Dan’s #1 Recommended Card For Best Chase Consumer Signup Bonus: Earn 60,000 Points On The Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card!

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Highest Public Offer Ever: Earn 60,000 Points On The Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card!

Signup bonus:

You can now earn 60K Chase Ultimate Rewards points for opening this card and spending $4,000 in 3 months. Those points are worth a minimum of $600 cash back or $750 towards travel, but they can be worth much more as shown below.

The previous signup bonus on this card was 50K points for spending $4,000 in 3 months. If you signed up for the previous offer within the past 90 days you can try sending a secure message asking to be matched to this offer.

Annual fee: 

There is a $95 annual fee for the primary card and no annual fee for additional cardholders.

Signup bonus terms: 

  • You won’t get the signup bonus on this card if you have received a signup bonus on Sapphire Reserve, Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card, or Sapphire card within the past 48 months.
  • You won’t get approved for this card if you currently have an active Sapphire Reserve, Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card, or Sapphire card.


All Chase cards appear to be subject to 5/24 restrictions, meaning that you are not likely to be approved if you have been approved for 5 or more consumer credit cards in the past 24 months. Note that the Chase system automatically counts cards like authorized user cards and store cards as cards that count towards 5/24, but if you explain to Chase that those cards are merely authorized user cards or store cards they can manually approve you for a new card.

You can check your credit report for free at the federally authorized annualcreditreport.com to check how many accounts are shows as being open in the past 24 months.

Card earnings: 

  • 2 points per dollar on travel, including airfare, hotels, car rentals, cruises, subways, trains, taxis, tolls, parking, Airbnb, Lyft, Uber, etc.
  • 2 points per dollar on dining.
  • 1 point per dollar elsewhere.
  • There are no foreign transaction fees.

Spend Threshold:

You’ll need to spend $4,000 on this card within 3 months.

You can pay your federal taxes for a 1.87% fee. If you overpay your taxes you can request a refund or apply it to your next year’s taxes.

My local natural gas company allows me to prepay up to $1,000 on a credit card for a $1.65 flat fee. That’s a great way to earn miles and help meet a spend threshold. My electricity supplier allows me to pay with a credit card for free as long as I am enrolled in autopay.

Card benefits:

  • Primary rental car CDW insurance in every country.
  • Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption Insurance
  • Lost Luggage Insurance
  • Trip Delay Reimbursement
  • Baggage Delay Reimbursement
  • Travel Accident Insurance
  • Purchase protection for items damaged or stolen within 120 days

Increased points value:

If you or someone in your household has a Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card you can redeem Chase Ultimate Rewards points earned from any card at a value of 1.25 cents towards paid travel.

Airline and hotel transferability:

If you or someone in your household has a Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card you can transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards points into valuable airline and hotel mileage currencies.

Card transferability:

You can call Chase to convert this card to any of the following cards into another card from this list:

  • Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card ($95 annual fee)
  • Chase Sapphire Reserve® Card ($450 annual fee)
  • Chase Freedom Unlimited® Card ($0 annual fee)
  • Chase Freedom Card ($0 annual fee)

Note that some reps will only allow card conversions after you have had the card for 12 months.

If you or someone in your household has a Sapphire Reserve, then your points will be worth at least 1.5 cents towards travel!

Killer Combos:

Stacking multiple Ultimate Rewards cards together can supercharge your earnings by getting you more points per dollar while increasing the value of all your points.

Read more about this strategy in depth in this post.

Chase Bifecta would consist of a household that has the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card or Sapphire Reserve and the Freedom Unlimited or Ink Unlimited. The total effective annual fees would be either $95 with Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card or $150 with Sapphire Reserve after accounting for that card’s $300 annual travel credit. With the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card you would earn 2 points per dollar on travel/dining and 1.5 points per dollar elsewhere. With the Sapphire Reserve you would earn 3 points per dollar on travel/dining and 1.5 points per dollar elsewhere. Either way you’ll be able to transfer all of your points into airline miles or hotel points, but with the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card you can also use the points with a value of 1.25 cents each towards travel, while the Sapphire Reserve allows you to use the points with a value of 1.5 cents each towards travel.

