[Update: Hotel Quarantine Starts 2/22, 3 PCR Tests Required!] Canada Will Require Mandatory Hotel Quarantine Upon Return From Abroad!

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Update: Prime Minister Trudeau announced that passengers arriving by air starting on February 22nd will have to quarantine in a hotel in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal at their own expense. Quarantine hotels will be bookable starting on 2/18.

Air passengers also need to take a COVID-19 PCR test before their flight, a 2nd PCR test upon arrival into Canada, and a 3rd PCR test towards the end of their 14 day quarantine. They will be released from the hotel after the 2nd PCR results are confirmed, which can take 3 days.

There is no exemptions for people who are vaccinated.

Hotel quarantine requirements only apply for passengers flying into Canada, which will likely be a boon for border airports like Buffalo, Detroit, and Plattsburgh…

If you enter via a land border you will need to provide negative COVID PCR results from within the past 72 hours in order to enter the country via land border starting on February 15th.

A positive test from within the past 14-90 days is also acceptable instead of a negative test.

Failure to provide PCR results at the border will result in a fine of up to $3,000. You will still need to quarantine at home for 14 days even with negative COVID PCR test results.

Starting on February 22nd you will need to take a 2nd PCR test at the land border and a 3rd PCR test towards the end of the 14 day quarantine.

Additionally, starting on February 22nd all travelers from land or air will need to electronically submit their travel and contact info, as well as a suitable quarantine plan, before entering Canada. A suitable plans means you can’t quarantine “with at-risk subpopulations including people who work in hospitals or long-term care facilities, adults over the age of 65, or those who are immunocompromised or at risk for more severe disease outcomes. In addition, travelers must avoid all contact with other in their household with whom they did not travel.” However if you bring a form from the at risk people consenting to the quarantine plan and they confirm that consent over the phone at the border crossing, that will be considered suitable.

Travelers without a suitable quarantine plan may find themselves spending 14 days under these deplorable “hotel” conditions…

Originally posted on 1/29:

Prime Minister Trudeau announced several new restrictions for Canadians traveling abroad.

In addition to previous requirements to provide a negative PCR from within 72 hours in order to board a flight to Canada, you will have to take another PCR test and quarantine upon landing in Canada.

Additionally, you will have to pay to stay in a government operated quarantine hotel until your PCR test results come back, which can take up to 3 days. The cost of the stay and the PCR tests is expected to exceed C$2,000.

If your PCR test results are negative, you can quarantine at home until you have been quarantined for a total of 14 days. Enforcement and surveillance measures for the home quarantine will be increased from what they are currently, with newly hired private security firms to check up on people who should be in quarantine.

If your PCR test results are positive, you will have to continue to quarantine at a government facility.

Canada is also stopping all nonstop flights to Mexico and the Caribbean starting on Sunday through April 30th. All international flights will also have to land at Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, or Vancouver.

The above doesn’t apply if you drive into Canada, but Canada will require a negative PCR test in order to enter Canada via a land border starting in the coming weeks and additional testing requirements may be added. You will then have to quarantine for 14 days at home.

Canada remains closed to most foreign nationals, as they have been since last March.

The hope is to be able to avoid new COVID variants that have been popping up in places like Brazil and South Africa.

I’m guessing these rules will stop Canadians from traveling abroad, eh?

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This is insanity


Will Biden match?


A competition to ridiculousness!


more like everyone will just stay in florida and lakewood


When does this start?

Frequently in Canada

They can just drive back to ca from Ny. It’s additional 6 hours but what’s that compared to 3 day hotel stay and the cost of it


Mandatory testing on land borders too.


Not yet… will be in the coming weeks..

Canadian in us school

Your still now need a PCR test before driving in


In the coming weeks it will start, and not at the border, it can be done a couple days before (so if you’re positive, you can just change your plans). When you fly it is in the airport, so it’s kind of too late once you’re in the hole…


This is the craziest law I’ve seen in regards to Covid. It’s like forcibly imprisoning your citizens for the crime of having been out of the country.


still not like what the australians are going through, however i guess since they are a island wit small population, it is more feasible…


Canada’s population is around 37 million to Australia’s 25 million. Not so small, either of those, unless your benchmark is only very populous and/or poor countries.

New Zealand is the small one at around 5 million.




It’s absolutely ridiculous at this stage of the game. What about Canadians living in the U.S. – we have to spend $2k to see our family?


This is an atrocity. Welcome to communism at its finest. Trudeau needs to go.


Taxi from Buffalo airport to Niagara falls is$85


About half of that with Uber. I just did it and walked over Rainbow bridge.


