Targeted AMEX Offers: Save At Amazon, Verizon, Saks OFF 5th, Small Business Restaurants, Lowes, Home Depot, Gas, And More!

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DansDeals will receive compensation if you are approved for a credit card via a link in this post. Terms apply to American Express benefits and offers, visit to learn more.

To see if you have AMEX offers in your account just login to your AMEX account, click on any of your cards to go the activity page, click on “AMEX Offers For You,” and save the offer to your account.

Note that there is a limit of 100 available AMEX Offers on a card at given time. If you have 100 offers, add AMEX Offers to your card and refresh the screen and you will get more offer to choose from!

The AMEX website has more offers than the app.

Always check all primary and secondary card offers, as secondary cards will often have offers that the primary card does not.

Offers can fill up at any time, so be sure to save them to your account today!

Most offers allow you to make multiple purchases to reach the threshold, but always check the offer for the full terms.

Don’t forget to also take advantage of AMEX Platinum benefits at Saks, Uber, WeWork, and Dell.

Sample targeted offers (Read offer terms for restrictions!)

  • $10 off $10 at small business restaurants through 11/30.
  • 25% back on Fedex through 11/30
  • $5 off $5 on through 12/3.
  • $10 off $49 at ESPN+ through 12/7.
  • Get 10,000 points for spending $175+ with AT&T Wireless for Business through 12/9
  • Get 6,000 points for spending $300+ at through 12/17 (Stackable with camera trade-in offer).
  • $9.99 off $9.99 at through 12/18
  • Get 20K points or $200 off $1,000 at through 12/18
  • $100 off $100 at through 12/20
  • Get 4 additional Membership Rewards points per dollar spent at through 12/31
  • $30 off or 3,000 points on $300 purchases at or in-store through 12/31.
  • $100 off $500 at or at a company owned Verizon store through 12/31. Works on bills and gift cards!
  • 1,500 points or $15 off for spending $75 at through 12/31.
  • $25 off $125 at eBags through 12/31
  • 10% back, up to $100 back, on ExxonMobil through 12/31
  • 4 extra points per dollar or 4% back on NYC Yellow Cabs through 12/31
  • 4 extra points per dollar or 4% back on NYC MTA contactless payments through 12/31
  • $25 off $125 at through 12/31
  • $70 off $350 at Conrad and Waldorf Astoria in select countries through 12/31.
  • $30 off $175 at Hampton and Hilton Garden Inn through 12/31
  • $50 off $250 at Embassy Suites and Homewood Suites through 12/31
  • $5 off $25 at Chuck E Cheese through 12/31
  • $100 off $500 at S. Regis, Ritz-Carlton, EDITION, The Luxury Collection, W® Hotels, JW Marriott in the US, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean through 12/31
  • 10% off, up to $100 back, at through 12/31
  • Get $10 off $25, up to 3 times, with Sling TV through 12/31
  • $30 off $150 at RayBan through 12/31.
  • $10 off $75 at home improvement stores online, like, and more through 12/31.
  • 10% off, up to $20 back, at home improvement stores and furnishing stores, like Home Depot, Lowes, Wayfair, and more through 12/31.
  • Get 10% off, up to $10 back, on a cell phone bill, through 12/31
  • Get 20% off, up to $50 back, on a cell phone bill, through 12/31
  • 10% off, up to $10 back, on insurance bills through 12/31
  • $10 off $75 at department stores online through 12/31
  • 10% back, up to $20 back, at department stores through 12/31
  • 15% off, up to $5 back, on gas stations through 12/31
  • 35% off, up to $40 back, at US office supply stores through 12/31
  • Get 500 points for spending $35 on gas stations, valid 3 times, through 12/31
  • 10% off, up to $10 back, on cable or satellite TV through 12/31
  • Get 20K points or $200 off $1,000 at through 12/31
  • $30 off $150 at through 12/31
  • 1 extra point per dollar spent at through 12/31
  • Get 8,500 bonus points for spending $8,500 anywhere, valid up to 3 times through 12/31
  • Get 1,000 points or $10 off $25+ at BP or Amoco via the BPme app through 12/31
  • Get $5 off $35 up to 3 times at Chevron or Texaco through 12/31.
  • $400 off $1,500 at JetBlue Vacations through 12/31
  • Get 3,000 points or $30 off $300 at BestBuy through 12/31
  • $25 off $125 at TOMS through 1/1.
  • $25 off $50 at through 1/3/20. Save an additional $20 off $49 with code: P7D59HM194
  • $30 off $150 at Saks OFF 5th through 1/13
  • Get 2,500 points or $25 off $250 at Adorama through 1/16
  • 10% off, up to $1,500 back, at through 1/31.
  • $50 off $250 at Hilton UK through 1/31.
  • Get 1,500 points or $15 off $100 at Fanatics through 2/11
  • $30 off $150 at Swarovski through 3/17
  • $100 off $450 at Silvercar through 2/22. Stack with coupons here.
  • 500 points or $5 off $20 at Shutterfly through 2/28. Stack with coupons here.
  • 4.5K points or $45 off for spending $150 on Turo car sharing through 3/13, plus save $25 with this referral link.
  • Get 2,000 points or $20 off $100 at LampsPlus online through 4/11
  • 40% off Dropbox, up to $50 through 5/5

