Register Now For Q3 Chase Freedom Spending And Last Days For Q2 Spending


-Chase Freedom Visa-Earn 10,000 Ultimate Rewards points when you spend $500 in 3 months.
There is no annual fee for Chase Freedom!

-You can click here to activate your Q3 Chase Freedom 5% categories. Although they are called “5% categories” you really get 5 Ultimate Rewards points per dollar spent which can be cashed out for 5% cash. For $1,500 in spending you will earn at least 7,500 Ultimate Rewards points. If you or your spouse has a Sapphire Preferred, Ink Bold, or Ink Plus card you can transfer Freedom points over to one of those cards and then transfer them at a 1:1 ratio into much more valuable airline miles (United, British Airways, Southwest, Korean, etc) or hotel points (Hyatt, etc). I have had no problem earning the 5 point bonuses on multiple cards that I have thanks to downgrading Sapphire Preferred to Freedom.  The $1,500 quarterly limit is per Freedom card.

-If you have a Chase checking account you will also earn a 10% bonus on all points earned during 2013 on your January or February 2014 statement.  That means you’ll earn a whopping 5.5 points per dollar in these categories!

The 5 point categories for 2013 are as follows:

Q1, January – March: Gas stations, Drugstores & Starbucks
Q2, April – June: Restaurants, Movie theaters, and Lowe’s.
Q3, July – September: Gas stations, Theme parks & Kohl’s
Q4, October – December: Select department stores &

Here is a link that explains where you will and won’t earn the 5 points per dollar for this quarter.

Q2 Spending (finish by Sunday, 06/30)

-You earn 5 points per dollar at Lowe’s. Here is a list of gift cards sold by Lowe’s. The selection may vary at your local store.

-Your favorite restaurants will probably also be happy to sell you a gift card so that you can lock in 5 points per dollar now.

Q3 Spending:

-You will earn 5 points per dollar on gas stations and on all items sold by gas stations.  Many gas stations sell a variety of gift cards and even vanilla reload and other prepaid cards!  I picked up Giant Eagle cards at GetGo last time which are good for groceries, gas, gift cards (great when there is a sale on them at Giant Eagle in the future), and even the Ohio liquor agency in Giant Eagle.

-You can buy Kohl’s gift cards to lock in savings and even prebuy amusement park tickets as well.

Of course if you have an Ink Bold, Ink Plus, or Ink Cash card you will earn 5 Ultimate Rewards points per dollar spent all year round on telecom, cable, internet, as well as everything from office supply stores, which includes gift cards to other stores and prepaid cash cards that can be used anywhere. With the Bold/Plus cards that’s capped at $50,000 per year and with the Cash card that’s capped at $25,000 per year. The cards also earn 2 points per dollar year-round at gas stations and either hotels (Bold/Plus) or dining (Cash)

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“Many gas stations sell a variety of gift cards and even vanilla reload cards!”


(I have been to dozens of 7/11’s and never seen Vanilla Reloads.) Anyone have different experiences?


What other card can I downgrade to freedom besides sapphire? Have one sapphire world master card don’t wanna touch that.


Are there gas stations that sell prepayed gas cards that you can buy with a credit card?


7-11 in nj has VRs but doesn’t accept credit. Tried to use my new Ink in Staples yesterday for GCs, but they wouldn’t let me purchase with an out of state license! 🙁

Jam Man

7-11 counts as a gas station?


Saw a stack of vanilla reloads at 7 11 in nyc today. I am looking for a gas station in nj that sells reloads. Anyone know of any? Maybe valero?


@Yehuda yes at gas stations I bought gas cards from shell, Getty, sunoco, mobile etc. And they never refused
charging my credit Card.


I now get 10 points for evry swipe will i get a bonus 10% on these points in jan-feb even tho they wer earned in the old program?


I have a simple question but haven’t been able to figure it out.

Being that there doesn’t seem to be any downside in signing up for the Ultimate Rewards, why does one need to activate the option? Why doesn’t Chase just do it automatically for any Freedom (or other applicable card) holders? Could there perhaps be some reason why one wouldn’t want to sign up and therefore each holder reserves that right by not being automatically enrolled in the reward program?

Thanks for any clarification!


@Mordy:Because it forces you to actively aware of the promos and having to interact with Chase to get the 5%.This way you don’t get the discount passively. If you notice they also rotate the categories (they don’t want you to use the card only for the 5% but all the time). Think about it. If you go on a trip are you going to take 20 cards with you? No,but you certainly will take the freedom and thus use it where you may have rotated thru other cards you have.


@ Kevn: thanks, but the question still remains: if I am aware of the reward advantages that come with – for example – the Freedom, wouldn’t I make sure on my own to maximize its use throughout the 4Qs? You and I will actively be aware of the promos from the onset of signing up without needing the four “quarterly-activation-reminders”

In short: you’r saying that Chase wants you to be on top of thr promos so you become more reliant on their card(s), but I’m saying – is it really necessary? Or would you agree and say that it’s only necessary for those who would otherwise be more passive about the program altogether?


Just to be clear here, you are saying that you can use your Chase Freedom card inside of gas stations (on snacks, drinks, gift cards, etc.) to earn the 5% cash back? Is that correct? I want to make sure because I have been considering getting a PedFed or FortKnox card for use at gas stations but I understand you must pay at the pump with those because it codes the purchase differently inside the store. Just want to make sure that I am not going to buy gift cards inside of a gas station and not get the benefits of it. Additionally, has anyone tried using the Chase Freedom card at Sam’s Club or Walmart gas stations and discovered definitively if it worked or not? Thanks for the info and any help you can provide.


By activating you will have the card on your mind and use it more.

I have gotten 5 points per dollar for purchases including gift cards made inside gas stations in past quarters.


Thanks Dan. I will be a little more cautious this month just to be sure, but that’s helpful to know it has worked in the past.


Note that Freedom 5x points sometimes don’t post until the 2nd statement.

Will E

Do you get 5% back on The language is a little ambiguous: “You’ll earn 5% Cash Back at hundreds of other Select Department stores, including these:” implying that it is not a complete list.