Want To View All Of Your Targeted AMEX Offers? Use The Old Interface!

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AMEX redesigned their website earlier this year and it’s awful.

If you have multiple cards you need to click my accounts, be sent to a page clearly designed only with mobile users in mind, scroll down to find your other cards, etc. It forces you to spend more time clicking around to manage your accounts than the old interface, which simply had an image of all of your cards on the top of the screen.

While there is no known link for the previous AMEX website’s interface, I long ago saved the link for the interface before that and amazingly, it still works.

With the old interface you can save the same offer to multiple cards as described in this post.

But you can also view more offers on the old interface than the new one.

For example in the old interface on my Platinum card I have AMEX Offers such as

  • 20K MR points for spending $1,000 at KLM
  • $40 back for spending $200 on Gilt/Gilt City.
  • Double points at Home Depot
  • $10 off $40 at Etsy
  • $5 off $25 at Petco
  • $5 off $10 at Fedex
  • $50 off $200 at Sunglass Hut

When I log into the regular AMEX website I don’t have any of those offers in the new interface.

Do you have different offers between the regular AMEX website and the old interface? Hit the comments!

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Thanks for the update!


Same here. On the mobile app it does appear, though.


The old interface definitely is easier to browse and save offers on. But the offers shown on both the interfaces are exactly the same for me. Was looking for in hopes of the Boxed.com offer. Looks like they did not target me this time since I used the last offer like 10 times.


Any way of sorting the offers in the page (new or old interface)? I have 8 Amex cards and would love to see on top or on bottom the newly added offers instead of having them scattered between tens of older offers?

a good yeshiva bachur

i found lots of offers on old interface that didnt show up in the new interface, even on AU cards

its a shame i didnt know this before i would have probably found more ATT offers


Same here, thanks Dan !


On the old interface I got the 2500mr for 250.00 Best Buy purchase, it wasn’t on new interface.


thanks dan!! that was very helpful!!!


hmm…it works just for the beginning, but then when you click around a bit it automatically changes back to the new interface….any tips?


Got the Newegg 1000 bonus points for $75 purchase on EP, including AU.


Thank Dan, the new interface is very glitchy for me. So nice to have the old interface!!!


@dan If american express listens to you, why not just bash them for the new site?

Old Timer

The Fedex offer is only for Fedex Office and not for shipping


Awsome, Got the KLM offer on 3 Cards thanks to this post!
Thanks DAN!


Hmmm, I like the old interface a lot better (but don’t see offers there that aren’t in new interface), BUT whenever I open a new tab for a different card, it jumps to the new interface for that card (i.e. for switching cards). Weird! (I tried in both Safari and Chrome) Any advice?


I right click the tab and click duplicate, in chrome. works for me


click duplicate tab, works for me

n k

is there any way to set up a log-in for an additional card without providing social security number? please answer as this very important to me. thanks!


these are the targeted offers I received on my amex business card

1,000 points OFFICE DEPOT OFFICEMAXSHOPPING//Spend $50+, get 1,000 Membership Rewards® Points
EXPIRES12/31/2017Use shift enter key to know more about this offer

2,000 points STAPLES.COMSHOPPING//Spend $100+, get 2,000 Membership Rewards® Points
EXPIRES01/15/2018Use shift enter key to know more about this offer Saved to Card -91

30,000 points YELP ADSBUSINESS EXPENSES//Spend $300+, get 30,000 Membership Rewards® Points
EXPIRES04/09/2018Use shift enter key to know more about this offer


Is there any way to get offers if you didn’t receive in the first place? There is a NCL cruise offer now, $100 off of $500, and neither my husband or I received though we have five different AMEX cards.


Wow great to see many new offers on the old interface.
Thanks dan.


Thank you very much!! I could not see double points offers in my Gold account. With the old interface EVERYTHING is there!