Summary Of Dates For Barclaycard USAirways Card Benefits That Are Ending And Starting


Update: Offer expired!

There is currently a limited time offer for 50K miles for signing up for The US Airways® Premier World MasterCard® and spending just $1.

See this post and the comments there for all of the information you need on that card offer.

The card is being discontinued shortly, though the exact date is unknown. 

Aside from the big signup bonus on a card that gives the bonus as often as you’re approved for it, there are nice flights benefits as well.

Card benefits:
-5,000 mile discount on USAirways award flights will continue from now until the merger of American’s AAdvantage program and USAirways’ Dividend Miles program in Q2 2015.  With the discount you can fly round-trip within the US49/Canada for 20K miles, to Hawaii for 35K, to the Caribbean off-peak for 20K, to Europe off-peak for 30K, to Israel for 75K in coach or 115K in business, etc.

-10% award rebate will start with the merger of American’s AAdvantage program and USAirways’ Dividend Miles program in Q2 2015. You will get back 10% of the miles you redeem, up to 10K miles per year for as long as you’re a cardholder.

-Free checked bag for you and 4 travel companions. This currently applies only to USAirways flights. American flights will be added on a future date.

-Double miles for purchases on USAirways and American flights remains in effect.

-25% off in-flight food, beverage, and headset purchases on USAirways and American remains in effect.

-Priority boarding on USAirways flights (group 2) remains in effect. Priority boarding on American flights (group 1) start with the merger of American’s AAdvantage program and USAirways’ Dividend Miles program in Q2 2015.

-USAirways/AAdmirals Club pass will be sent upon card approval in 2014 and will be valid for a year.  No further club passes will be sent out.

-USAirways companion pass that allows you to bring 2 companions for $99 with the purchase of a $250+ ticket within the US48/Canada will be sent upon card approval in 2014 and will be valid for a year.  No further companion passes will be sent out.

-10K preferred qualifying miles for 2015 applies if you spend $25K in 2014. This benefit will end in 2014.

-$100 flight discount coupon for spending $30K in a year will begin in 2015.

-The ability to redeem for one-way flights, car rentals, and hotel stays will start with the merger of American’s AAdvantage program and USAirways’ Dividend Miles program in Q2 2015.

-USAirways first class checkin benefit ends 12/31/14.

-All miles from American and USAirways will automatically combine with the merger of American’s AAdvantage program and USAirways’ Dividend Miles program in Q2 2015.

-The ability to view your FICO score for free will continue for as long as you remain a Barclaycard holder.  You won’t be able to apply for the Barclaycard USAirways card once the card is discontinued, but you can keep it for as long as you like. Barclaycard is giving very generous retention bonuses to people who have the card already, including waiving the subsequent annual fees and giving bonus miles for staying in order to retain cardholders.  A supervisor immediately offered to waive the annual fee on my 2 existing accounts.

Anything else I left out?

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If I book a flight now for flight after the merger, say this summer, will I still be able to get the 5k dicount?




Also whats called off peak? for the Europe flights?


question about companion tickets. Would like to use for January 2016. Do you know if you have a year to book the flights with them or you have to fly within a year?


January 15 – February 28, 2015

Fly within a year.


Is that $99 companion pass good for award booked tickets too or only paid tickets ?


Can I book an American Airlines flight using US Airways miles now?
excuse me for my ignorance
thanks in advance


Does the companion pass work for flights to isreal? Thanks!


So I can successfully apply for a second card without cancelling my first?


See post.


You can use USAirways miles for any OneWorld airline (including American).
You need to call to book OneWorld and other partner award travel.

See post.




Dan clearly says that it’s only valid in the 48 states….@Timber:
Also clearly stated… Paid tickets only


So if I wanna fly with a companion in the US, I could pay $250+ & $99 or 40k miles. Isn’t the miles a cheaper option ?


Hi Dan,
Can I get the 5,000 miles discount and 10% award rebate at the same time? (I got confused b/c “5000 miles” belongs to US Airway and 10% should belong to AA) Let’s I need 110,000 miles to Asia, so I’ll spend 105,000 miles and get 10,000 miles back?


40K miles are worth far more than $350.

Read the start and end dates that I posted for those.


Is Barclay arrival card any good? Are they the same?


It is a good card, but that’s not a true mileage card.

In other words, a $28K first class suite is 120K USAir miles but would cost 2,800,000 Arrival points.

But it’s good for round-trip advance purchase coach awards.


The miles are worth far more for international travel, correct ?


Is there any way to pay for rent with a credit card? If yes, what’s the best/cheapest way? Thanks!


I just tried getting Barclay to waive my annual fee for the Arrival+ Card. All they could offer was to downgrade to the Arrival (non plus). Anyone had luck staying with the plus card and getting the fee waived?


What are considered off peak for carribean?


Dan If I book a flight in January or Febuary that’s on an AA flight will I get the 5k discount and will I get free bag on the aa flight?



Through Serve/Bluebird/RedCard.

Or get your landlord to sign up for

Ask for a supervisor.


The 5K discount is only for USAir flights.


