Marriott Brilliant AMEX Repositioned As Ultra-Premium Card, AMEX And Chase Adding New Mid-Tier Marriott Cards; Comparison Chart Of 8 Marriott Cards!

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Marriott is shaking up their credit card lineup in a big way.

The Marriott Brilliant AMEX will see its annual fee climb from $450 to $650 as it becomes an ultra-premium card. The higher fee is in effect for new applications. If your card renews in 2022 you’ll pay the $450 fee. Card renewals in 2023 will be at the $650 fee.

Luckily, it will have benefits to match.

  • Previously the card provided Gold status. Effective today, it includes Platinum elite status, which normally requires 50 nights annually at Marriott hotels. Platinum status includes 4pm late checkout, a welcome amenity like a gift, points, or free breakfast, and upgrades to suites at checkin when available.
  • Previously the card provided an annual night, good at Marriott hotels up to 50K points per night, with the ability to top it off with 15K points for rooms up to 65K points per night. Now it will provide an annual night, good at Marriott hotels up to 85K points per night, with the ability to top it off with 15K points for rooms up to 100K points per night.
  • Previously the card provided 15 elite night credits annually towards higher elite status. Now it will provide 25 elite night credits annually towards higher elite status. You can stack that with a Marriott business card to start off every year with 40 nights towards elite status.
  • Previously the card provided $300 in annual Marriott spending. Now it includes $25 monthly credit at restaurants worldwide, including dine-in, takeout, or via restaurant delivery apps.
  • If you spend $60K annually on the card, you can select an earned choice benefit, such as another 85K free night award, 5 suite night upgrades, or $750 off a Marriott mattress.

Other benefits remain the same. Those include Global Entry/PreCheck, Priority Pass, and more.

Marriott is also launching mid-tier cards, the Marriott Bonvoy Bevy™ American Express® Card and the Marriott Bonvoy Bountiful™ Card from Chase.

Those cards will have a $250 annual fee and will include the following benefits:

  • 6 points per dollar spent at Marriott.
  • 4 points per dollar on up to $15,000 of annual spending on restaurants worldwide and US supermarkets.
  • 2 points per dollar elsewhere.
  • Gold elite status.
  • 1,000 Marriott points with every paid stay at Marriott hotels charged to your card.
  • If you spend $15K on the card you will earn an annual free night, good at Marriott hotels up to 50K points per night, with the ability to top it off with 15K points for rooms up to 65K points per night.
  • 15 elite night credit towards higher elite status.

Surprisingly, those mid-tier cards won’t come with an annual free night unless you spend $15K on them in a year. That puts those mid-tier cards in the awkward position of having fewer benefits than the lower-tier Marriott cards have, though if you’ll spend $15K you’ll have a more valuable free night certificate.

JPMorgan Ritz Carlton cardholders are in for a real treat. Their annual fee won’t change, but the annual 50K free night from that card will be improved to an annual 85K free night!

What do you think of these changes?

Here is a comparison chart of the 8 Marriott cards:

