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“Ray Chapman’s spirit could be floating Indians through a season unlike any other in history”
A sports article written by the AP of the sort that you don’t see everyday…

“Why Flying Now Can Kill”
A scary look at what happened to the mother of three who died shortly after being denied a seat on USeless Airways.

“The System Can Work When Not Stressed to the Max”
An airline story in the NY Times that you don’t see everyday: When things go right.

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I propose a 2 part solution for US AIR:

1) US AIR employees who are sick of the way the company is treated them and the customers should fight back: Every time a customer complains, they should be told the truth: US AIR treats EVERYONE terribly. This will probably fix things pretty quick

2) Customers should start suing US AIR on a regular basis – th e max allowed is $7500. Regardless.. this should help US Air realize that its just not worth it. Penny pinching != profit


It’s very interesting. What can you demand if your flight is purposely overbooked like that?


Have they found out why she died?