No Rebates! Black & Decker Pocket Power Backup Battery Pack, Was $49.99, Now Just $10 Shipped!!!

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Black & Decker Pocket Power Backup Battery Pack Linky

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“-Powers & recharges personal electronics simultaneously.
-Supplies portable AC & USB power to mobile electronics
-No tips necessary, plug in your standard charger to charge on the go.

-The Pocket Power simultaneously powers and recharges mobile electronic devices such as cell phones, BlackBerry/PDAs, MP3-like devices, digital cameras, camcorders and more when a household AC power outlet is not available.
-The Pocket Power will provide up to five hours extended runtime for personal electronics. With its slim profile design the Pocket Power is thin enough to conveniently fit into an average size jacket pocket, or be tucked away into a briefcase or purse.
-The Pocket Power battery fully recharges from a 120-volt household outlet in less than eight hours.
-A battery status LED lets you know 10 minutes before the Pocket Power battery is depleted and needs to be recharged.
-A draw-string travel bag keeps the Pocket Power protected while traveling.”

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(FREE With A New Google Checkout Account!)"

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Does anyone know how it works? The description seems vauge… no tips required, plug in your standard charger…
How does that work? Does this offer a 120volt outlet in which to plug your charger in? Seems like an awful waste of electricity to pump out AC just to be lost in the transformer of your charger as it converts back to DC…
The description doesn’t seem to explain how this works at all…


Description says that it provides AC and USB power.

yechi anachnu

does anyone out there know what is the best way to open a lot of google checkout accounts with out getting busted? if anyone did this before and did not get busted please tell us how thanking you in advance go dan!

Avid Reader

1) Add to cart the item you want to buy
2) Proceed with Google Checkout
3) Register a new google checkout account and get $10 off at
(offer valid for New google checkout account only. New account is identified by new email address only)
4) Select “7-9 Business Bugdet Shipping”, which is Free.



citi cards virtual numbers is the way to go

Problem why??

i try to buy this item with a new google acc and they said that thins article is not availble to buy with google checkout????????????????
is so not faire


To: Problem why??
They were temporarily out of stock, and you cant do google checkout on pre-orders.
They are now back in stock, so google checkout is working again.


Dan I would like to cancel some of my credit cards that I havent used in awhile. For example my citibank card which just upped their APR….
PLease advise as to what is the credit smart way to go about this.

Thank you


YL, Generaly, it’s not a good idea to cancel your credit accounts – especially your oldest accounts since FICO takes the median age of your credit history into consideration when it comes to scores. The older your credit history, the better you will appear in the creditors eyes!!! That’s even true when your oldest accounts had some delinquencies (i.e. 30-60 days late etc.)
The rare exception to this rule is when applying for mortgage or car loan and you’re told specifically to cancel certain accounts before your application will be approved.
Otherwise, if you’re not paying annual fees on the cards you want to dump, why don’t you simply keep’em in your sock drawer?
Dan, please comment on this…


update: out of stock!