SMOKING HOT! Check Your AMEX Offers To See If You’re Targeted To Save Another $100 Off Of Today’s Insane Google Fi Offer!

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Update: Google has killed the gift card offer early, at 10:05pm EST. Congrats to everyone who got this amazing deal!

Google Fi is offering gift cards equal to the price of the phone that you buy today for their cell phone service.

My AMEX business cards are all targeted for this offer of $100 back when you spend $500 on advertising:


I registered for this offer and then bought a Pixel phone with today’s promotion.

I instantly received confirmation from AMEX that I would get a $100 credit as Google Fi phone purchases apparently are categorized as advertising for the purpose of this offer!


In other words you can get a Pixel 3 XL 128GB phone for $999 and get back $999 in gift cards and $100 from AMEX. You need to keep the service for 4 months which will cost a minimum of $80, but you’ll also get a $20 credit for using my referral link.

In total you’ll pay $959 (plus tax) out of pocket for the $999 phone, plus you’ll get $999 in gift cards, and 4 months of unlimited talk+text plan. After 4 months you are free to keep the service if you love it or switch to another carrier.

You can use your Chase Ink Cash card to pay your Google Fi monthly phone bill to earn 5 points per dollar, though you won’t earn those bonus points for phone purchases.

Are you targeted for this AMEX Offer and will you take advantage of it today?

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this sweetens the pot


1. If i get the moto x4 32GB, can I add a micro sd for extra memory? Does the phone accept sd cards?
2. If I take this phone to Israel, is there any way to get an Israeli number, so that locals can call me?

Point lover

I miss the good old days when you would post “smoking hot” it was really a reason to act fast… now the majority of your deals consist of lowest prices potato chips on amazon!!!




Totally agree with you. He uses this term way too loosely. I had to cancel his alerts during BF. It became spam.


I agree. Step up your game,Dan.




You clearly don’t understand this deal then. Maybe stick to the potato chips.


Sometimes I agree with you. We all have enough deodorant. But this was a great deal and the hundred dollar extra made it over the top. Thank you Dan


I don’t know what you guys are talking about. Search “smoking hot” on the site, and you will only find a handful of deals, not to mention they are blazing and go fast… like $200 flights to Israel. Good work Dan!


And then comes the claw back because that’s not what they meant


Awesome thanks!

Is the google deal until 12:00 AM est or PST




how did you know this would trigger the offer?


Google Fi is ONLY for US customers, correct?


Dont see it on my blue busniess. But I do see spend $75 on Verizon fios and get back $75 up to times


I got it on blue biz and spg biz


if I cancel my google store order and reorder, will I still be eligible for the gcs?


Yes, as showing when I just did that.


I was targeted and got it. I have now purchased three phones…only one with the Amex. I think I’ll do two more.


I confirmed my Fi purchase a minute before seeing this and I’m targeted. Anything i can still do?


Cancel and reorder. Worked for me.


Dang, don’t got it but I don’t got a business card. It’d make sense an advertising bonus would be on a business card.


If not targeted for amex what’s the best card to use? Does the chase ink preferred get 3x since it’s advertisement?


I do not have this offer. Tried chatting and was told they cannot manually push offers. Is this true, or is HUCA worthwhile?

Ahmad Ali

Is the pixel 3 a good phone? How does it compare to latest iPhone and galaxy? Thanks Dan


If I want to get two phones and 2 GC do I need to order it under separate accounts or just add a line under one account

Lazer k

Dan or JJ, Can i call AMEX and ask for the offer?


I would strongly suggest against calling Amex about this offer.


Why is that? The request would obviously not mention the Google FI connection…


Will this work on financing the phone?


What gift card to you recommend taking?


Can I keep my current Canadian number if I switch to Google Fi?


IF the shipping date is january 1st then will I still get the amex credit?

Ahmad Ali

Dan, is the pixel 3 a good phone? How does it compare to the new Galaxy and IPhone?


I purchased the phone earlier today, and just registered the promotion. Will I get the 100 credit?
Does google charge the credit card at the time of checkout or when it ships?


thanks got it


Just curious why you even thought this would be categorized as advertisement?
Also, can you switch to different phone with SIM for 120 days or does service need to remain on purchased phone?


