Free Credit Monitoring From Target


Update: My credit monitoring activation code came within an hour of signing up!
As part of these seemingly never-ending privacy and data breach scandals at Target, they are giving everyone who enrolls a free year of credit monitoring service from Experian.

You can request a free activation code here which will come within 1-5 days.

“-Guests have until April 23, 2014 to sign up to receive an activation code.
-Activation codes must be redeemed by April 30, 2014.”

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got mine within 5 min


I will sign up as long as i dont need to give them any more information:)


Is it a problem if I didn’t shop there?


“May take up to one minute” for the past 5 min…anybody getting through?


It doesn’t seem to indicate that you had to have shopped there.

I got through, though before I posted the link 🙂


Fico fako?


Taking forever to process


I got through…said will send confirmation within 1-5 days.


OK that took 10 minutes but it did wake up at the end. Just let it go.


Took about 5 min


Took a few minutes but got through


Will i get my credit score if i signup? Or only report & monitoring??


DansDeals effect 🙂
Thanks Dan!
Figured they would do this sooner or later..


thanks took about 10seconds for me


I would assume report and monitoring without a score.


took about 2 min


I got it in less than a minute, thanks!!


Part of me doesn’t want to give my email address…this safe from spamming?


It’s experian, they are legit.

Thanks @Dan: Don’t need to worry about signing up and canceling the citi $1 monthly trial. By next year I’ll have cleared my inquiries and be clear to sign up for a citi card with virtual numbers (non Amex).


Took about 10 seconds..thanks


every email address i put in it says invalid ???


got the code in email already. do you know if there is unlimited reports or do they charge you for that? Is the first report they give you a full report with updated info?

Looks like they don’t give you credit score but discounts to get them.


Is this like a credit pool? Will this effect my credit score?


Are you sure this is legit? The Experian link looks weird


No score. only report. good anyway. Wondering what happens after the year?


Will having a credit monitoring service cause problems with app-o-ramas?


Still processing but I got the code via email 😉

chana k

The report has a cc balance owed that I paid off almost a month ago. Does that mean the report is old?


Say enter a valid code. I copied and pasted and does not work!


Thanks. code came within a few minutes.


This is great, cancelled my citi id at @ $5 month.


Target lost our CC numbers so let’s trust them with our SS numbers. I’m liking this…

That being said, I’m signing up :p


@dan @reuvenhunt
the FAQs and the signup page both state the following:
All Target guests who shopped in U.S. stores can take advantage of one-year of free credit monitoring. Both account holders can sign up for the product.

David R

@chana k: No, it means the lender did the report the payment to the credit bureau yet.


i tried and when i submit my application they say i have no credit history even though i got my report from them not so long ago.


@J:credit monitoring comes from Experian(who has your ss#)target is just the one who pays for it


still never got the code from a few hours ago


@target: try checking your spam folder


thanks for the link mine took only 10 to process


I know this is not the correct thread but is there a way to do an alert for potential DansDeals postings that address laptop sales/promotions?


Said enter a valid code. I copied and pasted and does not work!

same problem as post #29


why is everyone trusting target when they messed up already before? after all you are giving them your ss#


Out of curiosity, would it be worth spending the $14.95 on getting all 3 credit reports and scores from Equifax and Transunion?

Currently they only offer Experian and they’re having a “promotion”. Should I pay for it or is it all the same less or more?


Whats with the Neiman Marcus Breach?


When CITI had a credit breach, they gave me 1 year of free credit monitoring from ITAC which gave from all 3 agencies and credit scores (not fico) Target is only giving one agency and no score.


It’s not that we are trusting Target necessarily, We are only signing up with Experian. All is needed is that you trust Experian, and this has already been explained.


It says The requested URL was rejected is this bec I’m not in the USA?

Chanel @ La Viajera Morena

Looking through the comments above and did some research. Found this article on Washington Post that answers about 90% of these questions…



do I need a credit card number?


i got (legit) emails from target and citibank about my information being compromised today when i didnt even shop target during that time and for sure not with my debit card as the email from citibank stated…I am planning on applying for more credit cards due to inspiration from DDSFT, my father says if i sign up for this service, they will bother me checking on every type of activity especially when trying to take out new cards…is this correct?


I successfully signed up, and I noticed that you can get all 3 bureaus credit score for a discounted price of $15 (instead of $32). For someone who needs them anyways, it’s a good deal.


@israeli: So it seems to be, that you can not use the link if you are overseas. Try calling the phone number on the URL error page.

Frank Roche

Thank’s Dan!

Azis Papa

“Thank you. Your email address has been received and we will be sending your activation code within the next 72 hours. An email will be sent from “Target News” ( Please note, you may need to check your junk email folder.”
Thanks Dan!