Change Your USPS Mailing Address And Save 10%-15% At Amazon, Home Depot, Lowe’s, And More

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Change Your USPS Mailing Address And Save 10%-15% At Amazon, Home Depot, Lowe’s, And More

When you change your mailing address you normally get coupons like 10% off at stores like Lowe’s, but currently there are some other valuable coupons available.

You can follow the link above and pay $1 to change your mailing address temporarily or permanently. This also works if you pay $1 to extend a temporary change of address. You can also pay $1 to continue having mail forwarded from an old address to your current address.

You can then select coupons on the USPS site that you can print or have texted to your phone.

After that it will ask if you want to continue to receive more coupons from Continue to that site and select which coupons you want and confirm your email address and you’ll get more coupons from

You’ll also get physical coupons mailed to you with your change of address confirmation.

Important: The coupons you will receive will vary based on your zip code.

Coupons from USPS for a move within OH include:
-$300 for opening a Chase checking account
-10% off at Lowe’s (up to $5,000)
-15% off Crate&Barrel
-12% off Overstock
-10% off Wayfair (Stackable with AMEX Offer)
-20% off entire BB&B purchase

Coupons from for a move within OH include:
-10% off your next $1,000 of purchases from Amazon
-$10 off $50 at Lowe’s
-10% off at Home Depot (up to $2,000)
-25% off Restoration Hardware
-$10-$20 gift card for joining Costco

There are also reports of people receiving 15% off their next $1,000 of purchases from Amazon and there are reports of not getting any Amazon coupon. If you do change your address please post a comment with the state that you moved to and which offers you received.

My 10% off Amazon coupon took an hour to arrive. It states that you must activate the coupon on a single Amazon account by 12/23. Once you activate the offer it will last on your Amazon account for 90 days or until you spend $1,000, whichever comes first. The savings will continue to apply on all Amazon orders you make until that point, so you will save $100 if you max out the 10% offer.

People that got a 15% off $1,000 offer are able to save a maximum of $150 at Amazon.

The 10% discount only applies to items sold by Amazon and excludes digital items and Amazon gift cards.

Notably though, gift cards to other stores will work and of course Amazon allows you to buy gift cards to other stores with their gift cards. The offer stacks fully with the $50 Airbnb gift card lightning deal with the 10% being taken off the original price of the item:











Happy moving!

HT: DoC, via DDF

Amazon offers free shipping with $25+ orders or get free 1 day shipping on all orders with a free trial of Amazon Prime. A prime trial is also free with Amazon Family (which also gets you up to 20% off diapers among other benefits) or Amazon Student. EBT/Medicaid Cardholders can save on Prime Membership here.

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Where’s the mitzios? I can go into any usps store and get those coupons! Just ask for a movers package!


Those don’t have Amazon.

Just watch...

The USPS site is going to go down 😉

The new guy

Hi I just changed my address in post office a week ago. Can I still do this or is it too late


I wonder if you can get these at the post office now?

I don’t mind spending the $1, but I don’t want to screw things up with an address change.


I got all of them when we moved 5 months ago, the Amazon one is great. We moved within NY.


@Just watch…:

@The new guy:
Try it and see.

The post office doesn’t have the Amazon offer.

What percent of Amazon did you get?


I *REALLY* wish you would not have posted this.


If you can max this offer at 15% and get an additional 10% off of you have double promo with discover would be amazing.


@Dan: 10%


NY: 10% off $1k at Amazon.


Is it being suggested that I change my address just in order to get this coupon? If I am not actually moving anywhere (and still want to continue getting my mail), is there a way I can do this? Sounds fuzzy…


What am I missing? Why would USPS reward people for changing their address?


Btw, do you need to enter a legitimate address that you’re moving too?


Any insight on if this would still get the coupons by changing address to within the same city and zip?

How temporary can this be (will still get coupons if I switch back in an hour or two?)? Wouldn’t want all my mail actually going somewhere else. Does this mean that my mail would automatically be rerouted?


Does it work for business?


Moved in NJ did not get amazon 🙁 got the others though…

five townsyid

If someone fills out with an address they moved from few years ago and put new address as where they live now. It will work.
I did it once and actually got mail that should have been coming to me at my new address.


Didn’t get an amazon coupon and I left the page by accident .what do I do ?


you can get the 15% off coupon on ebay for under 5 bucks


I had to do it twice because I closed the page by accident so I paid $2.00 but I got 10% off of $500 . Anyone want to trade for $1000??? Lol


From the website. Does not seem Kosher.

Note: The person who prepares this form states that he or she is the person, executor, guardian, authorized officer, or agent of the person for whom mail would be forwarded under this order. Anyone submitting false or inaccurate information on this form is subject to punishment by fine or imprisonment or both under Sections 2, 1001, 1702 and 1708 of Title 18, United States Code.


NY to NY received 10% off $250 from amazon. And now it says I may be inelgible to vote. Also, why couldn’t this have been initiated on and skip USPS? This simply wasn’t worth the bother…


Moved from GA to FL:

Amazon – 10% off $250
Lowes – 10% off next purchase up to $5k
BBB – 20% off
Chase – $300 checking
Home Depot – 10% up to $2k
assorted other stuff


This is mail fraud and possibly a felony
Also this could impact credit score and credit report.


I just did it and got 10% off at Amazon. I’m from NJ. Thanks Dan!

dale m

very cheezy, disappointing to see you post something like this


I’m not advocating anything here. The deal is applicable for those who it is applicable to.


Moving is fraudulent?
Can affect your credit score?

Cool story bro!


