5,000 Coin Limit On Native American Dollar Coins From The US Mint!


Starwood AMEX Linky (Get 10,000 Starpoints for signing up, and 15,000 Bonus Starpoints after spending $15,000 within 6 months)

US Mint Direct Ship Coin Roll Offer Linky

I’ve written in the past about some of my escapades in cashing in thousands of coins for the sole purpose of gaining Starpoints.

The way it works is that you can order 500 $1 coins of each US President and charge it to any credit card. The shipping fee is waived on the final checkout page. All you need to do then is deposit it at your local bank.

The Mint now has $1 Native American coins in stock with a 5,000 coin limit!

Considering that my stay in a ~$1,000/night terrace suite at the Westin LAX cost me just 3,500 Starpoints it’s not totally insane to shlep 100 pounds worth of coins in 2 boxes to my local bank to earn 5,000 Starpoints, right?

The best part was that Chase bank (where I just picked up over 28,000 miles opening an account) didn’t even bat an eye at the coins, they took the 2 boxes along with my US Mint receipt for 5,000 $1 coins and promptly gave me a $5,000 receipt for my deposit. I was in and out with 30 seconds!

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Just place my order for 5G


Just placed my order too, for 5G. Thanks for the great tip Dan. I have a Delta card and I’m that much closer to earning my 5K bonus Miles !


Dear Dan “The Man”,

I applied for the Starwood AMEX card through your link, and was declined instantly! What must I do in order to be accepted? Please let me know the details on the application! Thanks a lot!



i recently purchased 3.5K of the presidential direct ship coins (from your last post) and it took over a month for the mint to process and ship the coins. anyone else have this issue?


if i just wanna get point for my cc (not a starwood) can i just order as many coins as possible and deposit is it as simple as that


If you have bad credit, or clearly don’t look like someone who will be able to pay, you won’t be approved.

Check your score.


I have been ordering coins from the Mint for a long time now and they always take more than a month. Calling them is entirely unhelpful. I am still waiting for the coins I ordered 1.5 months ago to come.


i have a credit card (a mastercard rewards) that i want to get more points for the card. if i buy 5000 worth of coins, they will deliver it and i will deposit them when they are delivered. does that work? my credit limit will cover it that i know


Yes, it’s that simple. I’ve done the same with US mint coins in the past. A word to the wise–if you don’t have the cash to pay for it up front, you might consider making the purchase right after your statement date (giving you more time to pay the balance to zero before the next statement).


I took 5000 to the bank on friday and they made me open every single roll and put it through the machine….it took 1.5 hours. Would i do it again? For 5000 points….sure would:) in fact, i just did. Maybe one day the bank will start to trust me:)

chaim roe

does the bank need to accpet the coins & if they don’t what would you do if they turned you down how would you get rid of the coins ??


Just deposited $2000 from a month ago, it took forever to get it


I just recieved 6500 coins in the mail..
gong to the bank now…


can I make another order for 6500?
or is it one per household?