On The Topic Of Chase Due Dates And Statement Close Dates; Sapphire Reserve Is Costing Chase How Much?


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The Chase Sapphire Reserve easily wins the best new credit card of the year. Between the 100,000 signup points and the plethora of other benefits it offers it’s pretty much a must have.

But did you know that Chase will take a $200-$300 million hit to their 4th quarter profit due to handing out all of those goodies?. I’d say to take advantage of the 100,000 point signup bonus while you still can…

Lots of the comments on the post I made a few days ago on the ways to spend the $300 Sapphire Reserve travel credit were about statement timing, as 2016 travel spend needs to be completed before your December statement closes. Once your December statement closes it starts counting for your $300 in 2017 travel spend.

Here’s how Chase’s statement timing system works.

If you see that your payment due date is the 1st of the month then your statement will always close on the 4th of the month beforehand. The same formula works through the 25th of the month, just add 3 days to the month beforehand. If the payment is due on the 12th then the statement will always close on the 15th of the month beforehand. If the payment is due on the 25th then the statement will always close on the 28th of the month beforehand.

Any payment due date of the 1st-25th will have up to 28 days before the payment due date (though to improve your credit score on consumer cards, you should always try to pay off your whole bill except for a dollar or 2 before the statement even closes).

Payment due dates on the 26-28th get a bit trickier. If you have the 26th then your statement will close on the 1st of that month. If you have the 27th then your statement will close on the 2nd of that month. If you have the 28th then your statement will close on the 3rd of that month. There are no payment due dates from the 29-31st.

These dates only have 25 days before the payment due date.

You can always call Chase to change your payment due date. Just tell the rep that you want to align all of your payment due dates on the same day.

As for people applying now or who want more time to spend the $300 travel credit in 2016, some people who applied today got a due date of 1/25 while others have a later date. The 25th is perfect as it allows you to spend until 12/28, though you should try to finish spending a few days before the statement closes. You can always try calling to change your due date to the 25th as well to maximize the time you have to spend the 2016 credit. That’s not guaranteed to go through for the first cycle, though often times it does.

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Applied on 12/4 and received the card today. Was given a due date of 1/28 and called to change it to 1/25. They gave me no problem and changed it right away, however the change is not reflected online. Gave them another call today to confirm and they said they see it as 1/25 on their end. Do I need to be concerned or I have done enough?

Joe D

Dan, just got a card Dec. 1st. Due date 1/19/17, so bill closes 12/22/16, and can spend $300 travel for credit till then. First bill (December 2016) already billed $450. Then 2017 can spend another $300. But bill Dec 2017 will already be charged another $450. So get $600 for first bill year before need to pay fee for year 2 .. correct ? (Dec 2017 fee will cover 2018 $300 credit)


Should be OK.

@Joe D:
December 2017 bill is due 1/19/18.

Mike Biton

Hey Dan my bill due date shows Jann 2nd, does that mean I have until the 8th of this month ? if so, can i change the date so i have more time to spend this month?


@Mike Biton:
No, it should have closed yesterday. Too late now.


You first statement will generate on December 17,
2016, if your account has purchases. Currently, there is
no balance on your account. Also, your payment due date
will be the 14th of each month.

Am I good for a triple dip?

Mike Biton

@Dan: so does that mean anything I charge as of now that has to do with travel I wouldn’t get the credit back?


Dan, I’m a bit confused and hoping you can clarify. My November statement has a due date of December 17th. I did a one-time purchase with EZ-Pass yesterday (December 5th) for $275 (I already had a $25 credit beforehand). Will the $275 count towards 2016 spending???


hi dan i just got the ritz chase card statement closes on the 22nd and trying to get 3x travel credit for 900 dollars was struggling to understand how thats possible i thought you can only get the travel credit 2x in the first yr 1 before jan and one after if you can kindly explain thanks for everything you do in helping and asssiting people.


Just got approved and my due date is the 27th. Why wont my statement print on the 30th?


I called up to change the due date and the rep claimed she updated it but I’m still seeing the original date online. It shows Due date Jan 1, problem is I signed up for the card on 11/23 and it seems that statement is being skipped. Seems like there is nothing I can do.


hi dan if i apply for this card today do u think ill still have time to get the 300 travel credit?


its a bit confusing. i just applied today and got approved. due date is jan 21. till when do i have to spend the 300?



