Google Home Smart Assistant For $99 Shipped Or Less With Verizon AMEX Offer


Google Home Smart Assistant For $99 Shipped From Verizon

This normally sells for $129 and is on sale for a limited time.

This is also available from Walmart, Best Buy, Target, and more.

Use your Ink Plus or Ink Cash card to earn 5 points per dollar from Verizon.

If you were targeted for $25 off $100 at Verizon with AMEX offers then the total price from Verizon will be just $74.99+tax if you live in a state where there is sales tax after the $25 off. You can use the $25 off offer twice per targeted card. Verizon also offers 2nd day free shipping.

-Get YouTube Red FREE for 6 months with your Google Home purchase for new subscribers.
-Enjoy your music with a simple voice command
-Get answers to things you want to know including the latest on weather, traffic, finance, sports, and more
-Simply ask Google Home to turn up your Nest thermostat or other compatible product

See Google’s commercial here:


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Expected availability: Not available


@Davidmal: @B&H – other stores still have it.


I still have my Echo sealed in box.

How does this compare ?


I’d get this over Echo.



Echo is compatible with so many more devices than this is. I know that will change over time, but I don’t think this is such an easy call. To control my lights and harmony one, I think Echo (Dot) makes more sense right now.

Phillip M Dampier

If you have ever had YouTube Red or paid Google Play Music on your Google account, the six months of YouTube Red does not apply. Only for new customers.


Google Home will be updated and I think it has far more potential than Echo does.

But even now, Google Now seems far superior to Alexa.

If you need lots of comparability now then Echo can make more sense. But long-term I’d go with Google Home.

Just my 2 cents.

Phillip M Dampier


I have both. Alexa/Echo has a better speaker but is more limited in responding to voice queries. Dot performs worse than Echo and sounds a lot worse without adding an external speaker. Google’s entry has a very respectable speaker and is better at dealing with plain spoken queries, but the voice is more annoying. I intend to use both. The $99 price point is what both of these should be selling for. Dot less of course.

Don’t locate either next to a television. It makes talking to them very difficult


@Dan: Agree that Google has more potential than Amazon, and for that reason think that Google Home has more potential than Amazon Alexa. But for Sonos, lights, Harmony One functionality I am leaning toward Echo – particularly because it is unlikely that there will not be a better version of the Google Home by the time their partnerships are set up.

Not buying anything from google

After last week’s “Google incident” I’d buy Alexa and stay far away from the Google gadget. Do you really need Google controlling your lights?


Wow this video is so sad. Four people in the household and not one “normal”thing was said to another human being.


I ordered it twice yesterday online with the Amex offer. But both were cancelled and Verizon I have to get it in store, which means the offer can not be used.


Did anybody order from and got the order cancelled?