30 Boxes Of Kleenex Upright Facial Tissues For $24.95 With Free Shipping From Staples


To get this price go to the Staples Order By Item Number page.
For item number enter 826830-MZ
Change the quantity to 5.

That will add 5 of the 6 packs to your cart for 30 total boxes of 95 count 2 ply tissues.
The price for that should be $29.95.

Then add the following code for $5 off (Valid once per Staples account): 90218
The total should be $24.95 with free shipping or just 83 cents per box of Kleenex!

Use your Ink Plus, Ink Bold, or Ink Cash card to earn 5 points per dollarDon’t forget to register your Ink Visa for Cash AND Points AND Plink at Staples!

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Boeing flyer

U need $19.99 in qualified shopping


Unless you need these for aesthetic purposes, its not a good deal. You’ll find yourself changing these boxes every second b/c they have less than 100 sheets. A regular box of Kleenex which has been downgraded to 164 sheets, should be around $1.25 at Sams or similar when on sale at your local supermarket chain


Thanks so much Dan! I ordered this amazing deal!

Boeing flyer

Not working by me price shows up after discount 54.95


1- Thank you for sharing!

2- If we are counting pennies (and every penny counts!) there is also NY Sales Tax of $2.12


Got one


Comes up as invalid sku…

Mimi k.

95 count is not that much.
the ten packs from Costco come with 230 each ($18)
the free shipping and the 5x INK is what makes it cheaper


Here’s what I figure costco tissues reg price $17.95 for 10 boxes of 230 each every few months there is a $3.00 coupon bringing the cost down to $14.95 or .0065 a tissue making the cost for a box of 95 only $0.61. So even factoring in the 5% back in rewards Costco is still a lot better when it’s on sale.


Got one.. Shipped it to NJ.. A little less sales tax.. $26.70 total


Anyone did this?? i tried only gave me till 29.95


Me too. Plus had an $11 balance on old gift card so ended up costing a little over $13!


already used that coupon on previous order a few weeks ago so does not work anymore 🙁


@Yaks: Are you nuts…. You are comparing Costco tissues to Kleenex?


Don’t forget Plink


@OMG: He’s not comparing Costco to Kleenex, he’s comparing the price of Kleenex at Costco to the price of Kleenex at Staples. It just so happens that there is a sale on the 10-box Kleenex at Costco now and the price comes down to $14.19, so that’s approximately $0.0062 per tissue, whereas in this Staples “deal,” the price is a whopping $0.00875 per tissue. Run the numbers yourself, but it’s far from a deal in my opinion. (FYI, Kirkland, i.e. Costco-brand tissues, are about $0.0078 per tissue — $25.99/3300)


Thank you dan its a good deal!!!!!!!!!!!!


Whoa.. hey Dan, why did you remove my comment?


Mine comes out $39.99 before coupons. Why???


All comments need to be approved before they show up.
Your comment was approved as soon as I saw it, have some patience.

Probably not following the directions correctly.
Try it again in another browser.


i bought a few weeks ago from amazon Puffs Tissues for 85 cents for a box of 120 tissues its the same quality as kleenex.


Dan. You are the man.


I keep trying it. Theres one sale for 8.99 for a 6 pack. That doesn’t come out to 24.95


Do you need to have a staples account for this deal?


No more ripping toilet paper for Shabbos for me 🙂 Thanks Dan


I called staples directly. They said that maybe you guys have a special rate due to a business account or something but either way she gave me a curtesy $10 coupon that brought the price down to $27 which is not bad. I wish I can figure out what I did wrong cause it’s pretty simple and I’m not computer illiterate


Did you add the item as I wrote in the post?


i pay only $1 for 189 count 2 ply good quality home life brand at the Jewel. I always buy up to 20 on each visit.

95 count for $even a $1 is not worth it.


costco much cheaper



Does Costco Deliver to your home and for free ?
Costco Online Price for the 1x 6pack is $10.49 and for 5x Total 30 Boxes is $52.45


costco boxes have 230 in each. when on sale (like now) its like 1.35 for a box of 230


Yes I followed exactly


Thanks Dan. I will think of you every time I wipe my nose.


These are not usually purchased for the same uses as the large boxes. These ae decorative boxes used to add a nice touch. They are also used when a big box is too large such as in the car. Ususally they are softer than those in the bigger boxes.


@Dan: you read every comment?


I just put the order through, thanks Dan


got it! thanks.


It’s gone already.
“Sorry, but you’ve found an expired or invalid promotion.”