The Best Cards From Barclaycard


Barclaycard has several great credit card offers. Best of all they typically pull from your Transunion credit report.  Most banks pull from Experian though this does vary by state.  If you are NJ or NY based you shouldn’t have almost any credit pulls on your Transunion report if you don’t have Barclaycards.

-The Lufthansa Premier Miles & More World MasterCard offers 20K miles for spending $1 and another 30K miles for spending $5,000 within 3 months.  This means you’ll have 55,000 miles after meeting the spend threshold.

You can enroll in the Miles & More program here.

The card has no foreign exchange fees.

What can you do with the signup miles? Lufthansa miles have a few sweet uses:

3 one-way domestic first class flights on United:
You can fly on Star Alliance partner United in domestic first class for just 17,000 miles each way with no fuel surcharges.  United flies many flights between JFK or Newark and Los Angeles or S. Francisco that have lie-flat seats in business class.  Plus you can still order hot kosher meals on these routes in business class!  United charges 25,000 of their own miles each way for these seats, so you’ll save 8,000 miles each way via Lufthansa.

Remember to book one-way flights as a round-trip business class is 35,000 but they charge half the price and round down for one-way so it’s only 17,000 each way.

You can also always transfer 20,000 Starwood points into 25,000 Lufthansa miles if you need more miles.  Which means that the Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express actually can earn you more points per dollar spent than the Lufthansa card.  Though the Lufthansa card is great for the signup bonus and for the lack of foreign exchange fees.

4 one-way coach tickets:
A one-way coach ticket within the US on United or USAirways will run 12,000 miles.

Business class to Europe:
Business class to Europe is 52,000 miles each way and there are no fuel surcharges on USAirways (which has a very nice lie-flat Envoy Suite in business) and Lot Polish (which flies 787s with an excellent lie-flat business class to Warsaw.)

Coach to Israel:
Coach to Israel is 40K each way and business class is 67K each way, again with no fuel surcharges nonstop on USAirways from Philadelphia.

Business to Hawaii:
Business class to Hawaii (including lie-flat seats on most flights from Houston, Newark, and Washington DC) is just 35,000 miles each way when booked with Lufthansa miles flying on United or USAirways with no fuel surcharges.  That’s a 10,000 mile savings on a round-trip flight.  Coach is 20K miles each way.

Other uses:
The only current way to book Swiss First Class is with Miles & More.  I flew it a few years ago when it was still bookable with partner miles and it was fantastic. However it’s quite pricey now at 85,000 miles plus fuel surcharges each way. You’ll have to act quickly as Swiss First has to be ticketed in 2013, come 2014 it will be blocked to non-elites.

Lufthansa First Class has significantly better availability when booked with Miles & More as opposed to programs like United.

There is also better availability on other airlines like Singapore’s top-notch business class when booked via Miles & More as opposed to programs like United.

Update: Offer expired.

-The Barclaycard Arrival Plus™ World Elite MasterCard® offers 50,000 points for spending $3,000 within 90 days. This is advertised as a limited time offer though the end date is unknown.

The card gives 2 “miles” for every dollar you spend plus a 5% refund when you redeem miles so that you effectively earn 2.11 “miles” per dollar spent.

Miles is a misnomer, really they just mean cents with each mile being worth 1 cent. The way it works is you book travel via any booking site and then you can just go online to your Barclaycard account and request that the purchase be refunded using your points. You can refund any purchase that is categorized as “Airlines, Travel Agencies & Tour Operators, Hotels, Motels & Resorts, Cruise Lines, Passenger Railways and Car Rental Agencies.”


-My affiliate link for the USAirways card offer 30,000 miles for spending $1 however if you go through this link without a landing page (which I have not personally tested but others have) it should give 35,000 miles.

USAirways will soon marge with American and these will be convertible to valuable American miles.  In the meantime there are several sweet spots on the USAirways award chart like off-peak awards and on the Star Alliance award chart like 90,000 miles in business for a round-trip to Asia or 110,000 miles in business for a round-trip to Australia.

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Thanx for the post Dan. I just transfered 35k starpoints to singapore kris flyer to be used for 2 one way business class tickets from lax- jfk it is still in the transfer process and hasn’t post to my account can I call up starwood to change them into lufhtansa as singapore charges 20k for one way?


Just got off a 3 minute call to reconsideration and was approved.
Dan you rock.