Chase Marriott Bold Consumer CardChase Marriott Boundless Consumer CardMarriott Bonvoy Consumer AMEX Marriott Bonvoy Business AMEXAMEX Marriott Bevy Consumer Card and Chase Marriott Bountiful Consumer CardJPMorgan Ritz Carlton CardMarriott Bonvoy Brilliant Consumer AMEX
Annual Fee$0$95$95$125$250$450$650
Points earned on everyday purchases1 (2 on travel purchases)2 2 2222
Points earned on airfare222 2 2 33
Points earned on Marriott hotels3666666
Points earned on restaurants13 ($6K annual cap across 3x categories)244 ($15K annual cap across 4x categories)3 3
Points earned on supermarkets13 ($6K annual cap across 3x categories)2 2 4, US only on AMEX, worldwide on Chase ($15K annual cap across 4x categories)22
Points earned on gas stations13 ($6K annual cap across 3x categories)24, US only222
Points earned on wireless service and shipping1224, US only222
Free elite status levelSilverSilverSilverGoldGoldGoldPlatinum
Elite night credits15 consumer nights15 consumer nights15 consumer nights15 business nights15 consumer nights15 consumer nights25 consumer nights
Elite status with annual spending NoneGold for $35K, plus earn 1 elite night credit with every $5,000 spentGold for $35K--Platinum for $75K
Anniversary night with no spending requiredNoneAutomatic free night up to 35K Marriott pointsAutomatic free night up to 35K Marriott pointsAutomatic free night up to 35K Marriott pointsNoneAutomatic free night up to 85K Marriott pointsAutomatic free night up to 85K Marriott points
Free night awards for spendingNoneNoneNone35K night if you spend $60K in a calendar year50K night if you spend $15K in a calendar yearNone85K night if you spend $60K in a calendar year, or select 5 suite upgrade nights or $750 off Marriott mattress
Monthly restaurant credit.NoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNone$25
Bonus points on each paid stay charged to cardNoneNoneNoneNone1,000NoneNone
Savings on Marriott staysNoneNoneNone7% off standard ratesNone$100 property credit at Ritz-Carlton, Ritz-Carlton Reserve or S. Regis when you book using special rate for a 2+ nights$100 property credit at Ritz-Carlton, Ritz-Carlton Reserve or S. Regis when you book using special rate for a 2+ nights
Annual Ritz-Carlton Club Level Upgrade Certs On Paid StaysNoneNoneNoneNoneNone3None
Annual airline fee creditNoneNoneNoneNoneNone$300None
Global Entry/TSA PreCheck creditNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneFull credit every 4 years.Full credit every 4 years.
Foreign transaction feesNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNone
Complimentary premium in-room internetNoYesYesYesYesYesYes
Priority Pass lounge membership NoNoNoNoNoYes, with unlimited free guestsYes, with 2 free guests
Enhanced Priority Pass access to restaurants, spas, and non-lounge creditsNoNoNoNoNoYes, with unlimited free guestsNo
Chase Sapphire Lounge AccessNoNoNoNoNoYes, with unlimited free guestsOne free annual visit to Chase Sapphire lounge with no guests. Guests or additional visits cost $75.
Priority Pass lounge membership for free additional usersNoNoNoNoNoYes, with unlimited free guests No
Enhanced Priority Pass access to restaurants, spas, and non-lounge credits for free additional usersNoNoNoNoNoYes, with unlimited free guestsNo
Chase Sapphire Lounge Access for free additional usersNoNoNoNoNoYes, with unlimited free guests No
Return ProtectionNoNoNoNoNoYesYes
Roadside AssistanceNoNoNoNoNo4 free uses per yearNo
US Car Rental CDW CoverageSecondarySecondarySecondarySecondarySecondaryPrimarySecondary
Emergency Medical and Dental when travelingNoNoNoNoNoYesNo
Trip Delay ReimbursementYesYesNoNoYesYesYes
Trip Cancellation and Interruption InsuranceNoNoNoNoNoYesYes
Baggage Insurance, extended warranty, and purchase protectionYesYesYesYesYesYesYes

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I was gonna say goodbye elite recognition
Then i remembered its already non existent




Don’t see how they can charge $250 for a card w/o a FNA.
The legacy SPG and Ritz look to be the best value (can you still PC to it?)

Then again the big question is how much are these FNA worth next year when they uncap the award prices…..


My renewal is Jan 2023 🙁


I’m noticing the St. Regis Bal Harbour is charging 102k points for a night…. Hmm I wonder why that is. #Bonvoyed


When will the Ritz 85K start? I just had my renewal in August and got the 50K, should o call?

Angie T

Hopeful that Hilton / AMEX comes out with a smoking hot, competitive offer to go head to head w/ Marriott on their top tier offer


That’s nuts. I hope they never change Aspire. Benefits are awesome.


If I upgrade to the brilliant from the 95 af will I still get the 450 af this year?


So many questions. Will the brilliants platinum status give you standard annual platinum choice award perk (eg 5 SNA option)? I assume not.

Will the 25 nights stack with the 15 from a biz card to max out at 40/yr? If yes and if you then stay 10 more nights do you then get a platinum choice award?

Will the brilliant’s plat status count toward lifetime?


