Postage Stamps Going Up From 46 Cents To 49 Cents Tomorrow


Update: Some commenters are reporting not getting charged the $1 processing fee…YMMV!

Stamps go up in price tomorrow, 01/26.

You can buy forever stamps from Office Depot online:

A book of 20 stamps is currently $9.20.

A book of 100 stamps is currently $46.

Note that Office Depot does tack on a $1 per order processing fee and you need to order $50 for free shipping.

On the plus side though you’ll earn 5 points per dollar by using your Ink Plus, Ink Bold, or Ink Cash card and you’ll be locking in the current rates without having to leave your house tonight.

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Just go staples and swipe ink bold they sell forever stamps


Is this worth investing in? To resell later in time?


Or go to Costco where you can save a quarter on 100.

The point is that for most people they’re better off paying $1 per order and not leave their house tonight.
Besides you’ll spend that same $1 on gas.


Got 10. They didn’t charge the $1 for delivery. Thanks!


does charge shipping ?
if yes what’s the price ?


Thanks Dan! I just bought 200 stamps, saved $5


Was charged the $1… (ordered 8X100=368+1=369)


I got charged the $1 but it’s worth it. 120 stamps from the comfort of my own home and 5% cashback with grandfathered blue cash…


@anonymous Usps charges $1 on their site.


USPS charges minimal shipping with many more design options. Making a simcha you may want to check there. Shipping was $1.75 for me.


whats the site please?


Shipping only 1.25 usps without extra fee. Com and they have many cool designs


do not think its worth it unless youre buying a huge amount of stamps

John Smith

Many times you can buy large quantities for discount on ebay. A few months ago I bought 1000 stamps @ 38 cents each.

bar kamza

if you sell on amazon or ebay print your shipping labels before 12am to save some gelt!


No 5x though.


They were going to raise the price to 50 cents but they were afraid that it would make lines at the post office move too quick…


You can go onto and order any design you want for the same price. They charged me 1.75 for shipping (300 stamps)


Pay more and you don’t get 5x points.


Thanx Dan. Just ordered 100 @ $46 at Did not get the $1 fee as it stated and as the chat rep. said I would and I got the shipping waived since I did not get anything else for Over $50 for free shipping. Just chatted with them and they were very helpful.


Price went up $9.80 and $49 respectively.


Cuz having to wait 2 weeks for a first class package to work through their system is so worth a 6% increase.


“The price of stamps is going from 46 to 49 cents. They’d make it an even 50 but that’d make the post office line go too fast”

Jimmy Fallon


i was chatting with a rep because they brought the price an hour early @CJ if you chat with them they will fix the price on your order
p.s. order placed at 12:02 1/26/14 rep then fixed the $total


@cheapoe: $46 per stamp is more than I’d like to pay for my stamps- I’ll just buy tomorrow, thereby saving myself $45.51 per stamp


@Anonymous: sorry for the miss information if you didn’t read correctly. I bought 100 stamps @ $46 being .46cents per stamp. oh forgot to mention I also got $10 off so it Knocks it down to $36 for 100 stamps. Hope you didn’t wait to long to buy

att chep o

how did u get 10 off?


Ach. I though you finally made a post about food stamps. Oh well.

Honest Abe

Yeah… I saw the $10 off of $50….But then you would pay the shipping cost…Which equals $9….So you are back to paying full price bec it would bring the price down too low to get free shipping….Which again leaves you paying $46 for the stamps. So back to square one….Unless of course you bought something else with this purchase to make it go over the $50 needed for free shipping….Like say if you bought two rolls of a 100 stamps for example.

Honest Abe

or if you actually bought the 100 roll and the 20 booklet…that might also do the trick…oh well too late..bought it already at $46


@Levi “forever” stamps are a terrible investment because postage rates rise much slower than inflation. Plus it’s not so easy to liquidate them. There are much better ways to invest money…

David R

@Dan: No need to spend extra on gas to get to Costco in a hurry. You can include it with your regular shopping later in the week because Costco raises the price several days after the USPS rates change. But if you have an ink card and get more than $0.013 value from your points, you are still better off paying the higher rate at an office supply store.