Add the NFL with $400 after $2,500 spend. You can even pick your favorite team. Do I hear Browns?


Does multi BM work with Barclays bank? Has anyone had success with a 3 or 4BM?


My affiliate link for the USAirways card offer 30,000 miles for spending $1 though this link (which I have not tested but others have) should give 35,000 miles.

Does it or does it not. It would be a terrible waste of a pull if it gives nothing.

Marco Polo

Just did a 3BM. Instant approval on one, pending on the others. After first call to recon, they said they want to see history with the new card. Going to HUCA later.


Can’t hurt to call.



I have done successful 3bm and 4bm with barclay.

I can’t personally vouch for the 35k link.

@Marco Polo:
Good luck!
Maybe offer to lower the line on the approved card to get another approved?

Marco Polo


They gave me a $2,500 CL. Do you think they would split that?


will they waived the annual fee for the first year on the Lufthansa card?
any success?


Already had a Barclay card. Did a 3bm, got approved on 1, denied the other 2. What arguments do you use with the reconsideration folks?


Could you get approved for the arrivals card and the lower 20k offer at the same time if they’re gonna be my first cards from Barclay’s?


I 2BM’d this together with the USAir card a few months ago. The 40,000 points can be redeemed as a credit to any purchase over $25 if I remember correctly. I used it to knock $400 off a $1,000 Amazon Payments transaction.


The blogosphere claims that if you let the card collect dust for a few months, they send an offer for additional ~25k for some minimum spending. Mine has 2 months of dust so far…….


@DanFan: well this link says you have to spend 2500.00 in 90 days


@Dan: dan the link to the world card for 40000 points doesnt work it takes me to a lotery winner site can u fix it thx


@DanFan: on which card?


Approved instantly on the Arrival card,on the other I got “Thank you for your recent application. We’re in the process of reviewing the information you provided for your Premier Miles & More World MasterCard application.” Call RECON or wait it out?


Got 40k sign -up few months ago & never touched .. Got offer for bonus 15k if I spend 1k during may,June,July .. #sweet


Where do they pull from pa?


@Marco Polo:
Can’t hurt to ask.

If you close it.

Offer to close the older card to get a new one approved.


Works fine. Sounds like you have a virus or spyware.

I’d call.




On the us airways card , can u get a waive on first yearly fee?


What about annual fee??


If I have gotten cards about 30 days ago- I am based in ny- can I be certain that they will pull from Transunion and this will not compromise my previous applications and future. I usually try to wait about 3 months in between applications…


Is it possible to have the Lufthansa miles post to FF account in time to close the card for an annual fee refund without losing the miles?


The US airways isn’t always 40k?


@Dan: when you say if you close it you mean close within 30 or 60 days of when annual fee posted

not moskim

Not sure what your taking about – I live in NJ and have most hits on TU – 3 from amex(7 cards) one from discover and two from citi (the third citi was experian)


if i just applied for 2 cards with Chase you are saying that i can apply with Barklays and it won’t hurt my score at all since they will pull from another agency? does it matter what state i am in? or is it better to wait 3 months between applications? thanks

Monsey Guy

@newfollower yes


Just wondering thay said they wanted to see how i do with one card is it worth it to huca?



What are the yearly charges for all of these cards? When does the charge appear?


Hey Dan Question:

If I want to cancel the Amex Premier Gold card because i don’t want to be the annual fee of $150, what are my options?

I cant transfer the credit over to another card (old or new)
because there is no credit limit on that card.
So does that mean that it does not effect your credit if you close this card?

david g.

barclay recon. is a WASTE of time IMHO


If you close it.

All reports and my experience is that Barclays pulls Transunion.
On my 4BM I had 1 TU pull.


@PAL Fan:
Not anymore.

Correct, as that qualifies for a refund.

@not moskim:
That’s very strange. Those banks are Experian for 99% of NJ people.
Did you do any credit freezing? If not you’re definitely the exception to the rule.

@new follower:
That’s the general idea.

Right, this won’t effect banks that pull from Experian/Equifax and won’t mess up a 3 month card cycle.

I’ve never heard of an airline closing an account for that reason.
More likely is that you sold miles or booked tickets for other people from your account.
Otherwise contact them to find out the reason.

Just close it and don’t sweat it. It will remain on your report for 10 years to help your average age.

