The Latest Shot In The Amazon-Walmart War: Discounted Amazon Prime Membership For EBT Cardholders

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Amazon Prime is normally $99/year after a free 30 day trial. If you pay for Prime monthly instead of annually up front, it will set you back $10.99/month.

Amazon is now offering EBT cardholders the ability to buy Prime for just $5.99/month. That comes out to just $71.88/year instead of $99/year for regular Prime paid up front or $131.88/year for regular Prime paid monthly.

More than 60% of US households making $68K+ have Amazon Prime, but membership numbers lag among lower income households.

Call it the latest shot in the Amazon-Walmart war as Amazon goes after their lower-income customers.

EBT Prime isn’t as cheap as Amazon Student, which is just $49.99/year after a free 6 month trial, but it’s a nice savings off the regular rate for Prime.

You need to have an EBT card that matches the name on your Amazon account in order to enroll. You may need to prove your eligibility every 12 months and you can receive discounted Prime for up to 48 months.

If you already have an Amazon Prime membership and signup for EBT Prime you will get a pro-rated refund for the amount paid.

One caveat is that like Amazon Student Prime, EBT Prime members can’t share benefits with household members. Regular Amazon Prime members can share the full Prime benefits with another household member. A nice benefit of that is that when there is a Prime member exclusive deal that is limited to just one per account, you and someone else in your household can take advantage of the deal.

Amazon Prime member benefits include:

-Exclusive access to discounted deals.

-Free 2 day shipping on all orders

Free instant video streaming

-Free Prime music

Kindle lending library
-Free full-res unlmited photo storage in the cloud.

Prime pantry access

-30 minute priority access to lightning and Black Friday deals

-Access to exclusive sales like Prime Day, and other Prime member only sales.
-Prime Twitch Video Game Benefits

-If you have Amazon Prime you can select “FREE No-Rush Shipping” when making an order and you’ll get a bonus such as a $1 Amazon eBooks, digital music and videos credit, a $3 credit, a $5.99 Prime Pantry credit, a $20 Amazon Home Services credit, etc. You can view your no-rush credits here.

-Amazon Prime members can opt into Amazon Family where you’ll also get 20% off subscription orders of diapers and 15% off to complete unordered items from a baby registry.

-Prime members get free video streaming content on JetBlue flights.

-Several times per year Amazon Prime members can get free magazine subscriptions.

-Prime members also get access to Amazon Prints for inexpensive photo and photobook printing with free shipping.

-With Prime Reading you can browse the full version thousands of books and magazines free of charge from your smartphone, tablet, or Kindle via the Kindle app. Magazines include Popular Mechanics, Consumer Reports, People, Conde Nest Travelers, Sports Illustrated, and more. There are Harry Potter books, Calvin & Hobbes comics, Lonely Planet travel books, novels, and much much more to choose from, and it’s all free!

-Prime members who make a wedding registry can even save 20% off items that weren’t purchased off their registry!

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Amazon offers free shipping with $35+ orders or get free next-day shipping on all orders with a free trial of Amazon Prime. Prime members can share benefits with a Household member here, allowing them to double up on Amazon Prime promos!  A 6 month trial and discounted Prime membership is available with Amazon Student. EBT/Medicaid Cardholders can save on Prime Membership here.

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What’s an ebt card?
Link to where I can share my account with family?


when I entered a NY EBT card number, it tells me ”
! This is not a valid EBT format”

Julia Birdsong

What did you do? What is a valid ebt format?

New yorker

Same here!@Dan: @Dan:


@New yorker: I figured it out, you are not supposed to enter the first 6 numbers. It usually starts wit 600486, it should be skipped. Only enter the numbers on the bottom of the card where it says “ACCESS NUMbER”.


Interesting that they didn’t limit video on these accounts to justify the cost savings (in general would be nice for a 2 tier prime membership).

Jeff Bezos is now the tax man

Soon, Uber will do the same. Maybe even Apple. Socialism, here we come.


I already paid prime for the year. Is it possible to prepay for next year with my EBT? I hope I will loose EBT within the year when i get a better job. can i take advantage now and prepay?

Deal Guy

How does the monthly work?
Can you choose one month to pay and use prime and another not to pay?
So if you only want to use it for 6 months a year it will only cost you half?


@Anonymous: y is it not going even with out the first 6 #


@Jeff Bezos is now the tax man:

You’re complaining on Dansdeals about people who spend their whole life dedicated to getting stuff for free?


I am still not paying $70 f prime
Coupons with rite aid CVS promos
Better price
Always available
Free prime?
Maybe will consider
Hope Amazon read this


If I still have the the old prime with separate accounts will I loose it when signing up with ebt?


What happens when you cancel prime? Do you lose your photos?

Prime Upset

Note that PRIME READING is only available for the primary prime member in your household. An invitee will not be able to use Prime reading benefit.


i am also getting the “This is not a valid EBT format” error. just entering the access number with spaces or not and with or without the seq# also doesn’t work. same error. Amazon customer service is clueless. been going back and forth with them over this error since day 1 when the offer started.


Just the access numbers its 11 #s I believe . It should work. It went through for me after reopening and restarting the page . But new problem it’s says it cannot confirm my eligibility. I am eligible. I don’t know why


Also having an issue with my card number not being accepted. Called Amazon and it’s a known issue with NY and TX cardholders. Customer service is going to email me when the issue has been worked out by the technical team.

Here’s hoping.