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Chase Freedom is an excellent no annual fee card thanks to its quarterly 5% categories. While they call it 5% cash back, you’ll really get 5 Ultimate Rewards points per dollar spent which can be worth much more than 5% cash. If you max out the $1,500 in bonus spending per quarter you will earn at least 30,000 Ultimate Rewards points over the course of a year (7,500 points per quarter at 5 points per dollar spent).

You can register now for 2020 Q1 spending which will be valid 1/1-3/31 at:

  • Gas stations: This includes most 7-Eleven stores and gas stations that sell gift cards for other stores as well. You can lookup how a store is categorized here. My local GetGo gas stations earn sweet rewards on gift card purchases, making this quarter even more lucrative. Officially warehouse clubs are excluded, but I have gotten this at Costco and Sam’s Club gas stations in the past.
  • Internet, Cable, and Telecom: This includes your internet bills, TV bills, cell phone bills (including cell phones and accessories charged to your monthly bill), and landline bills.
  • Select streaming services: This includes Netflix, Hulu, Sling, Vudu, FuboTV, Apple Music, SiriusXM, Pandora, Spotify, YouTube, and ESPN+.

You still can finish Q4 spending through 12/31 at:

While Chase Freedom is a great card for the bonus categories, it’s not a great card for everyday spending. However the Chase Freedom Unlimited card also has no annual fee and is excellent for everyday spending thanks to 1.5 points per dollar that can be earned everywhere with no limit, but it does not have any bonus categories.

The no annual fee business version of Freedom Unlimited is the Chase Ink Unlimited Card, which offers $500 in the form of 50,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points after spending $3,000 within 3 months plus 1.5 points per dollar spent everywhere.

Freedom, Freedom Unlimited, and Ink Unlimited alone can’t transfer points into much more lucrative airline or hotel miles, but if you or your spouse has an Ink Preferred, Sapphire Reserveor Sapphire Preferred, or card then you can transfer points from Freedom to one of those cards and from there to your favorite travel currency. Those cards also allow you to rdeem your points for paid travel at a value of 1.25 or 1.5 cents per point. The Freedom, Freedom Unlimited, or Ink Unlimited card can also keep your points alive for free if you do close one of those premium cards.

The value of the points will be based on where you use them, but if you use those points for a trip worth where they are worth 2 cents each then you’ll have effectively earned 10% back on those “5 point categories.” The sky is the limit of the value of airline miles as they aren’t tied to the cost of a ticket. That’s good for people in the know and bad for those who are not. 1 mile can be worth 0.25 cents or it can be worth 25 cents, it all just depends on how you use them!

Where will you make your Q1 purchases?

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Very disappointing categories. I always use discounted gift cards to buy gas, I have Ink Cash for my Internet and telecom, and I don’t use streaming services. I haven’t found any gas stations that accept credit cards for gift card purchases. Fortunately, Discover and Citi Dividend have useful categories in Q1.


Does this include the actual gas? Or just the convenience stores?


Is target a department store? (It def has departments:)


Is this supposed to work for Freedom Unlimited too? I have a Freedom Unlimited card and when I put in the info, it says “We can’t enroll you with the information provided.”


Note the fine print for Q1 – only certain gas stations (not Costco), only certain cable companies (not Centurylink), and only certain streaming services (Not Disney). Shame on Chase for being stingy and shame on you all for supporting this sham.


In years past 7-11 counted as a gas station


centurylink is the 3rd largest telecom provider in the U.S. and they’re not on the 5% list for internet providers (?? !!!!!)


What is the best or has longest period zero APR intro rate

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Colin Auer III


Troy Prohaska


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