Goodbye To Free Soymilk And Syrup Flavors At Starbucks…


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Starbucks sent me an email (pictured below) about an *enhancement* to their rewards program.

The new benefits are meaningless (C’mon, do people really care that their free birthday drink came by postcard 🙄 ) But the takeaway of free soy and free flavors (both are kosher parve) will set you back an extra $1.10 every time.

I’m not surprised that they took this away from Green level member as it just took 5 drinks to earn a very valuable benefit, but they are even taking it away from Gold level members as well.  For Green members there is no real replacement benefit, while for Gold members you will now get a free drink for every 12 that you purchase.  On a $3 drink that means you’ll get $3 back with every $36 of purchases instead of with every $45 of purchase, but not nearly enough to replace the extra $1.10 per drink that ordering with soy and a flavor cost.

There is a petition with thousands of signatures in case you’re looking to vent your frustration.  People have also been sounding off on their Facebook page.

So, will this change your Starbucks habits?

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I work too hard for my money to drop $3 for a cup of joe.


I must be misunderstanding something because I was never a member and yet they never charged me more for my coffee to have soy milk. Also, are they pretty much telling people that are lactose intolerant that starting now their drinks are going to be more expensive than it will be for those that could drink milk? That doesn’t seem like it will go over very well with those that have no choice but to drink soy.


this is the pits


I never use syrup or the soy so for me this is awesome. Free drink every 12 is great and emailing a coupon instead of waiting weeks is also nice.


Amen to that! Didn’t go there when it was $3 a cup and don’t plan on going at $4.10


They are also stopping the gold member perk of a free 12 oz. beverage when you buy a pound of coffee beans… bummer.


I will miss my vanilla syrup


i agree with @Dovid – i never get charged for adding soy to my coffee and im not a member . im not sure what this is all about


@Dovid: they dont charge for soy that you add to your coffee but they charge .60 cents for soy based drinks i.e. soy latte, soy cappuccino


Does anyone know what drinks besides plain coffee are kosher?
Any of the fancy stuff, I do not keep cholov Isreal?


How to get a soy latte for cheap. 1. Order espresso 2. Order a cup of ice water 3. Ask guy if u can add some soy milk to your cup 4. Pour out water/ drink it 5. Pour soy milk and espresso in big cup with the remaining ice. = soy latte.


Going to have to carry my vanilla SB syrup in the car with me!


Er, I never got soymilk and/or syrup on the house. They always charged me extra…

starbux lover

I emailed them and they sent me two coupons for free drinks..but ye, still sucks.

Bye bye

I’m so disappointed. So is my bank account. Time for a change…


No Starbucks near crown height so won’t really change anything.


I confirmed with my local barista that charges for soymilk are only on soy-base drinks — not for soy milk in coffee


I don’t understand. They’ve never sent me this email, I still get them for free an my benefits still mention them??


@starbucks it starts today or tomorrow