PSE&G Customers In NJ: Get A Smart Thermostat For Just $19 After $150 Instant Rebate!

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PSE&G Customers In NJ: Get A Smart Thermostat For Just $19 After $150 Instant Rebate!

PSE&G Customers in NJ can buy the Ecobee3 Lite or the Nest E for just $19. Or they can buy the 3rd Gen Nest of the Ecobee4 for $99.

Personally I’d go with the Ecobee3 Lite option. The Ecobee thermostats are rated higher than Nest thermostats and the main difference between the Ecobee3 Lite and the 4 is that the 4 comes with Alexa and a room sensor. You can buy 2 room sensors separably for less than the cost of the difference between the 2 units. Plus if you disable Alexa on the 4 you have an annoying red status bar that can’t be disabled.

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Until when is this deal valid?


+ tax on the full price (before rebate).
So Ecobee3 Lite is $19 + 11.20 = $30.20 with tax.
Still a great deal.


plus $5 flat fee shipping


Super easy to order. Site verifies if you have PSEG and gives instant rebate for up to 2 units. Units must be installed, but who knows how they confirm that. Can’t be resold! Maryland has a similar program from the same vendor and they offer many more products.


To which program in Maryland are You referring? BGE peak rewards?


Dan anything we need to know about the eco lite regarding shabbos?


Make sure you aren’t agreeing to let them screw with your temperature settings. That’s one of the “features and benefits” when ConEd offers free/discounted thermostats


I think you might want to read the terms and conditions. The following is the link;


Link isn’t valid.


Seems like this link isn’t valid either


Nevermind, got the link to work. Thanks


I don’t see anything problematic in the terms. Sounds like you are giving them the right to collect heating/cooling info from your thermostat, and the right to inspect your thermostat for 4 years (presumably if they aren’t receiving the information because of a faulty installation). Seems like a low cost to save $150 per thermostat.


For those of Northern NJ (Teaneck), Have you had anyone install one of these thermostats?
Were you satisfied and what was the cost.



Thanks Dan! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while.


Sensors track room occupancy I would think that’s a problem on shabbos and yt. Also Ecobee says the screen turns on when you come near the base.


I dont see a checkout button.


Holy terms and conditions! Read the fine print on this one very carefully!


@Jay what fine print are you referring to?


I was told by a very reputable HVAC Technician that the Nest thermostats can burnout the motherboard inside the A/C unit. Anybody out there had the issue?


Is this problematic for shabbat? Motion sensorsd


Thank you. I am just wondering, I already have the ecobee lite installed and wanted to know if it is worth switching for the ecobee 4 at that price?


i read the terms and conditions, thanks to the fellow who posted the link. its all pretty simple and straightforward. you are allowing them to collect information on your cooling and heating trends. info is kept confidential. There are no limitations to how you can heat/cool your home.
You are always waiving some rights to some benefits that could be available for achieving energy efficiency. I’m not sure what thats about, but when you buy these products retail i’ve never heard of anything saying they used it for a PJM credit for their efficiency programs so there seems to be little to lose here.


do you need wifi?


Does anyone have info on the Honeywell that’s available from them for free?


How is the Honeywell lyric t5 that is for free from pseg? Is it comparable to regular Honeywell WiFi? Does it have Shabbos issues?


I forgot, does the Ecobee 3 lite work with a whole house humidifier? I have this and it doesn’t seem to be working, do I have to switch it to “3” instead of the “lite”?
Is the PSEG deal still available?