My girlfriend applied for the CSR on 11/28/16. Approved via recon on 11/29.

I had her do an SM and ask about the statement close date. They stated specifically that the statement close date is 1/14/16. We asked if we could move the statement close date into December and they said it would take 1-2 cycles to be reflected.

I asked her to call and ask specifically about payment due date. They told her over the phone that it was 1/11/16.

According to your statements regarding Chase’s timing, the December statement should close 1/14/16.

We sent another SM to Chase and they said that the FIRST statement will close on 1/14/16, with no mention of a December statement. This seems to contradict your assertion above. Can you clarify?


Hey @dan I opened the sapphire reserve in the end of November my due date is Jan 4. Chase says that I won’t have a December statement I already used 300 on travel will it still go on ’16?


I have had the card for a while and received the $300 credit back in Oct. Then, my last statement was Dec 1st (and paid). So, for what its worth, I DID already receive my next $300 credits on my current online account (to be billed on Jan 1).

At first, I thought they made a good and gave me double credit for 2016 (wouldn’t that be great). Then, when I saw my next statement is Jan 1, I figured it out.


Is car insurance qualify for 300?


Dan, my statement just closed yesterday and the $300 credit is now showing that none of it is used (I used the 2016 already) , does that mean I can start using my 2017 credit now?


I got approved yesterday, got due date of 2/01. After huca 3x I got someone to change. Now due date of Jan 22, dec 25 close day!! Thx dan!



@Mike Biton:
It will work but it will count as a 2017 charge.

Your December statement will print on 12/20. You will have until then.


Read the post.

YMMV. Worth a shot.

Statement should close 12/24, but spend it ASAP.

How can there a due date of 1/11/17 if there is no statement?




Well done!


My due date is jan 18, can I triple dip for $450?

Aay B.

I failed on the 2016 $300 ):
My due date is on the 2nd of the month and my statement date is 5th of the month. I purchased “Marriot Gift Cards” worth $300 on Friday the 1st and it was pending till today.. as a result my statement printed yesterday the 5th with the Marriott travel charge nowhere to be found on the statement 😥 ):

I called in 3 times today and spoke to 3 different reps and their supervisors but they won’t budge. Obviously they can’t retroactively move the December/Jan due date and statement date and they won’t consider a courtesy $300 statement credit or any courtesy UR points. They all say; the terms are clear, travel charge has to “post” before statement closes and the fact that it’s pending so long is not their responsibility.

Funny thing is, my wife got approved for the card 2 days before me and she got a due date of the 12th (her’s was an instant approval while line was via recon)

Moral of the story.. hurry up on your travel spending and if you see it pending and your December statement didn’t close yet. Immediately call in to change your due date to a later date


according to chase.com, my next payment is due Jan 17th. however a rep from chase when i called said that my statement will close dec 25th. i don’t understand how that makes sense in light of your post. thank you


I called Chase once to change my due date to Dec 2016, they said i can’t since I applied in Dec. So I called back, and the new Rep did it for me no problem;) thanks Dan for all!

So, If they give you issues, try again…


For the travel credit, I don’t need to travel now. so i want to buy a gift card for a hotel. Which hotel gift card could i possibly buy for this purpose and where would it be best to buy it from?
Thank you!!


Dan, can I change my bill due date online? Will that work for this ? I just got approved with due date of Jan 26. Thanks

rochel Goldberg

It’s says payment due 12/18 does that mean I missed it ? $842.26 12/18/16 Payment due date , thanks


@mowin90: @mowin90: @mowin90: I’m in the same boat – just got off the phone with Chase and changed due date from1/25 to 1/25 – the Rep asked if I was doing it to get the $300 cash back, I said yes, she said it probably wont work for 2016, oh well :S


My 5/24 expires in about a week. So I guess I will not be able to triple dip.
If I apply in a week I should be able to get the 2017 and 2018 credits no problem before second AF bills. Correct?


Yes, your statement should print 12/21.