Or you can just cross the Niagara river. Just be careful…


What about kosher food or any other religious liberty we enjoy in free countries, will those be provided in these hotels? Also, forget about not using points, at around 700 dollars a night, what kind of hotels are they “offering”.


2000/14 ≠700


My mistake just re-read:) absolutely insane, didn’t think it was possible to cost that much

Libby Stanbridge

So my mum can’t say goodbye to her Dad in the UK because of this stupid rule, yes make people do this if their trip is non essential but not for those making essential trips


A trip outside of the country, is still a trip outside of the country, regardless if essential or not. While I truly sympathize with your situation, transmission of disease, COVID-19 or otherwise, certainly doesn’t say “oh, we won’t infect that person because their trip was essential”.


This is certifiably nuts. I guess no one understands that the risk of dying from Covid is basically zero if you’re under 55, and not much higher if you’re older than that. By this logic, we should definitely outlaw automobiles.


It is not basically zero for under 55.


.5% is indeed basically 0


Biden will surely match, he is a follower


With 80% of them over 70 years old?? Out of 330 million people? Give me a break. At this point we have to recognize that there isn’t any significant danger to younger people. Chill out guys!


will this also be mandatory if you have the vaccine ?


Which airports in any of these cities, pre-pandemic, retails for $630+ per night?!?!?


Lol, not even four seasons…. the government and hotels went into business together, a scare tactic so people don’t travel. They’re at the point of throwing things on the wall and hoping for something to stick.


I live in this mess of a country. The government lost their mind. They fired Roman Baber for speaking out against the government. Please sign his petition at RomanBaber.ca


So if I want to go visit family in Canada and I hold Dual Citizenship, would I not be allowed to “fly” unless I quarantine for 14 days?

And then would take a car and drive back.

Chaim F

You can fly to a border city then drive.


For that price and time involved, would be worth it for a one way rental.


What happens if you land in Canada with no money, are they gonna let you go, make you stay in there hotels for free, tank you credit score for owing money??


Send a bill to your home.


Blame Canada


Canadians are truly suffering.


Thanks for your sympathy! We are suffering here. They are such extremists here and it’s taking its toll on everyone, especially children. I plan on sending my kids therapy invoices to Trudeau…


Do I need to quarantine if I go through Mexico or Pakistan?


So a positive test is alright but proof of being vaccinated is not? How can you get across the border if you fly into BUF or DTW? I don’t want to pay for a rental car for 4 weeks.


Does anyone know if you can still cross the land border by foot at niagra falls? or only driving?


You can walk over. Just did it. Flew to Buf and Uber’d to Rainbow bridge.


Yet after all these restrictions doesn’t help much. Look at Israel, nothing changed coz they closed their borders


It’s all politics. They are framing it as cracking down on “non-essential” travel, but fail to recognize that people need to cross the border for many reasons other than vacations. And although the law clearly violates the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, I suspect no Canadian court will have the ‘cojones’ to stand up to Trudeau. Instead, they will say it’s a reasonable restriction of rights for ‘public heath’ reasons.


How much do PCR tests cost in the US?


I would say $150-200 without insurance.


Can be found at reputable locations in Greater Boston for $80-$120.
$150-$200 is typical for Los Angeles.


And with those prices, do you think that this is all going to go away once everyone’s vaccinated? Of course it won’t. A new, lucrative industry has been created.

Vini Rams

Still not clear on whether Americans can go into Canada if they follow all these new rules and regs, or does this only apply to returning Canadians…..??


Expansion of flights for BUF, MSS, OGS, PBG, PQI that would be interesting!

Chaim F

I flew BUF – JFK in Jan 2012 on Jet Blue in basic economy.
Free checked back, 2 bags of snacks, 2 sodas, good TV/movies, and comfortable seats.
Win! 🙂

Chaim F

In 2013, I crossed the US – Canadian border by foot on the Rainbow Bridge in the winter.
Seeing Niagara Falls frozen was stunning!


I remember visiting Niagara Falls and crossing into canada from NY just a few years back. They only stopped us to tell us to enjoy our stay. The did not check anything – didn’t really even look into our minivan. Coming back into the US was a different story and quite the opposite. Times have changed.

Chaim F

Yep, similar experience by me.


so, why dosen’t any goverment blieve in the vaccine?? and respect those of us who are already vaccinated? and let us Pass your border?
Just Thinking


great question! Simple answer is that none of these politicians actually care about covid. Its a power grab and therefore they dont change for vaccinated people or those with antibodies.