What’s the difference between us airways and aa I see aa is also offering 50,000 miles and they actually waive the annual fee the first year? Why should I jump to get this card?


When will the excellent mileage off peak to Europe for 30k rt be going away?



The Citi AA is also a good card, but not nearly as good or time-critical as the Barclays USAir.

1. The AA card is always 50K, this card never is.
2. The AA card has a much higher spend hurdle, this is just $1.
3. The AA card is much harder to churn.
4. The AA card isn’t being discontinued very shortly like this one is, so there’s no particular rush.
5. The AA card pulls from Experian instead of Transunion.

There will be a new award chart announced in Q2 2015 when the program merge.


Are the 20K round trip US48 tickets and the Hawaii 35K available year round?


Exclusively for cardholders.


any chance to 2bm it with both browsers going for this card? best low threshold second card to try for?


Dan, first thanks, my wife and I were accepted yesterday for this card! 2nd, can we now apply for an AAdvantage card and get the 50k signup bonus and when the miles merge we’d have 100k apiece?


The American Airlines card seems better to me since I’m not going to be flying either airline until at least after Q2 2015. Plus, on the off chance I do fly I’m better off booking with British Airways miles for the much better rates.

So, given the above, is there any reason I’d prefer the US Airways card over the American Airlines card even though it costs $89 more upfront?


Read comments here:


I gave 5 reason in comment 25.

However there’s nothing stopping you from getting both.


You just answered my question. I don’t think any of those are worth spending the annual fee for me though. There’s plenty of other cards I can still apply for. Though it may make sense for others. I just use BA Avios for AA/US Air flights.


Barclays pulls from TU, it won’t affect your approval for other cards.
No reason not to apply for all the bonuses you can get, especially ones that won’t be available soon vs. others that will continue to be available and are harder to get multiple times.

And you don’t have to pay the annual fee, read the comments here:


found this online:

You get a certificate within a few weeks of opening your US Airways MasterCard and then you receive one annually when your account renews (or close to that time). It is good for two companions to fly for $99 when you purchase a ticket for yourself. Here are some of the key requirements for using the certificates:
Valid for round trip coach class travel within contiguous 48 states or the 48 states to Canada
Must be on US Airways operated flights (no partners like United)
14 day advance purchase required
Minimum two night stay and maximum 30 day stay
Ticket purchased must be at least $250
Blackout dates apply – 2013 dates include: Jan 5, 6; Feb 15, 24; Mar 8, 10, 15, 17, 28, 29; April 1, 6; May 24; June 28, 29; July 6, 7, 28; Aug 4; Dec 1, 2, 20, 21, 28, 29, 30

Here was how the booking process went for me:
You cannot make the reservation online. You have to call in to do so (the 1-800 number is helpfully printed on the certificate).
I was not charged a phone booking fee, nor was one even brought up.
Once you call in you can stick with the automated system for a while, but eventually you will need to talk to a real person (just hit 0). It was still helpful that I gave the automated system some of my desired flight information as it cut down on the length of time I had to talk to the booking agent (who was very nice).
She immediately knew what to do when I told her I needed to book using the $99 companion certificate.
You absolutely need the physical certificate. The first thing she asked for was the SHARES reference code printed on the certificate.
She entered our US Airways frequent flyer numbers and the certificate states that you can only use the certificate to accrue miles in that program, but we’ll see what happens…
When she asked for my credit card information to pay she did not specify it had to be a US Airways card, though the certificate does stipulate that. I used mine, but it is possible another would have worked.
The $99 companion certificates came to about $117 each including taxes and fees.
My fare priced out exactly as it appeared online for the cheapest economy ticket.
I was told that the certificate has to be postmarked by the next day, and physically mailed to an address printed on the certificate. Though it says ATTN: US Airways – TBM and it is supposed to say US Airways – TBC. I was told my reservation would be cancelled if that was not done.

The process was painless and efficient. There were no extra fees to book over the phone and the pricing they saw matched what I saw online. The agent knew what she was doing, and all I have to do now is go drop the certificate in the mail. My ticket for relatively peak summer travel cost a little bit more than I like at about $450, but it is very much off-set by getting the second two for just $99 each. It turned what could have been $1,350 in airfare to about $700. Still not cheap, but much more affordable for a family of three.


if i go for 2 us airways cards, is there anything to possibly tell recon about why i need both?


One for regular spending, one exclusively for HSA spending, etc…


@Dan: The offer of downgrading was what I was getting from a supervisor (or was it just an account specialist?)


Is there a free Barclays card to switch to instead of cancelling?


Try again.



Is the eqm benefit limited exclusively to the pricey Executive card staring in 2015?


Can I combine US Airways millage accounts? I singed for a card for for with and I and the millage will go on 2 different accounts..


There will be a Barclays Silver card to upgrade to that will cost another $100 but will have EQM and companion perks.

But I have no idea why you did that. I wrote 30 times in the comments yesterday that you didn’t have to.


@Chaya: @Dan: charges $25 for paying with a CC. Assuming your rent is $1-2K that’s not a great value unless you’re hitting a spending threshold.

