20% Off Gift Cards From TwoSmiles


Update #3: Dead once again for now.

Update #2: This is live again despite the banner on top of the site indicating otherwise.  Just made a test order myself and the discount was properly taken off!

Update: Dead.


Originally posted on 11/28:

TwoSmiles Linky

Use code: BF20

Not valid on Amazon or Groupon gift cards.

Limit of 4 cards per order and 1 order per person/email address/credit card.

Site is going very slow. Post what you’re buying!

HT: yitzyul, via DDF

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Sephora for the wife 🙂


American Airlines is no longer available or I’m not seeing it anymore 🙁


Just bought Banana, Gap, Forever 21, and Starbucks!
$275 in GCs for $220, that ain’t shabby.


Sephora $100 for $80


can i buy a office depot one and use that to buy a amazon card on office depots web site?


Toysrus 100 for 80 thanks dan


Can I use the gift cards online or is it instore only?

eric @medicalschoolgreneda

bought 300 worth of American Airlines at 930 Grenadian time! beat the NY rush! .. it helps that american is the only real carrier that flies out here..


my order processed and I got an email but I wasnt able to type in my order number (when I did, the servers went down…)
any idea if itll work or not?


Nevermind my previous post, I see its egift. Got $50 Sephora for $40 🙂


That website brings me back to the 90s with its speed. Bought a $100 Office Depot gc and used it for the brother printer, bringing the price down to $80


got message unable to complete transaction. anyone else tried $400 in GAP


Just got $100 Babies R US for $80 THANKS for the post!!


Been try to buy 3 cards, but keep getting either server down or technical error 🙁

Visa Gift card

Cant I turn this into visa gift cards?
These seem to be with out any extra charge….
So,with the 20% gift cards you can buy a 100 dollar oficedepot for 80 and then buy ten of these visas from office depot.
Am I missing something?


@Visa Gift card:
Yup, you can’t buy gift cards with OD gift cards.

Though you can buy gift cards at Sears with Lands End gift cards.


does gift card work in store or only online?


will any sears do that or it will be the same as wallmart around 08701


nable to process credit card at this time, processor reported (REJECTED CONTACT CUST SERV)

Visa Gift card

it actually did work. Though you lose some of the gain because of tax….


@Visa Gift card:
Odd, must be miscoded as merchandise instead of a GC.
There is no tax on gift card purchases.


tax on GC? Holy cow.. since when?

Visa Gift card

So if I call up and ask for the tax to be removed they will just tell me the sale should not have gone through anyway? Or is it worth a try getting the tax removed?

Mark (@palmerlaw)

BR $300 for $240 (w Chase United Club card).
Be sure to wait for email and enter order number on transaction complete page. No problems (just slow).


So if i buy a kohls GC, can I still get their other thanksgiving % off for Kitchen Aid?


? With a gap gc do U still get the gap promos that r for cardholders only?


Placed 3 seperate orders, forever, lands end and kohls, used different cc/email combo for each but charged $100 each despite checkout page displaying $80 after discount applied, for each order. Anyone have an idea what I’m missing?


Max of GC is $100.

do they limit you to just one for discount?


getting error cant process cc at this time


I finally figured it out. It would only allow 1 for the first sale, confirm it, then was able to get 4 cards in a second order.
So I have $400 in Southwest and $100 in Gamestop.

Happy Thanksgiving Dan and everyone!


any one else getting this error?


Southwest $400 for $320!


transaction error, cant complete at this time.
would it still work?

Mark, when did u complete your order?

what do you need to record at transaction end?


I am getting the same error, saul.


After promo is applied and get discounted from $100 to $80 at checkout it says my card will be charged $100…




i got $100 GC at office depot use the code in DDF $10 OFF 30 Did that 5 times paid $85.85 for 240 starbucs k-cups




what code is that?


Dan can I buy the amazon gc and buy a product on amazon with it and use a few gc to buy the product


Site says: Our Black Friday coupon, “BF20” has been used for the moment – thanks for the overwhelming amount of smiles.




@amazon 31067892
the webside says new code at 8


Transaction Error
We are sorry. We are unable to complete your transaction at this time.




in for $200 gap, thanks dan


I posted last night on Twitter. I got 3 American Airline vouchers. $240.00 for vouchers worth $300.00. Sweet!


how american airlines?



Can you buy giftcards at Sears.com with landsend gift cards?


do amazon gift cards get charged to swa chase cards as a cash advance? can i cash them out on amazon paymetns?


Bought 200$ worth of Kohl’s gift cards for 160 today morning. Went to Kohls and purchased. Had a big problem with the prints. They were not ready accept the paper prints since they don’t have any communication on these e-gift cards. I had to show my purchase confirmation email and explain the website where I bought it. Still the manager was not ready to accept the cards. Almost spent around 1 hour at the counter with everyone. Finally, manager said she will override for now because the barcode is scanning and she will not allow anymore further. I mentioned about HP also. The bar code scanned propery, after entering the PIN number, there was some kind of message pop-up and she had to override the message to apply the card. Not sure what was that. My suggestion is, please make sure that you have a copy of the purchase email when you go to shop with these prints. Hope this will help u guys..

Visa Gift card

I emailed them and asked to have the tax charge removed. They did! So in the end I was able to spend 160 on 200 dollar Office Depot gift cards and in the end was able to convert those gift cards on Office Depots website to Visa Gift cards.