The Maldives Reopened Today Without Restrictions, Will You Travel?

S. Regis Maldives, March 2017 ©DansDeals
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Update: The Maldives have reopened today. Will you travel there?

Originally posted on 6/24:

Disclaimer: The health of DansDeals readers is this website’s paramount concern. For your sake and the sake of those around you, consider staying at home while COVID-19 is still spreading or try booking for after you think COVID-19 will no longer be a threat. Remember to travel responsibly and take precautions as suggested by your local authorities to avoid spreading the virus.

Countries around the world are starting to reopen, but many will ban Americans, where coronavirus continues to spread unabatedly.

The Maldives on the other hand will open to everyone on July 15th. They ask that you not come within 14 days of a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, but otherwise everyone is free to visit with no test required. Individual resorts may require their own testing.


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It appears that Hyatt and Marriott resorts in the Maldives aren’t accepting reservations until October, but Hilton resorts, including the Conrad and Waldorf Astoria, are open.

Plus you can buy Hilton points on the cheap right now and stay in an overwater villa with a private pool at the Conrad for 76K points/night ($380 when buying points) on a 5 night stay or at the Waldorf for 96K points/night ($480 when buying points) on a 5 night stay.


You can get to the Maldives on Emirates via Dubai, plus you can even fly without fuel surcharges. You can also buy the Marriott points on sale today to transfer to JAL to do that. However, Emirates first class showers and business class bar are currently closed due to COVID-19.

You can also fly to the Maldives on Qatar via Doha, on Etihad via Abu Dhabi, or on Cathay Pacific via Hong Kong.

Do you feel comfortable enough to travel yet? Will the Maldives be in your travel plans?

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If I have money I will travel anywhere


Who uses money to travel?


I would travel in a heartbeat. I wish I had the time in my schedule to go to the Maldives now.


Dan can you keep posting articles like this that provide updates on countries that are removing restrictions and permitting US tourists? Super useful!!


yes keep posting

Shay peleg

I would like it too


Can you ender Dubai with Covid? Where do you recommend staying for shabbos ( a country that accepts US citizens during covid) if you don’t want to stay in the Maldives for shabbos?


I don’t know what is doing with Corona there but assuming all is well, we spent Shabbos in Sri Lanka, there are two Chabad’s there one in Colombo and one further south by the beach.
We stayed near in the one in Colombo because we didn’t know about the beach one as had just opened. The shiluchim in Colombo are messichists but very sincere and nice. The problem is that the one in Colombo depending on the year may not always have a minyan. So we had one for Friday night but not Shabbos day. Though you can still spend Shabbos with the shiluchim as far as meals. The beach one is more happening as all the Israeli backpackers go there so a minyan pre-Corona was pretty much guaranteed, though we did hear that it is somewhat of a scene so may not be actually a shabbos atmosphere is that is what you are looking for. We went to Sri Lanka first so we bought food from them and they double wrapped it and then had it for our trip to the Maldives. Food was very good, plentiful and very cheap. This info is a few years old and of course with Cornona who knows what is going on so definitely double check before you go. If it does work and you have the time I would recommend going to Sri Lanka and spending a few days there as it is a real experience, it is a poor but beautiful country and most things are really cheap. You should also check out the political situation because there was some unrest at one point.


Yes a breakdown on current travel restrictions and reopening is very useful

Dr Moose

They need the tourist’s money. Waiting on Israel to do the same…


Israel economy is much more developed and much less tourist dependant.


Any Minyan there?


At the overwater bungalow Unit B16


Hi Dan,
What are my best options for Shabbos?


Nope. Don’t want to get sick. My 59 yo sister died of covid.


Baruch dayan haemes. I’m sorry for your loss.


Absolutely going! Dream vacation and now I can afford it


Is etihad flying again out of jfk and if i plan to go to Dubai in July will i be able to arrive in auh


Dan, wby is it when ever I search for availability on HH for the Waldorf Maldives I never find any available dates for 120k a night. What am I missing?!


@dan have you posted a trip report on the STR?


Is there kosher food available in the Maldives?






Do Israeli passports have an issue flying though these Arab countries?
What about Canadian that’s says Jerusalem as birth place?


Other destinations open / opening to US travelers from some research:

St. Lucia – Open. A negative test is required for entry.
Antigua and Barbuda – Open. Temp. checks and face coverings mandatory until September. No quarantine requirement.
Jamaica – Open
Bahamas – Opens July 1.
Aruba – Opens for Americans July 10.
Puerto Rico – Opens July 15
Turks and Caicos – Opens July 22

Tanzania – Open
Maldives – Opening July 15
French Polynesia / Bora Bora – Opening July 15. Will require negative test result within 3 days of travel, or proof of antibodies.
Sri Lanka – Opens Aug. 1. A negative test and minimum 5-night stay is required.


Also Cancun and Cabo in Mexico are open I believe.


Does anyone know about flying through these arab countries if my canadian passport says birthplace jerusalem on it


I don’t get why any frum Jew would want to visit the Maldives, where it’s illegal to practice any religion other than Islam.


My plan for Maldives.
Leave JFK on a Thursday am flight Stopover in Moscow for shabbos,
and leave motza to MLE so I can have 5 full days there.


Keep in mind you will need to pay for a Visa to enter Russia


Plus you can buy Hilton points on the cheap right now and stay in an overwater villa with a private pool at the Conrad for 76K points/night ($380 when buying points) on a 5 night stay or at the Waldorf for 96K points/night ($380 when buying points) on a 5 night stay.

How are they both $380 if they’re different amount of points? did I miss something?


@Dan how can we get the Waldorf Astoria Maldives Ithaafushi at the price like you explained and showed

Travel Entuziast

I will go to places because they are open.


Can we make a vote?
I’m curious what people would do


costs too many miles to fly, otherwise would go.


Dan, can you make a list of Countries that are open/opening for US Citizens?
Thanks in advance.


Conrad or Waldorf Astoria ?


Keep them coming


I think it’s very unfair that you are writing “spread unabatedly ” the u.s. is number one country in the world in testing, and we are testing like crazy .
Try putting the testing numbers in China or Russia or Europe then we’ll see where it’s spreading unabatedly


Just arriving with Emirates first class
No lounge at JFK no first class lounge in Dubai
But the new 777-300er very nice first class 6 suites only


Baller. Please please please write a TR.


1 shul in Dubai per yesterday news was closed by government
2 I am afraid to step into ANY Us airport or any airplane or even Macy’s

So no , would not travel anywhere now

Ppl still affected by virus
Long term cardiac and Lung issues noted by medical publications daily

I value health more than a thrill of a trip – anyone with me ?

Pointing out

No. If you can’t live your life, what’s the point of living? To be locked up in isolation just so you can tell yourself, oh great I’m alive? Why live the rest of your life in prison?


You can also fly via Moscow


Dying to go I just need 3 minyunim daily for kaddish and I’m in a plane there now


Nope. Not interested in getting on a plane until there’s a vaccine, which is months and months away, even if they find one soon, given the fact that production, distribution and administration will take more months.
For some, this is great news. For me? I’ll pass.


I have reservations booked on points for the end of September to early October at the Waldorf Astoria for five nights.


Any hotel deals at Maldives currently?