@david g.:
I’ve had success. They’re just tougher than Chase.

ylper a evael

Does anyone know what Lufthansa points are worth?


question. Do I you understand correctly, its 2.2% cashback only if redeemd towards travel? not simple cashback?


Even if there is no hard pull will the card show up at all on my experian report? I was told by chase a few times that the reason i was declined was because to many new accounts. They didn’t say to many inquiries.


Are these new cc have they ever surfaced before
Why did I not hear about them is it just me that’s crazy


if i want to downgrade the arrival card to the free version can i open the free version and then move the credit line so i get the 20k bonus as well?


Are these virgin america miles worth the same as virgin Atlantic flying club miles? BOFA is offering 50,000 for signing up with it’s virgin Atlantic amex card.


I don’t know what is the Barclays bank policy but thy pule me via Experian and was denied too many inquiries can I manipulate it to a different agency so amex and chase wont pule me via Experian?


@ DAN, is this best time to apply for Hawain airline and virgin atlantic ( both from BOA) cards because these miles can noe be redeemed for AA flights?

I received multiple emails saying hawaain miles and flying club miles are now good for any AA flights world wide.

zingid mingid

A number of folk have posed this question already so if anyone knows kindly pipe up.

Regarding the $79 yearly fee. When does it arrive? Any way to finagle out of that problem?


Its worth noting that asking for Reconsideration at Barclays can result in an additional credit pull, so is the consensus on FT and from personal experience.


So is a 4bm the play?


Dan -Can you use Luftansa miles united NYC – TLV? How many miles would it cost? Any fuel fees? I do not want to fly to Philly. Thanks in advance


@Dan:Can you check availability on Lufthansa’s website for reward flights on United? I set up a Lufthansa account,I can see United flights if I want to buy them, but when I try for rewards flights it comes up none available (even though I see them on United’s website). I got 500 points for opening up Lufthansa’s frequent flyer but I don’t want to get the card if I can’t use it on United. For now, I am only interested in flights between LGA and ORD(NYC and Chicago). Thanks.


I have Barclays NFL and arrival w/p annual fee.
They are denying an upgrade to the annual fee.
What are the chances of getting the Lufthanza?


Anyone knows who buys Barclay miles? I tried a few places and they don’t buy them. Anyone have any luck with selling them?


How long does it take from being approved until getting the card?

Barclay Credit Reports

FYI, just got off the phone with Recon, having applied for more than one Barclay Card as a 3BM and they check BOTH Experian and TransUnion credit reports (not just TransUnion). I am in NY.

Also, Recon rejected request for credit apps in part because there were multiple requests for credit from Barclay on the same day (3BM) AND would not “relocate” credit from an existing Barclay card to the new applications. HUCA was not helpful either.

DAN, any thoughts on the recon issue?

mikel v

does lufthansa charge a fee for booking less than 21 days on partner or their own flights?



@mikel v:
you can book on or call lufthansa and tell them you are a pro member, they should waive any fees.


You can book refundable travel to cash out.

@zingid mingid:
Generally speaking you have 60 days from when an annual fee posts to cancel a card for free.

There are surcharges for United flights that cross the ocean.

If it’s available for saver miles on United’s site then Lufthansa can book it, just give them a call.

You don’t need to sell them, you can get the 2.2% back in cash with a refundable travel reservation.

A few days?

@Barclay Credit Reports:
Barclays recon is tough.

Probably a good idea to freeze your Experian/Equifax reports in that case…

@mikel v:

Barclay Credit Reports

DAN, thanks, how do you freeze the reports and what does it accomplish? Thanks.

mikel v

thanks! btw do this miles expire? if so how can i prevent that.

Shoudl I call recon or wait?

Thank you for your recent application. We’re in the process of reviewing the information you provided for your US Airways Premier World MasterCard application.

Please keep in mind it may take up to 10 business days to process your application. There is no need to reapply. If you provided an email address, we will send you an email upon review of your application. Please feel free to check back as this page will display the most recent status updates.

Should i call?


Can I get another Miles and More card if I just cancelled one in March?


There are so many bad things with BARCLAYS many bloggers are hiding.

there are 3 cons, 1 they won’t approve you if you have too many inquiries, 2 they pull from all three bureaus ,
3 if you call recon to rethink after denial, they will do do hard pull again .