I got 15 percent off 1000 on in MI
(I moved a few years ago but did my old address to my new address)


@shm: “you can get the 15% off coupon on ebay for under 5 bucks”

Look closer. Those all expire in a few hours or a few days.


i moving feb 1st from nj to nj and received 10% off $1,000 @ amazon!!
thanx dan

NY -> CA

10% off $500 Amazon


I’m actually moving in a few days and got 10% off on amazon. Thanks Dan.


From ny to nj. no amazon coupon 🙁


are these valid on 3rd party gift cards sold on amazon?


Brooklyn>Brooklyn 15% off 1000


Dan, you moved today? Why would you put down a fake address ? You are clearly advocating for people who are not moving to do this



Read the post.

Actually, Gd willing I will be moving locally in a few months and you can select a future move date.
Thanks for asking!


@Aaron: oh please. Just stop


1 coupon Amazon per person or per Amazon acct?


If anyone is getting restoration hardware coupon and not using it, would love to have it, thanks!!


@Aaron wow the accusations hashem help.
@DAN thank you for this i moved a long time ago still get mail in old place so now i added permanent move
said 10% $1000 amazon brooklyn>brooklyn


Moving from NY to NY.. with a start forwarding date of tomorrow.

Waited 2 hours. No amazon coupon!!


Did you select the USPS coupons and then go to the MyMove site’s coupons?
Was Amazon not listed on the MyMove site?


Just did a Brooklyn, NY to Brooklyn, NY move:

10% of $1,000


Do you need to register to vote before you get the additional coupons from mymove ?


Ny 2 LA (used old moving info) –> 10% off 500 Amazon


Why do I don’t see Amazon. Just made from ny to ny


Did you select the USPS coupons and then go to the MyMove site’s coupons?


I got the 15% but it doesn’t work on most electronics..


why does it say “My move deals are coming soon” when I click to


I did select.. but it never took me to mymove.. it just gave me the option to print the lows coupon etc



I get ‘coming soon’ on the mymove deals page


I got 15% for move to nj

Mike B

Those that got 15%, please share the zip codes you moved from and to.


I saw the offer for Amazon and Costco and but They didn’t email me these coupons only other coupons. 🙁 is there a way I can still get those? I did a temporary NY- NY move.


Because you didn’t follow the post’s instructions.

Did you verify the email you got from them?


Thanks Dan just moved last week within NJ got %10 off amazon


Ohio to Ohio, 10% off $500 @ Amazon


How is this not fraud if you are not really moving?


Who said anything about using this if you’re not moving or haven’t moved?


@Dan How long did it take for you to receive the amazon coupons once you confirmed the MYMOVE offer email? I confirmed it about an hour ago and still no emails? checked my junk/spam – nada.


Once the coupon is applied, its active till you spend the $1000, or expires at some date?


An hour.

Read the post.


Just applied, got only 10% off $250 @ amazon, but got upto a $20 costco cash card! And a $10 off any purchase at lowes


It seems that the issue last night was that I did it from a mobile device, using the mobile site. It needed to be done from the regular site.

I just canceled the one from last night and did it again. Paid $1 twice.

Brooklyn to Brooklyn.. got 10% off $250


AMZ 10% off $250 in DC.


I got the 10% Amazon coupon for $1000 for CA to CA (both in LA area). I also got the Home Depot coupon emailed to me, it came the next morning.


I did a move within NY and got 10% Off $250.00
Thanks Dan!!!


How do i activate the amazon coupon on my account? the email said to apply it at checkout. is there any other way?


@Mendel, same thing happened to me. Thank you for providing such a helpful comment.


Thanks, Dan, for always finding great deals. I did a CA to CA move (same county in Bay Area) and got 10% off $250 from Amazon. Very jealous of those who got the 10%/$1000 deal.


Thanks! Got 10% on $1K for Amazon. Move within WI.


@PRR60: I agree. This is not a bargain; it’s dishonest. It’s kind of sickening to see people trying to figure out how to take advantage.


California – 10% off 500


Queens to Queens got 15% off $1000.

Mike B


What zip codes? I did the same (11367) and got 10% off 250


Got 15% off $1000 @ Amazon
Moved from NY to NY


@five towns yid:

Thanks. Did that and it worked.

DP: NY to MD, 10% Amazon.


@Mendel I did the same as you. Second time on desktop I got 10% off $1000 plus costco cash and home depot 10% off next purchase and many more!!
Thanks Dan and Mendel!!
moved from NJ to NJ same city!


@Jack: Where in CA. I did from LA to LA and no Amazon. Thanks



Did you select the USPS coupons and then go to the MyMove site’s coupons?
Was Amazon not listed on the MyMove site?


@teach: What city?


Did move from NY to NJ. After getting the USPS (no amazon), not asked whether I want to get MyMove coupons. Instead taken to a page where I was asked to update voting information. No way not to fill this out (even though not eligible to vote). Was the prompt to get MyMove coupons after the voter registration?


@fafa123: yes and below that was an option to skip and click go to mymove.come


can you apply 2 promos on the same acct? if not, does it make a diff if ones on a business and one on a personal?


10% off $50 purchase 10952 to 10977

Changes address

I changed my address from my old to my current, got the coupons etc.. but now I seem to have stopped receiving mail entirely at my current 🙁 🙁 and I’ve got no I idea what to do now


seems dead


got 15% amazon discount for move within California


When i went to my movers site, it says page under construction


NY > NY Amazon 10% off $500


GA to GA move … max possible discount is 10% upto 500 purchase only.


@David: Cause they sell your address to junk mailers.

Erika Hamilton

We moved in Oregon and didn’t get the amazon coupon.


Not working for Amazon, nor lowes and not HD.. Oh well. bad time to move!