kay

The problem is that way too many people are going to be afraid to take it…and the anti vaxxer crowd are going to go into overdrive


Absolutely! I have given vaccine without a doubt up until know but now I know big part of it is political

Howie Coincidental

Amazing, the coincidence, less than a week after election day, this story comes out. Also, now it turns out, lockdown was not as effective as thought to be.


Credit goes to Biden, for bringing the vaccine! Literally, if trump won again, it would have been delayed


It’s Obama’s credit from 4 years ago!!


We should start a rumor that you don’t get your next stimulus check unless you take the vaccine.


That’s actually a smart move to actually implement! On a more realistic sense, offer a small compensation for taking it….


Oooh a vaccine for something that has a 98% survival rate amongst most of the population where do I sign up smh

Dan\'s the Man

Survival rate gets higher and higher as the months go back. There has basically been a nationwide increase for the last 6 – 8 weeks (depending where in the country) and death rates have not gone up.


This vaccine requires a second one 14 days later and it has to be stored much colder than in normal freezers. This one may be more for hospitals ….(Pfizer was not part of Trump’s funding for vaccines).