I don’t think he knew it would trigger as Advertisement, it’s just an AO that triggered by happenstance.


Thank you Dan for all these awesome deals!


Where do i find the offers on amex site?


Are they only offering gift cards for travel?

Ahmad Ali

I have that offer for the $100 off $500 for the advertising but I feel guilty using it for the phone if it’s nit really advertising. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Thanks


Yes.. not guilty.

Ahuva Veig

Can you use this phone on another carrier?


I don’t even see a “Services” category on my business card promotions page. Does that mean I am not targeted or is there a specific site to use to check offers?


Had the Amex offer activated/saved to card. Then bought the pixel 3 xl with the google fi deal.
I do NOT see a credit for the $100 on advertising. Any idea why? How long does it take to post?


Actually just went back to look in my email again. I DID get the credit! (Was in my gmail “promotions” tab.)

Basically paid $999 (for some reason it didnt apply the -$20 DD promo) + tax, plus $80 for four months of service for:
$999 travel gift card
$999 phone
$100 Amex credit.
In other words: I paid:
$1058 (phone price after tax) +$80= $1138
In return I will receive: $1199 cash value + a phone valued at $1053 (after tax).

Truly Insane deal!

P.S. Dan, any way to apply the -$20 after the fact? I dont know why it didnt apply. It did show it when I put it in the cart but then not when I paid.


i think the $20 goes towards the phone bill


It’s a good deal, but you are getting ahead of yourself.

First, you will never be able to sell your phone at retail price. If anything, you can probably sell it on eBay for about $875-$900 minus selling fees, which would net you around $775 if sold today as brand new. Since you will be selling it in four months, and since the market will be flooded when you sell, and since it will no longer be new, you likely won’t net more than $650 after all is set and done.

The gift cards will most likely be e-gift cards which can’t be sold on eBay. So you are either stuck with Cardcash or selling it locally. Currently Cardcash is offering 0.77 cents on the dollar for Southwest gift cards and 0.65 cents on the dollar for hotels gift cards.

All in all, you walk out the door after all the sweat with around $400 in profit if you sell your phone and the gift cards. It’s nice money, but it does involve a lot of leg work.

I think this deal is super hot for people who will anyway be spending their travel gift cards and were also looking for a good phone plan. In that case it’s a smoking deal.


Yes true. Good for those who are gonna use it. Like me




your username is Incorrect.. which is good cause you are.. very much so.

in 4 months the Pixel 3 XL will still sell for 925-950 easily

Still incorrect

Wishful thinking, Jack.

Go on over to eBay and see for yourself. Open box models are selling for $865 on average. That translates to $775 or less after eBay fees.

In four months, with the market being saturated with these phones, you will be lucky if you are out the door with $650. If you can find a way to transfer the fi service to a cheaper phone and sell the Pixel right away you may be able to avoid this.

The Pixel does not hold its value the way iPhone or Samsung phones do.

Good luck buddy.


Good point thanks for posting, was thinking of that and you clarified it


If you use Chase ink business you may get 3 times points back as you do for advertising if it’s coded as advertising?


Had the promotion on my Delta business. Added to card. Made the purchase. No e-mail. Maybe fixed? Or not working for some?


Is it $80 per month? Or for 4 months? Do I get a new number? What is the Serbia including?


Mine just processed as Merchandise & Supplies (Pendinf transaction) . I got no email, though I applied the offer when I saw this post and then, canceled, and make a new order.


Was in my gmail “promotions” tab


same here. which phone did you buy? i got the $549 option.


actually i did get the email. but i canceled the order. i wonder if amex will honor the $100 credit.


Anyone with the no annual fee Blue Cash receive this offer?


The gift cards are gone 🙁


Is 10:05pm EST the official time it was killed?


I got in earlier with a different card. Wondering if ggl will let me make a 500 payment with the amex.


Not a complaint, but why didn’t you send this out on whatsapp?


Can I switch the cc on exzisting order


Or cancel and reorder or I will lose the deal