For that barclays no fees 20,000 free points offer, can you just cancel after you are done using your free points? Is there a fee for non use?


@mikel v:
They expire in 36 months but if you maintain and use the card then they won’t expire.


1. I have dozens of inquiries and did a successful 4BM.
2. I got one pull on TU and that was it. If you’re very worried about multiple pulls then freeze your Experian/Equifax reports.
3. I did a successful recon and there was no hard pull. I didn’t freeze my reports but again if you’re worried about a recon pull then tell them that you do not authorize them to pull it again or freeze all of your reports so that they will only have the originally pulled report to go by.

Correct, there are no fees.

Thanks Dan!

How does the companion pass work? Anything like Southwest companion pass?

Thanks Dan!

Also, Can you purchase the travel on a different card (for example Saphire)and have them refund you? Or does it have to be on the Barclay card


Dan i did 2bm, got 2 pulls on transunion


Sorry if this is a simple question but how do you freeze credit reports?


See reply 59 and click on link. Easy.

love this blog

Link work’s, but when you try to apply doesn’t.


Dan — I’m Canadian and usually get rejected for US credit cards. In this case, we use Transunion in Canada too — so, I was actually approved for this Barclay card. Any idea if other Canadians have had this same experience? Also, do you know what other banks use Transunion so I can test out my theory?


Hi Dan, Just wanted to let everyone know I did the US airways with the 35,000 link and i got 35,000 miles after one purchase and first year annual fee is not charged! Thanks, as always your the one with the right info!



Did 3bm git first one on the spot and they giving me a hard time with other 2. Saying 3 in one day is a concern etc……didn’t want to reallocate credit. Tried twice got same answer. Wife tried and got sme exact speech. You think something changed in thier policy? Or should I try huca again for the 4 th time? Anybody get approved for a 3bm with Barclay in the past few weeks?


Dan – please respond to #51


Just got my first CC rejection. I was approved for the Miles & More (15K) and rejected for the Arrival – I called, tried to move credit, cancel one & take the 2nd card to no avail.

Oh well, time to take a break.

Chulent Fresser

still alive


does anyone know how Barclay is posting the transection from amazon payments or chase gift card as a regular purchase or cash advance? Tnx


Quick question on redemptions –
If I have 42,000 points after $2,000 spend & 40,000 bonus points.

Now I stay at a hotel for $500 – Iredeem the expense on their website for the 42,000 points =’s $420.

They give me back 10% which is 4,200 points worth $42.

Can I use the same $500 hotel stay to cash out the remaining points or it needs to be a new travel expense?


Anyone know how many pulls would be for this and usair?


If this would be my first Barclay card, is it worth trying a 2/3/4BM?


Can a 2bm be done barclays ?


Nothing to lose.




Is there a way to transfer AA miles to BA or Starwoods?




annual fee waivable first year? by sm to Chase ?


Does anybody know if you are able do downgrade (and get refunded) thid card after getting the bonus to a no fee card ?

What about canceling this card whitin the first 30 days ? 60 days ?


If I currently have a US Airways card could I apply for a 2nd and get the bonus?


Dan, I’ve got one open US Airways card at the moment. Had another but closed it when fee came due. What/how many Barclays cards would you recommend applying for besides the LH card? Thanks

4 Months In


When you do 4bm can you apply for the same card or it has to be different Barclay cards?
Can you suggest any other cards to try with this?
Will using chrome and chrome incognito work as 2 separate BMs?


“won’t mess up a 3 month card cycle”
Is the cycle from the application date or approval date?


How many miles do I need with miles and more to go from LAX- YUL in J? Thanks


Any idea how long this offer will last?


i just applied for the Miles and more, and the Arrival. I got instantly approved for the arrival but as for the miles and more, they responded saying i must first create a miles and more account. did anyone get that?? is to late to try to submit again?


How long does it take for a pull to show on transunion,equifax and experian? For example, if i do a barclays at 10am, and an hour later i do a different bank who also pulls my transunion, will they see the previous pull? 6 hours later? a day later?


Hi Dan, I just closed my Lufthansa card 2 weeks ago (I had applied 4 months ago). Is it safe to apply now or better wait until next month?


No, it’s a one-way street from Starwood.

What does this have to do with Chase?
You can definitely ask for a waiver but unless you cancel within 60 days they don’t have to.
People have had success asking though.


