Purchased Canada Dry Ginger Ale Within The Past 6 Years? Get Up To A $40 Refund

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Canada Dry Ginger Ale Online Settlement Claim Form

You are a member of the Settlement Class if, between January 1, 2013 and December 19, 2018 in any State besides California or December 28, 2012 and June 26, 2018 in California. Your purchase cannot have been for purpose of resale. Make sure to submit your request before February 28, 2019.

If you file a Valid Claim, you will receive forty cents ($0.40) for each Product that you purchased in the United States between January 1, 2013 and December 19, 2018 in any State besides California or December 28, 2012 and June 26, 2018 in California. Your total refund will be limited to $5.20 per Household unless you submit Proof of Purchase, in which case your total refund will be limited to $40 per Household. Depending on the amount of valid claims the settlement amount per household may be less, there is a minimum of $2/household regardless of the number of claims.

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I hate ones like this. We buy this fairly often but who keeps receipts for ginger ale from 6 years ago lol

deena beyman

yeah! exactly!


Link not working


http://www.cdgasettlement.com main link for settlement


Link don’t work

Akiva T Davidson

Link doesn’t work

deena beyman

how are you supposed to prove proof of purchase?!


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Ditto to what everyone else said. Thanks Dan. But this is another one of those cases where the only ones who get rich or the lawyers

Chaim Aharon Hertzl

And if not for the lawyers who took on the lawsuit and got the settlement, how much money would you have gotten?


Right the lawyers are the true heroes here they clearly deserve the lion’s share of the settlement funds. Only lawyers defend their parasitic peers.


Seriously?! Cuz if I go and spend the time, I could possibly profit a whopping five bucks I should be grateful for those selfless lawyers out there?! There are plenty of lawyers doing plenty of good work out there. But please don’t try to convince me that I should be grateful to the lawyers because at least I got five bucks. It’s just silly. These kind of cases often make the lawyers rich, hurt companies, can cause job losses. So they can cause a lot worse than five bucks damage to people. Sometimes they’re legitimately protecting the public, but often it’s just a legal detail that they picked up on where they exploit a large company and make off with a killing. Please don’t act like there’s anything noble in it.

And by the way, I don’t know exactly how much Canada Dry I bought, and I don’t feel comfortable potentially being anything other than completely honest, so actually I’m getting nothing. It’s not worth it.


And here’s where everyone should file an objection to the case. Made with real ginger. SMH


Why the refund?
Guilty of what offense?


They stated on the can “Made from Real Ginger”. Apparently it has no ginger or too little ginger or something like that. Between you and me… that is not why I ever bought it… but it is still a ta’ana.

Da Man

What do you mean “Between you and me… that is not why I ever bought it…”,
That’s the only reason I get gingerale. I will now stop buying it!


i always knew there was something fishy with ginger ale.spent many sleepless knights trying to figure out one of the wolds greatest mysteries and bingo! all those years of saving my ginger ale receipts! it all paid off!


what country do you live in where sleepless knights are currency?


This is blatant anti-Canada discrimination by a xenophobic administration !


how do you get just tier 1 it says required

Stuart Stein

Have the same issues. Filled out form and says you need to add proof of purchase. it doesn’t let you file tier 1


Put in 13 or less items and then you dont need proof…………….so it will let you submit!!

Yankee doodle

I might have listed Canada dry in the mechiras chametz contract from the shana she’avra. Is this is a valid form of receipt?


Yup try explaining it in exactly those words to the judge.


For all those interested – the lawsuit is based on the accusation that Ginger Ale made Canada Dry and there are no more ponds for them to skate.


Many years ago when I lived there, I tried to drink Canada Dry. But alas I failed. Instead, I discovered that if you boil kale in ginger beer, the resulting ginger kale is god-awful.
But if you really like ginger ale (or kale if you don’t want to invoke the name of the KB”H) try the ginger ale from Trader Yossel’s – a sehr geshmak !

Chuchum Ainer

I’m mamish blown away. It’s not really made with real ginger? No wonder it tastes like soda


How can I prove the purchase from a vending machine? Oh I forgot to say from six years ago?


Haha! I knew it paid to keep all those Canada dry receipts from over the years. Everyone laughed at me but looks who is laughing now!!!


If you shop at a Kroger, or a Kroger owned grocery chain with a rewards card number, all of your purchases are stored in your account history. It’s unfortunately not searchable, but if this is a product you buy frequently that it’s worth your time to show proof of purchase for, then maybe this will help.

moved on

seriously?! people got ticked off and sued?! not real ginger?! whoever paid for testing doesnt need the forty bucks. or they need alot more money for therapy.



Here is the main link for settlement page if the other breaks.


Yeah, like anyone has receipts! I did one last year for receiving unsolicited phone calls from someplace (don’t remember exactly) and they came back and asked for phone records showing the incoming calls. That’s fine, I have phone records…. but ahem…. what’s the phone number I’m looking for? I can’t show you phone records if I don’t know the number that called me! I know the company called, but how am I supposed to ID that on a phone bill. No way to contact them to find out the phone number. What a crock.