Hey Dan,
Where did you see that a positive test from past 14-90 days can get you out of providing the negative? I haven’t seen that info anywhere else. I’m just wondering to confirm.


After flying in from the states to Canada I learnt my lesson. Make sure your pcr test is not more than 72 hours. Even 75 sent me out of the airport. Dont use skiplagged for your flight because that made me issues since it was officially to Frankfurt after Toronto. I had to purchase a new flight in the airport. And keep in mind the Canadians are crazy and its almost like war time getting through the borders


Air Canada just cancelled my flight on Mar. 11th, from TLV-LGA with stop in YYZ!!

Oysvurfer rebbeh

Doesn’t feel feel like we are headed towards the intersection of freedom and autonomy


Not to mention Melbourne Australia just went into a 5 day lockdown.. because someone in a quarantine hotel had covid..

Something Fishy

I got the headline for your next update all ready:

[Update: Hotel Quarantine Starts 2/22, 12 PCR Tests, 4 Masks, and 1 Anal Probe Required!] Canada Will Require Mandatory Hotel Quarantine Upon Return From Abroad!

You’re welcome.


Chad gadya, Chad gadya


Sadly this will actually happen.

Sadder yet, people will go along with it like it’s normal.

Harley Kesselman

Trudeau is insane.


Quarantining “with at-risk subpopulations” is permitted as long as they are adults and have provided consent, however no guidance as to what that consent looks like has been given.


Currently health officers call them to explain the risks, quarantine pan and obtain consent


Fascism at its finest

Chaim Greenwald

Will there be exemption for minors travelling alone to Quarantine at home?


Are the US airlines ramping up service to Buffalo, Burlington and Bellingham? I mean, isn’t that really the only logical way to enter Canada now? Is there bus service available to the major Canadian cities from these airports?

No way.

This is absolute craziness. 3 tests?!? AND a quarantine? What a nut.

I’ll be more than happy to skip that country.

Steve Solomon

What about making a connection in Toronto from USA to an international destination with a 7-8 hour layover. Is the PCRtest still required to transit and are we permitted to stay in the YYZ airport hotel for the 6 hours ? Or do we need to rebook to a USA – international flight?


What about a family of half duo citizens and half Americans who want to go for pesach to visit family in Toronto. Would drive and have a house to quarantine for 2 weeks. Any chance of getting through?


It’s available to book a car if you book for a week
Book for a week and return it after 1day


It is showing a rate of between $750-1000 for a one week rental. You can return the car early, but there is no guarantee they will only charge you 1/7 of the weekly price. The contract language always says rate can change if you change the rental period. Unless I could get a car for one day for $200, I’d just take a risk on flying in and trying to negotiate paying less than $2000CAD for the hotel stay since they bill you after the fact.


Dan, please correct your post to state that you may quarantine with “at risk” as long as you have their consent. This law can be found here under the “where can you quarantine” tab https://travel.gc.ca/travel-covid/travel-restrictions/isolation


Land passengers will also starting 22nd need to take pcr at the border in addition to having one prior to arrival at the border. The link you posted states this clearly..

X Canadian

Am I still considered Canadian for this purpose if my Canadian passport is expired (I have a US passport)?
What about my wife and kids? Can they enter Canada under my “privileges” if we all travel together?

Member in CLE

I just did it a couple of weeks ago. I entered by land with my current US passport and expired Canadian passport together with my wife any children. They advised that they are all allowed entry as my immediate family regardless of citizenship. They kept us at the border for about an hour and a half, but ultimatley admitted us for a 14 day quarantine of which we were allowed to leave back to the US as soon as we wanted to. They also tried calling 23 times on Shabbos to check in on us.


Can us citizens enter


Not unless you are a considered an “essential traveler” such as a truck driver or medical worker, etc.


Taxi from Buffalo airport to the Canadian side of the rainbow bridge is about $85. If you have someone who can pick you up from Toronto, it’s the easiest way to go.


That’s a big “if”. I don’t have anyone who will drive to the border to pick me up.


Anyone travel across the US/CAD land border recently? Just wondering if all the above [crazy] criteria were being enforced?

1. Provide negative COVID PCR results from within the past 72 hours [starting on February 15th]. A positive test from within the past 14-90 days is also acceptable instead of a negative test. Failure to provide PCR results at the border will result in a fine of up to $3,000. You will still need to quarantine at home for 14 days even with negative COVID PCR test results.

2. [Starting on February 22nd] you will need to take a 2nd PCR test at the land border and a 3rd PCR test towards the end of the 14 day quarantine.