@Aay B.:
Shame, but good lesson.
So many people push things off until it’s too late. Human nature I suppose.

Ask a phone rep when your next close and due date are.


Everything that I know about is here:

You can try, but you may have to call to make the due date the 25th.

@rochel Goldberg:
No, your December statement should close 12/21.



Dan,my Citi Prestige December statement is cut on the 9th. Will the rest of December count for my 250 travel for next year”? Thanks


Mr Eleff, You Rock!
Can you please post how to use the $300 Ritz Carlton Credit. Much Thanks


Got approved yesterday and called for them to switch statement closing date to the 28th and they did and i called back to confirm that and they confirmed but my payment due date is still february 1. Does that make sense?


MY story: i have a freedom account which i had made and cancelled a hotel reservation on 12 5 it had a closing date of the 2nd of every month. On 12 06 i changed the due date to 25which made a new closing date of 12 27 then also on 12 06 i upgraded the card to the reserve. that was completed almost immediately. later on 12 06 when the hotel charge and refund posted from the prior day the 300 dollar credit also posted. nice.


I have a freedom card with 30k limit and multiple ink cards with large credit lines & recently carrying large balances from buzz spending. Was planning on waiting till I paid off the balances in a few month before applying but am wondering if that might be too risky since they can pull the offer before -thoughts?


Hi Dan. Thanks for past advise. I have a friend who just has a Bofa card under a year with a cs of 730..wants to apply for a shappire preferred. Does he stand a chance to get approved?


Hi Dan

I just got approved and due date is February 02, 2017.

What does that mean? Do I have any chance for the 2016 credit?




I know, right? Again this is what I got final confirmation of via SM from Chase.

Approval date: 11/29/16 (Confirmed with Chase)
Payment due date: 1/11/17 (Confirmed with Chase)
Statement close date: 1/14/17 (Confirmed with Chase).
December statement? None according to Chase. So basically according to them I can’t get the 2016 travel credit. Makes NO sense whatsoever. So basically although I got approved 11/29/16 according to Chase the first statement is cut over a month out from approval date.

I’m afraid to move forward with the travel expenses without written confirmation from Chase that it will count towards the 2016 credit.


Just got approved, and it says payment due date February 2. If I understand your post correctly, that means that my statement closes January 5th? If so, I don’t qualify to double/ triple dip, as this will be counted as a January statement?

So, I should call and get them change the payment due date to January 25? So that my statement will close on December 28, and thus count as a December statement where I can spend the $300 for 2016?


just got approved in-branch yesterday, due date Jan 15th, 2017….


Got approved on Dec 4 with a due date of 2/1. Called to change due date to 24th . still see Feb 1 as due date. Called and was told the statment will close on Dec 27 and the due date will be updated then…
Can I bet on the 2016 credit?


Payment due is january 4.
I have pending charges.
will they count for this year?
how do i insure that they make it in?


I am a bit confused with the part in the post that talks about a due date falling out on the 26-28th. I just got the card with a due date on January 26th (statement closes on January 1). Will I be ok for 2016 credit? Thanks!


How do I downgrade my sapphire preferred to a freedom? Do I apply for a freedom and transfer the credit from the sapphire or is there an actual way to downgrade the card to a freedom?


1) Due 25th. If i charge $300 on 12/29/17 and cancel in the begining of January 2018, will i get the priority pass valid for the whole 2018? It worth even if i get charged the annual fee in a proration of 1 month.
2) If i cancel my card, do i loose the extended warranty on items bought with the card? Tks Dan


Got approved for my CSR card this morning. Called customer service and requested the card be expedited and that I have a statement closing date of dec 22nd or 23rd, she took care of both and encouraged me to take advantage of the $300 travel credit before the statement closes… I like this thing already


Just got approved for reserve due date of Feb 3 what should I do?


@abe. Call customer service and ask them to change your
Due date to January 25 therefore allowing you closing date to be December 28 2016. If they do that for you make sure to spend on travel by a few days before that so that it could be included in your December statement and you should get the credit


Chase says they are not offering expedited ship on the card…how can I find out the due date if I don’t yet have a chase account?


@EK: check in chase online or in app


Applied today – due date is the FEB 18th. That make any sense?