Yes, though they may ask why you want 2.

The good ones are in this post.

@4 Months In:
Why not just use IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc.

@4 Months In:
Good luck!

It’s not something that is required, it’s just something people use to stay organized.

55K. Canada isn’t a good use of Miles and more.

“This offer ends December 15, 2013 and may be canceled at any time without notice.”

Make an account and apply again.
Applications made on the same day are typically 1 pull. The reason for a 3BM is to enhance the chances in instant approvals.

Good question, I’m not positive exactly how long it will take.

It’s safe now, good luck!


Does the buying-refundable-ticket idea work when they send the refund to the cc?


Barclays agreed to waive my annual fee when I asked them to for the Lufthansa card a few months ago.


@Sam: you called them or sent an sm


do i read correctly? “free companion pass after first purchase”- are there any restrictions?


Just got approved for Barclay master card. I did not get approved online and received a phone call asking me a few minor security questions (nothing about income or work) and was approved on the phone.


what is 2BM, 3BM, 4BM etc. ?



It’s worthless-which is why I didn’t mention it.




what do these sell for?



Ron Herman

What does 4Bms mean? Also do you need to be a member of the Lufthansa Airline frequent flyer program to dump the miles into?


If I have now a miles and more card, will I get the 50k points?


If you get it waived you still get the points once you spend $5K.

@Ron Herman:




Can you please explain how to book flights on united with these miles?

Oscar Asher

I understand that a pull through TransUnion wont affect the other 2 credit bureaus, but when Barclays Bank check my credit will they see the other past pulls on Experian and Equifax?


Check saver award availability on, book by calling Lufthansa, 800-581-6400.

@Oscar Asher:


Dan you mentioned lie-flats seats from ny/newark to LA or SF on business/first class what about from ny to San Diego?


when “closing” credit card because of annual fee is it better to transfer credit line to existing card I have already or to downgrade to a new non-annual fee card?


Did 2bm, approved for M&M ,couldnt get approved for us airways after reconing


Hello Dan

I signed up for this,.

yet when I try to look for an award ticket on the miles and more website it doesn’t show anything for domestic flights even though the same dates show available award tickets on United and/or US air.

Please let me know if I am doing something wrong here. thanks

Do Not 2BM, 3BM with Barclays

Beware, DO NOT 2BM, 3BM. Barclays is the strictest bank when it comes to applying for multiple cards. Although my credit score is 767 (Fico not Fako), I was denied for a second card even though the application was 6 months apart.

Reconsideration only let me shift credit lines to have it approved.

Reconsideration also grilled me with questions as to “why I applied for 4 cards with other banks the last year”


@Dan: Why is companion pass worthless? Just curious…


Not lie-flat.


See comment 116.

@Do Not 2BM, 3BM with Barclays:
Barclays may be tougher than other banks, but what’s the difference if you do a 3BM over just 1?

Restrictions, fuel surcharges, etc.

Do Not 2BM, 3BM with Barclays

@Dan: Because if you don’t get instantly approved, they may put you on a block list. In my experience, they were the strictest bank even though my FICO score is 767.


it says on the website that the lufthansa card is going till december 15


@Do Not 2BM, 3BM with Barclays:
Never heard of a “block list.”

They may be strict but people have done it. I don’t think there’s anything to lose by going for more than 1.

So does the top line of this post.


I just did a 3BM the first one came up approved and the second and third came up you already submitted a application, Y did that happen and is there anything to do


Yea, same thing with me. First one came up approved and second and third said already submitted an application…each submit button was pressed within a couple seconds of each other!

ezriel mayer

If sign up just for the points will I be able to transfer it to my united account?


Dan. Can you explain which bookings you can do Online with milesnmore and which ones you have to call them?


When is this offer scheduled to die?


Do you know if this card offers the CDW coverage for rental cars in Israel as discussed int this post?




Dead a month early? WTH?


I signed up for Lufthansa Miles & More yesterday but had not applied for the card as of 20 minutes ago. Every link to the 50K offer appears to be dead, but when I went to my M&M account the offer was still there. Approved in kess than 30 seconds. Has anybody else tried that approach? I did save screen shots of every page.

Oscar Asher

Thanks mrricks, did what you said and got approved as well.


I thought I missed out. I just registered and applied and got the card. The Lufthansa website does have the offer. Thank you Dan and mrrick.