David Y

I have an existing USAirw card and I applied for a second one. After receiving a pending approval message I called recon. The agent reviewed my data and stated that it’s their policy not to offer the same product if the customer has an existing one. I tried to offer him a few options including shifting the lines, closing the existing card, etc. Unfortunately it didn’t work. Any suggestions, Dan?


i applied for card, in explorer and in chrome. i pressed submit in two second span. one got approved and other gave me error message that i applied for this card in last 30 days. can you tell me what i did wrong?


I used to pay 5 months rent at a time for the same fee.
Then again my rent was $800.

@David Y:
Close/downgrade the card and call back?

Like I’ve been saying 2BM with Barclays and Citi is very tough.


Nice. Just need to have the cashflow for that. 🙂


Isn’t that what manufactured spend is for?

Swipe card to Redcard, withdraw money, pay back bills in 2 months. Gain miles and interest.

Anyway, when rent is $800 it’s not too bad…


I normally just pay off the CC bill right away so as not to worry about it. But that’s not a bad idea.

Agreed. I’m paying double that. Maybe it’s time to move to CLE.


Thanks! You’re allowed to pay five months rent at once?


Are the points able to be sold easily if I have no plans to use the card?


will the 10k PQM end in jan 2015 ?


I don’t see why not.

But the miles stay even after you close the card, you never travel?


Scam of a headline.
Since when do coach tickets cost $3,500?

Hardly a good deal.

mendy gogo

so in short after the merge the mile points system is not going to be 20,000 miles correct?


@mendy gogo:
A domestic flight will be 25K less the 10% rebate=22.5K.


i just got rejected. so i called up the number you posted and after a few simple questions i got approved right away. the whole call lasted 2 minutes. thanx dan!


dan,to get the 2 companion pass i have to buy a round trip, or a one way is also good?


Does anyone know how I access my free FICO score?

Andy F.

How about 10k anniversary bonus? Will it be phased out?


If I applied for my mom and it says they are reviewing her application. She has great credit 750+, should I call the reconsideration line or just wait?





@Andy F.:

Have her call.

Card member

where does it say anywhere that u get admirals access
I n bet got any pass in the mail or email
Do I have to call them up?
Is there some sort of trick behind that?


Is the companion pass good for AA flights or only Us Airways? I tried reading through post but couldn’t find it.


@Card member:
You get a single club pass good for the AA or US club.

It’s mailed with the companion pass separately.

USAirways only.

Card member

so it’s a one time pass that last a year?
And not a full year access pass?


Is there a business card option?


if i buy an aa ticket using usairways can i get free luggage and the other usairway perks?


usairways phila tla =125k min ONE WAY business class , why do you keepon saying round trip


Im seeing conflicting reports, has anyone been automatically approved for this card , while having the same card open?


dan, i have my card since july why i didnt recive my companion pass?


How can u get them to waive the $89 annual fee?


My wife and I both got approved. Thanks Dan!
We live in Israel and won’t be using this card much as it has foreign transaction fees. Do any of the benefits make it worth keeping the cards even if we use them very rarely (considering the annual fee)? Companion tickets and free baggage not really relevant to us as we rarely take domestic flights


Dan , eich lo meshalem ha fee? Gracias


Will the 30k off-peak Europe trips be around next winter do you think? Is there a way to book for next winter before the plan changes are announced?

yoni c

if I don’t want to use this card for flying, what else can I do with these points? do they transfer to spg? can I use for hotel??


how long does it take for the mileage to post?


can additional users use the lounge pass/ can the pass holder bring guests?


I applied for this card in July & now applied for the 2nd time came up message they will let me know, so i called in the next day & i was told they wouldn’t approve me saying only 1 per person they transfered me to supervisor and she said the same.


I have never been approved for a credit card since my first card (citi forward student card) 5 years ago. I got a copy of my credit report and it showed nothing unusual. I decided to apply here because they pull from Transunion. And guess what, I got approved for my first ever REAL millage card. Thanks Dan, you da best!


@Dan: As of now the 5K miles cardholder discount on USAir awards does not show on my Dividend Miles account
Was it discontinued earlier than expected?


No forex fees from now on.


That’s only for Dublin, Paris, and Shanghai.


That’s only when beeing used in Dublin, Paris, or Shanghai.


If I bought something with the Barclays card and the store doesn’t accept returns,. does the card refund the money.


Applied and got accepted! Got a hard pull immediately on my credit report, but on my Sapphire that I got accepted to and been using for 2 weeks didn’t. It isn’t even viewable on Credit Karma. Why? Thanks in advance Dan!!


I called last week to try to get the annual fee waved. Rep told me that it is unavoidable but offered 5,000 extra miles for spending $1000 in the next 90 days. I called again a couple hours later and got fee waived and I still have the bonus 5,000 mile offer. Thanks Dan!!!


Hi Dan,
We got this card and are in need of both cash and mileage for domestic flights. Which is the better way to use these miles? The few agents that I spoke to abt selling the miles seemed to offer very little in way of buying the miles, am I better off just using it for flights?