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Find other great targeted offers in your account? Hit the comments!

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PSA the Amex app only loads up to 50 offers


“add AMEX Offers to your card…” i can’t seem to find this on my amex page


You can add an offer to your card by clicking the offer and that should bring up a button to click on that says add offer to card.


Please note that all Honors Reward stays (Inc. Standard Reward, Money & Points, Premium Reward and Upgrade Reward) are on room only basis. Buffet Breakfast is available daily in the Palace restaurant at the applicable rate.

sorry for the random post but is this language new on the Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem site? even gold members are not entitled to free breakfast on award stays?


Would the Verizon offer work on paying a bill? I don’t see it so far, should I keep adding offers, and refresh?


Chatted with a rep that said he didn’t know if it would work or not, so I tried paid my cell phone bill Friday and the cash back posted today! Go for it.

David Marcus

@dan, looks like uber credit loophole where I was able to get the credit multiple times from the same account without AU was killed. Pls lmk.

Mountain Man

Spend $105,000+, get 26,000 Membership Rewards® Points. Up to 3x


For one of my AU it only refreshes once every 24 hours


$300 off $1500 Cathay Pacific


200 off 1000 qantas
spend 6000 by 12/31 get 12000 points


Got the $10 off $10 at restaurants. Thank Dan!


did you have to add the offer to your card on the amex website? i can’t seem to find it


Same Question, Thanks!


Same question, Thanks!


Spend $35 + at US Gas Stations, get $5 back. Up to 3 times (total of $15).


Is there a specific system/time as to when AMEX updates their offers? Like once a week? Every Tuesday? Or is it random and frequent and something to consistently check?


Get a one-time $10 statement credit by using your enrolled Card to make a single purchase of $25 or more at BP or Amoco using the BPme mobile app by 12/31/2019. See terms for exclusions.


For the Bestbuy offer, can we buy gift cards– if so, will it work for only Best Buy or other retailers (ie Amazon) Giftcards?


John, it’s only 10% off and need to pay 300 in one shot


Any place to sell the 10% Dell?
Can’t find any thread for it on DDF, but I figure it could be valuable.


Yo KG is that you?


$10 off a $25 gas purchase thru the bp me app



Which is better 4 points at Amex for spend at Amazon or 5% back in cash with Discover card at Amazon ?


Can i use the amazon offer for my primary and secondary cards?


Can i get the amazon offer for 4 additional points up to 1500 on each card for a total of up to 3000 dollars or only primary


It’s a total up to 1500 bonus points. That means the most you get is for $375 spend not $3000

Anyone know

Would “35% off, up to $40 back, at US office supply stores” work for buying gift cards?


can you combine a amex amazon offer and discover offer/

Abraham Weiser

is the verizon one still live?