Reader Question: How Do You Get A Subscribe And Save Discount As Well As Prime No Rush Shipping Credit?

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A commenter asked, “Can someone explain why JJ writes “Plus Prime No Rush Credit”? How do you get no rush credit with Subscribe and Save?”

Amazon has 2 different types of checkout when it comes to Subscribe and Save items, their regular “One-time purchase” checkout or “Subscribe & Save.”

With Subscribe and Save checkout you can save 5% off the item if subscribe to it, and you can save 15% off if you have 5 monthly subscribe and save items.

For example this pack of 20 Hefty Disposable Hot Cups with Lids is selling for $7.49 and will be $6.37-$7.12 via Subscribe & Save:

But you can also get 5% off by subscribing to an item with a One-time purchase as well.

Select One-time purchase and Add to cart:

Then go to your cart and you will see an option to “Save 5% now with Subscribe & Save”:

Once selected you will receive 5% off this item and it will be added to your subscribe and save list. Then select “proceed to checkout.”

On the final checkout page you can select No-Rush Shipping and 5% off via Subscribe and Save:

Plus, with this method your item ships now instead of at your next monthly subscription. You can cancel the subscription after your item ships.

You won’t always want to do this. If you have 5 Subscribe and Save items in a month you can save 15% off all of the items and 20% off diapers. So you’ll need to weigh if you want 5% off and the no-rush credit or try for 15% off. When you go for 15% off you can always push off the date of your subscription until you have 5 items in your subscription. Another advantage of waiting for Subscribe and Save items is that you can reorder items that drop in price.

Of course if you just need an item quickly you shouldn’t use the no-rush option.

You can read all about Subscribe And Save here.

The great part about no-rush credit is that Amazon will often let you convert it into Amazon Credit for any purchase! Read more about that in this post here, the best time to request that is when your credit is about to expire.

Do you go for 5% off+no rush credit or 15% off Subscribe and Save?

Amazon offers free shipping with $25+ orders or get free 1 day shipping on all orders with a free trial of Amazon Prime. A prime trial is also free with Amazon Family (which also gets you up to 20% off diapers among other benefits) or Amazon Student. EBT/Medicaid Cardholders can save on Prime Membership here.

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Here’s another question:

Is it possible to easily see what I will be paying for my subscribe and save items after ALL discounts? I find it hard to find that info, especially for the first delivery when there were additional promotions applied aside for the subscribe and save discount?

I know I can go to my order history but this doesn’t seem to always be straightforward, and definitely doesn’t work for upcoming deliveries if it’s not the first month.


It’s almost never worth keeping an item for another month due to price uncertainty.
Cancel after it ships and then order again. You can then check the price in order history

what\'s the answer?

Dan, from your answer to Meir, it SEEMS that one cannot easily see the actual price “after ALL discounts” unless it ships?
I had the same question, especially when I check off some coupon or discount, that does not appear on the S&S, and I often wonder did my coupon/discount apply…

Texas Totty

All that info is on your orders page, but it can be a pain to navigate.


I usually pay with Amazon gift cards, bought at Staples with 5x on my Ink Cash (thanks Dan!), and you can go to the gift card page to see how much of your balance is left and it will list each individual amount taken off the gift card. That’s how I track the total cost of each item, but as Dan mentioned it’s often always better to cancel and reorder after the first shipment.


Search under ‘orders’ for the order in question. click ‘order details’. The discounts and final price is there.
For reorders you haven’t cancelled, on the last day to change your S&S before delivery, they make a new order for you, so you can see the price they’ll be charging you that month.


Thanks this answers my question if this in fact is true.
Going to speed up my subscribe and save and see if this is true.

But even so how would I be able to cancel the ones that are more?


5% off and no rush ship usually works better for me. I have thr 15% off anyways because definitely have 5 orders min per month so 5% + $1 is worth it for whatever I can get it on


On why the $1 of No-Rush Credit (NRC) really is $1.09:

After converting your NRC to site-wide promotional credit (hopefully…), the way Amazon processes the credit during a future transaction is by decreasing the total before sales tax – not after.

Meaning, you are not only saving the $1, you are also saving the sales tax you would be paying on the $1; about $0.09 more. So, the $1 of NRC is effectively worth $1.09.

Why do I say this?

Well, you should only use the promotional credit on a purchase that actually has sales tax!! If you use it on a food item (for example, cereal, peanut butter), you will use up the promotional credit but not enjoy the added benefits of the sales tax savings….


How do you convert nrc to sitewide?

tracht goot

iv’e asked a handful of questions (i think good ones) in the past, which were never (to the best of my knowledge) answered.
this answer in a post evens the score.
thanks for that, and really, for every thing!

r duvid

good Q to think about, i thought already a lot about it, the simple answer is that it depends in the item if S&S drops it a lot from reg. price then its worth, but sometimes the $1 NRC -which should eventually be worth $1 sitewide credit its worth more!

r duvid

by the way, i would say that this wasn’t the Q of the reader, he just asked “Can someone explain why JJ writes >> “Plus” << Prime No Rush Credit? How do you get no rush credit "with" Subscribe and Save?” it seems from the typo that you can get both S&S discount & NRC on the same order.. (?) 🙂


Huh? You can get both.

r duvid

is it possible to S&S for an item & get for it NRC?


Read the post.

r duvid

of course i have read, sorry didnt explain clearly, i mean the real S&S discount of 15%, you cant get a NRC when checking out via reg. S&S, ? this is how it seems/the reader understood from the post “..Chewable Tablets For $2.54-$2.84 Shipped From Amazon, “Plus” Prime No Rush Credit, & this is his Q “How do you get no rush credit “with” Subscribe and Save?” when you get it for $2.54 couldn’t be “plus” NRC its “or” 🙂

r duvid

im with you dan :), just i would say maybe write little more clearly ..Chewable Tablets For $2.54 “or” $2.84 Shipped From Amazon, Plus Prime No Rush Credit


But it’s only $2.54 if you subscribe to 5+ items in one month


Another reason you would wanna choose regular shipping is that if you get a deal thats to good to be true …your more likely to get it if you choose a faster shipping option.


They never let me convert it to sitewide credit. I stopped using nrc


If I’m not mistaken, the option to s&s by checkout, only comes up when using the browser in desktop mode, and not in the app or in mobile browser.

Anyone have a different experience?


Maybe you want to make a post how one can use the amex mr point promo, while still using an Amazon gift card to pay for the rest of the purchase, thereby getting an effective 25% off.

Unless that would kill it, if the point is for people to use their amex for the purchase.


I have been ordering many items from
through your link and selecting the no rush shipping credit, and Amazon is bunching many orders together and giving me only one $3.00 credit even though I ordered them separately.
Is that allowed?


I’ve ordered many many items on Amazon and selecting the no rush shipping credit for each order…. I noticed that Amazon is shipping a bunch of orders together and only giving me one no rush shipping credit of $3 and I am losing out on a lot of credit


What is the point of posting questions here if you’re not going to answer them?