Just contacted them a second time and they switched it for me


Hey Dan, I signed up my wife and I on December 6th and got approved. Today I had them change our Due dates to January 25th and the statements to December 28th but at separate times. When I did it they told me I had the credit for 2016 but when my wife did it they told her it would not help for the credit this year any idea why?


Hi. I applied last night and called today to see if I was approved for the reserve card and they said I was denied because I opened too many cards within the past 2 years. The fifth card was opened 12/2014. Even though we are now in 12/2016 (which I assumed was after 24 months) they said that was the problem. I can try to reapply in January because reconciliation can’t help me at this point because of this reason. Should I HUCA or is that a definite kind of reason?

Eli C

Data point: applied Tuesday, spoke with recon and gave them additional info they requested, but said my app needed still further review. Called back yesterday, was told I’d been approved with due date 1/19. Moved to 1/22, so closing date 12/25. UPS just delivered to front door 30 minutes ago 🙂

Steve wonder

I applied for the credit card on the 7th I got immediately approved called up today for the due date and they told me the due date is February 6th I secured message them to see if I can change the due date to get to the 25th originally they told me yes and then I received another message that they cannot I called up today Chase and they right away changed the due date to the 22th of every month and the closing date will be December 25th and they told me I can
enjoy the benefits of 2016
@ dan you’re the best keep up the good work thank you


Was denied because of a mortgage on my credit report not justified by the income. Anything I can do?

Mendel R

For those of you who applied in December like me and want the travel credits. Read this:

Applied for the card on 12/4. Got approved and got my card 12/7. Read this post and called the number on the back of the card to switch the due date to the 25th, as per this post. Rep said he can do it but I CANNOT get the travel credits, as it’s too late and there will be NO Dec statement. I expressed my frustration but did not ask to speak to a supervisor. He himself asked his supervisor and did me a “favor.” He changed the due date and got me a Dec. statement so now I can get the credits for 2016.

If you run into trouble, speak to a supervisor or HUCA. You got this.


will i get the travel credits if i book a flight through a travel agent??


@dans thanks so much.

Applied on Wednesday Dec 7th, got approved immediately. New card arrived via UPS on Shabbos. Called now to activate and checked on my due date. It was Jan 29th. I asked if it can have it moved back to Jan 25th to align with my other cards due date. The rep was glad to help and do it, and then informed me that I would now be able to take advantage of the 300 now in Dec and then again in 2017. I’m glad to have taken Dans advice.


Due date was 12-3 so is there any possibility to do something to get something back for 2016? Huca Don’t really want to get credited yet for 2017. I still didn’t make any purchase yet for credit


Hi Dan,

Big fan, I got approved today! any advice if at all still possible to get 2016 travel credits? muchas gracias

Jack out of the box

My due date is Jan 14th. On the 14th and 15th of Dec I laid out $300 on bus fares for the year. My statement closed on the 17th and NONE of those charges posted first. In the past Chase had put pending charges on my statement but I guess they do what’s convenient for them. Gam zu letovah.


What’s the latest closing date in December to still receive this years $300 credit?


Can confirm that if you book ticket then cancel credit will stay.
(Did not do it for that. just had to cancel for personel reasons)


Got card, spent $300, GOnna try calling to get due date set for 1/25. Any reason it shouldn’t work with enough HUCA’ing?


Hi dan big fan, was wondering I just got the card and my due date is 1/26. I called to switch it to the 25 and they said sure but it will take affect the following month meaning 2/25 does that mean I lose the $300 credit for 2016?


i have a pending ezpass transaction since 12/18 . As of 12/22 its still pending.


I applied for the Reserve on Dec 12, got a due date January 21st. According to what you wrote the first statement should be December 24th. However, customer service reps tell me that I will not have a December statement because there is too little days in December to have one.
Any advice?
Do they know what they’re talking about?


@Mendy: update: DROPR!


is it too late to get my statement date closed for this year? So can i get my statement date to close on the 29th or 30th or is it too late? if I get my due date changed to the 1st of every month does that mean my statement will close on the 4th of every month?


@dan is it still possible to get this car with the 100,000 bonus points at a chase branch?