Offer is still up on Click on the image of the credit card on the left side


The Barclay card website also has it with 50000 miles . This is definitely NOT dead.

Oscar Asher

When booking a mileage ticket directly with united you have 24 hours to cancel for a full refund. How does it work when booking a mileage ticket with Lufthansa’s Miles on a United flight, do we get the same 24 courtesy period?


There should be at least 24 hours to cancel without penalty with any airline. I believe it is more like a federal regulation than and airline courtesy. When an airline offers until midnight of the following day, that is a courtesy.


Thanks for all the posts
I live in Israel and fly a lot to Switzarlend can you please tell me what credit card is best for me to get that gives a lot of miles but dues not require a lot of spending I spend in Israel about 2000$ a month
If u can tell me if I should get more then one card
I’m looking for a card that is worth using in Israel and will give me a lot of miles

Hope you understand my question


amex platinum

Is there a link to upgrade to Amex platinum business from gold? thanks


I just opened my second us air Mastercard looking forward to the combined miles with aa. I told them I won’t pay the annual fee upfront so they waived the fee. I get 30,000 miles after my first purchase is made and paid for


They was waived my fee when I called them. It took around 10 minutes total.


if you book a refundable & then cancel the ticket – they still ley you credit back the charge with the points & take a check from the credit on the card?

wont they just back out the whole thing?


Also – what is the best way to book a refundable – meaning who does a simple credit back – not 14 days, special email of itenerary like southwest, etc etc?



It works, trust me 😀

Just book a refundable fare on


They waived the fee in a blink. 😀

Did anybody have any luck with getting the SW fees waived?



Barclays is very good with waiving fees though it’s always worth asking.
Usually you have to close a card to get a fee waived.


can i get the lufthansa deal if i currently have the arrival card ?


Can I open a Lufthansa or Barclaycard Arrival World Mastercard , and then reduce it to a no annual fee version of the BarclayCard Arrival World Mastercard


I’ve heard of people getting accepted to credit cards with $0 as their annual income.
Are there some banks that are more lenient than others?

Is it better to exaggerate your income and then have a hard time explaining it when you call ReCon or is it better to put a very low amount of $$$

new guy

What means 2BM or 3BM ?


just got 2 lufthansa cards, my wife and I are flying to Hawaii, one way coach, one way first class, thanks to you Dan!!! Can we ask them to waive the $79 once the cards arrive?


If I apply for the US Airway card, will the bonus post before the annual fee? and if I cancel the card and reclaim the fee paid will I lose the miles?


the following is from their terms & conditions:
Bonus Miles: Applicants who are approved for the Premier World MasterCard with the $89 Annual Fee will receive 30,000 bonus miles after the first use of the account for a Purchase or Balance Transfer (that are not later returned or rescinded) and have paid the Annual Fee on the account (and such fee is not rescinded).


The Lufthansa site says:
Welcome Award Miles: Applicants approved for the Premier World or Platinum MasterCard with $79 Annual Fee will receive twenty thousand (20,000) award miles after the first use of the new account for a Purchase or Balance Transfer (that are not later returned or rescinded) and have paid the Annual Fee on the account (and such fee is not rescinded).

Will that be a problem if you get the fee waived?




No bank is going to accept you with $0 income.

@new guy:



Not an issue.


I applied for the miles and more card, i spent already 5k, but haven’t got yet the 50k points only 20k, my first transaction (annual fee) was on 10/31/13 which gives me the time till 1/31/14 to gain the 50k.

On the Lufthansa miles and more website i currently see the 20k bonus plus the 1 point per dollar spend which totals my points to 25k, but on Barclay’s phone app i see i have 30,811 points! on Barclay’s website there is no option to see your points, and when i called Barclay they also don’t see any points on my card, they say your points are on miles & more, any word on this? is Barclay having their own points as well?

Also, i received a 500 points bonus from miles and more for signing up for the e-newsletter.



any word on my comment above?


Hi Joel,

I had the same issue. I had to call them and talk to a manager. They told me that the 90 days begins from the date that the card was approved, not the first transaction date. I happened to have spent 5k within that time period, so it wasn’t a big deal for me. It just took a while for the miles to appear. In the end it all worked out and I have my 50k 🙂


Also, I was able to have my fee waived by talking to a manager 🙂