Reminder: Earn 3.21 Points Per Dollar With Sapphire Preferred At Restaurants Today


Today and on every first Friday of every month you will earn triple points with your Chase Sapphire Preferred card on all dining purchases. Normally you earn 2.14 points per dollar on dining, airfare, hotel stays, and car rentals.

This program was introduced in 2013 and has been extended for 2014 as well.

Together with the 7% annual dividend that means 3.21 points per dollar. For example if you spend $100 in any restaurant you’ll get 300 points on your next statement plus 21 additional points as part of your annual dividend.

Dining on the Sapphire Preferred card includes all sit-down restaurants, fast food, coffee shops, catering, bars, lounges, and more.

Don’t want to eat out today? Ask your favorite eatery if they sell gift cards or will allow you to have a credit balance in your name and lock in 3.21 points per dollar by purchasing them today!

Need to pay a caterer? Do it today and pocket the extra miles!

Are you outside of the USA? Not to worry, the Sapphire Preferred card does not charge any foreign transaction fees. (Which also makes it the best card for car rentals in Israel: 2.14 points per dollar, free primary CDW insurance with no deductible, and no foreign use fees).

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How long do I have to wait after closing a sapphire preferred to get the bonus again ?


Who said you have to wait?


Do they offer a business version of this card ?


Unless someone is dedicated to point and mile collection full time, it appears that 2% cash-back credit card will win out over “rotating-category, first Friday, second Wednesday 4x points on turkey stuffing” cards in 99% of cases.

If you can get 5% back on gas and groceries using Amex Blue and 2% on everything else using Capital One Spark Cash, why would anyone in their right mind waste their time on this “rotating category” dog and pony show?

Unless someone uses some complex points-for-miles for first-class upgrades scheme, these “rotating category” cards are simply not worth the time and effort.


Discover It has 5% cashback this quarter. About on par with 3.21 UR points.


Does starbucks count?


By the way you had once mentioned to call chase to get the additional credit for a store that is categorized wrong.
I had tried, due to the fact that a local pizza store was not getting the regular double points.
They told me it is categorized under convenience store so they won’t credit.
(The store owner told me they did it on purpose since bonus cards have a higher cc processing fee at restaurants).


No, Chase has Ink business cards:

Couldn’t disagree more.

First of all if you want cashback you can get 2.2% with Barclay Arrival:
Plus Barclay only pulls TransUnion, Cap1 pulls all 3 bureaus.

And miles aren’t just for business or first class though that is where they’re most awesome.

I can fly on a short-haul coach flight for 9,000 round-trip at the last minute. That ticket would otherwise cost me $1,200 so each of my points was worth 13.3 cents.

That would be 120,000 Cap1 points vs. 9,000 miles.

And a card like Sapphire gives 2.14 points per dollar on dining and travel every day. And each point is worth wayyyyy more than just 1 cent like Cap1 points.

Ink and Freedom can earn 5 points per dollar that are also far more valuable.


Did you try sending an SM for compensation.

eric @medicalschoolgreneda

Does a liquor store count?


@Sam: I would get the bonus again if I reapply right after closing an account ? & does having the free sapphire card interfere ?


@Dan: Well, Barclay is better if you use all of your points on travel. Can’t argue with credit pulls, as I’m not an expert in that.

And while mathematically value per point on last-minute travel is WAY up there, it is only worth it if you fly for the sake of getting the most mathematical value out of your points. For someone (like me) whose work schedule necessitates planning travel a month in advance, the value would probably be no better than the cash back cards mentioned.


@Monsoon: You’re missing the point. The reason to acquire points like Chase UR and Amex MR and is not to get the most mathematical value (although that is fun to calculate as well 🙂 ). The reason is to gain experiences that, without those points, would be unobtainable due to any number of factors (financial, time, scarcity, etc). A great example is Dan’s post from last summer when he got tickets and VIP access to an Indians game. First class travel around the world is another. Playing “the points game” gives anyone the power to do things that generally only the wealthiest get to experience.

Now, that’s not to say there’s anything wrong with your method. However, I’d argue that using the Blue Cash Preferred for 6% on grocery and GC purchases up to the $6,000 limit, then switching over to the Blue Cash (after already clearing that card’s $6,500 hurdle by buying VR at CVS), and using the Barclaycard Arrival on everything else would be the most effective method 🙂


@Brendan: I’m gonna try your VR suggestion and let you know how it goes.

My objective in getting credit card rewards is not the new opportunities, but the savings on the things that you would otherwise spend money on anyway. I understand that that’s not everyone’s approach here.



I was just approved for Chase Sapphire Preferred. I was wondering what the average credit limit is on these cards and if there is a way for them to reconsider their decision on my credit line?


is there a minimum $100 to spend? or that was just an example?



Just to make sure what your asking in the second paragraph of your first question – are you saying if you can get “X” back on these cards, why would anyone want to get more? If so, the answer is self explanatory.

As to the time and effort concerns, is there really much time and effort involved in knowing your cards’ categories, and pulling a different card out of your wallet for different circumstances?


What’s the best way to get in touch with you to discuss a potential opportunity for you?


Why not move all the sapphire points to freedom and get a 10% bonus instead of just 7%?


would qualify?


If you are going to buy a gift card to a restuarant, wouldn’t it be better to wait until April when the Freedom 5% kicks in for restaurants, then buy with freedom to lock in 5% instead of 3%?



@David: Yes, if you plan on eating out in April. But for those looking to use the gift cards for more immediate use, this is a better option.


Israel Israel Israel ….. ?


Do restaurants or caterers in Israel qualify?