What’s the difference between a “consumer” night and a “business” night?


And the earnings on the $650 ultra premium card is still 2 points a dollar. They did add most of the benefits that they asked on the survey, but not that one. Even 3 points per dollar is not great, but at least it’s not criminal to spend on it. Right now, it is.

I really miss SPG

As a former SPG loyalist that has been chasing Lifetime Platinum and currently has Titanium (largely from Covid boosters), I hate what Marriott has done with the program and this continues the downward trend.

There are some short term benefits I get from owning the card though. I’ll be able to take advantage of about 6 months of the restaurant credit before deciding about renewing. The extra 10 night bump did make earning Titanium for next year quite a lot easier, and it will help to close on Lifetime Platinum status.

Granting Platinum status through card membership is a huge devaluation of the status. More people will now have it, which means that more people are now fighting for the same scarce upgrades. “When everyone is super, no one will be.” While there is not yet significant differentiation between Titanium and Platinum benefits, I would bet good money that will be coming very soon.

Ultimately, Marriott just put a price tag on Platinum status and I think that’s the biggest message this gives if anyone is willing to absorb it. For $695, you get $300 worth of dining credits, so negating all other benefits, Platinum status costs you $395 now. Maybe I’m late to recognizing it myself as it may already be true, but my fear is that will be all it’s worth.


The problem is, that Platinum status will now become close to worthless- hotels will stop being able/stop wanting to give upgrades when there are so many more Platinum members. As of now, even though status is nowhere near what it once was, hotels are still giving suite upgrades if the suite is available and you fight for it a bit, making Platinum status worth something; that’s going to change now.

Seems like the real winner here is the JPMorgan Ritz- annual fee remains at $450, AND the $300 Marriot remains, AND the free night gets hugely bumped to 85k? Definitely worth product changing to that now- an 85k night is still worth far more than $150, even after the Bonvoyed charts.


You wrote “$300 Marriott” but I think you mean the $300 credit on airline incidentals.


Dan, nobody creates a chart like you. Thank you!! You are the best!


With revamped Bonvoy Brilliant, would suite upgrades apply to award night certificates from a lower tier Bonvoy cards?


What benefits would they add to titanium to makeb it significantly better than plat?


They could give Titanium confirmed suite upgrades a few hours before check-in– that would separate them from Platinum members, and make sure that Titanium members get priority over Platinum members for upgrades- which will be huge now that there will be so many more Platinum members.


Will you be able to apply and get a bonus? Or will that depend if you had another Marriott card in the past ?






From experience, the Platinum perk is often valuable for staying places not during peak times. Don’t expect a suite upgrade in Miami area in the winter or any tourist spots during busy season. But if you’re on a road trip during a non busy season, they’ll generally upgrade you if there’s availability. I like to call first before booking to see if they’ll upgrade me.


They always tell me we can’t say until you arrive. Of course then there’s no upgrade available


Isn’t it about time the brilliant gets centurion access? @650 it’s enough of a premium card that it should be able to offer similar perks to the platinum card? That’s an expensive card to offer average lounge access and no travel credits.


I currently have both the $95 AF Amex and the Business amex of Marriott, I would like to get a chase version, Which Chase Marriott card can I get a SUB on?


When will the restaurant credit start? After my new AF kicks in (already spent the $300 Marriott credit this year)?


Happy with changes. Was about to give up on platinum status after devaluation of points charts marriott pulled this year. Will keep card this year for sure at 450.00 getting 300 in dining credits 85k free night and platinum that I don’t need to spend or stay to get anymore. Thanks Dan for keeping us updated on changes.


For someone without any Marriott card at the moment, what’s the most cost-effective way to go about getting a card and then product change to the JPMorgan Ritz card? Can it still be done? Does one need to wait for a year to do it?


Does the $25 monthly restaurant credit cover Uber Eats, DoorDash, etc.?


For Amex Marriott brilliant If I dont care about platinum status, I am paying additional $200 for increased value of certificate. Am I right?


Love your charts! What’s on my wish list for another Dan Deals chart is fuel surcharges on reward tickets by airlines/reward programs.