Chase Trifecta adds a no annual fee card like Ink Cash or Chase Freedom into the mix, so your total effective annual fee will still be just $95 or $150. Both of those cards give options to earn a whopping 5 points per dollar in various categories on top of the 2-3 points per dollar that the Sapphire cards offer and the 1.5 points per dollar everywhere else with an Ink Unlimited or Freedom Unlimited card.

Chase Quadfecta would add both the Ink Cash and Chase Freedom on top of a Sapphire card and an Unlimited card, so your total effective annual fee will still be just $95 or $150. The Quadfecta is the sweet spot and allows you to really supercharge your spending everywhere.

Chase Quinfecta could add the Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card to that mix, adding $95 to the annual fee total. This make sense if you spend money on shipping, social media advertising, or search engine advertising, or if you want free cell phone insurance.

Alternatively, you can create a Chase Quinfecta by adding the Chase United Explorer card or the Chase United Explorer Business card into the mix. This card also carries a $95 annual fee like the Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card , but may be more useful to many people if they don’t need the Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card’s bonus categories. This card doesn’t earn Ultimate Rewards points, but it makes your Ultimate Rewards points more valuable. Having that card enables you to have access to significantly expanded United saver and standard award space in addition to benefits like 2 free club passes, a free checked bag, a free carry-on bag, and priority boarding, even when you’re on a basic economy fare. See more about those benefits here.

Again, all of these cards don’t need to be in one person’s name. 2 people from the same household can split up the requisite cards that make up the Quinfecta, as they can transfer the Ultimate Rewards points back and forth between themselves freely and they can add each other as an authorized user on their cards!

Airline transfer partners:

You can transfer points at a 1:1 ratio to:

  • United (Star Alliance)
  • Singapore (Star Alliance)
  • Air France/KLM Flying Blue (Skyteam)
  • British Airways (OneWorld)
  • Aer Lingus (OneWorld)
  • Iberia (OneWorld)
  • Emirates
  • JetBlue
  • Southwest
  • Virgin Atlantic

Hotel transfer partners:

You can transfer points at a 1:1 ratio to:

  • Hyatt
  • IHG
  • Marriott

The great thing about Chase Ultimate Rewards is how versatile and valuable they are:

The Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card allows you and anyone in your household to transfer Chase points into miles. They also allow you to use points at a value of 1.25 cents each towards travel.

The Sapphire Reserve also allows you and anyone in your household to transfer Chase points into miles. Plus it allows you to use points at a value of 1.5 cents each towards travel.

The fixed value is excellent and doesn’t require hunting down award space, but those points can be much more valuable by transferring them into airline miles or hotel points.

  • If I want to stay in a 5 star Park Hyatt in the Maldives, Melbourne, NYC, ParisSydney, or Tokyo that would cost over $1,000/night, I can instantly transfer 25-30K points to Hyatt to do that, a value of up to 6 cents per point.
  • If I need a one-way flight from Cleveland (or Chicago, Detroit, Miami, Montreal, Orlando, Pittsburgh, Toronto, etc) to NYC that can cost $500 each way, I can instantly transfer 7.5K points to British Airways to book a short-haul on American with no last minute booking fees. Or if American doesn’t have availability I can instantly transfer 10K points to United for their short-haul award. That’s a value of up to 7 cents per point.
  • If I want to stay in a non-chain hotel that costs $300/night and don’t want to pay cash, I can redeem 20K points for the room thanks to my Sapphire Reserve card’s minimum redemption value of 1.5 cents per point or 24K points with the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card ’s minimum redemption value of 1.25 cents per point
  • If I want to fly in a $25,000 ANA First Class Suite round-trip from the US to Tokyo, I can instantly transfer 110K or 120K points to Virgin Atlantic. That’s a value of up to 23 cents per point.
  • If I want to book a $2,281 business class ticket on Air Canada to Tel Aviv I can redeem 152K points for the flight thanks to my Sapphire Reserve card’s minimum redemption value of 1.5 cents per point or 182K points with the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card ’s minimum redemption value of 1.25 cents per point, plus I’ll earn Qantas miles for more future travel as it’s considered a paid flight instead of an award flight.
  • And thousands of other possibilities from Singapore couples suites to booking Southwest awards with 2 free bags and free cancellations, to stealing 2nd base in middle of an MLB game.


Highest Public Offer Ever: Earn 60,000 Points On The Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card!

Will you signup for this highest ever public offer? 

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Happy Thanksgiving

Question, does this card get a 5k bonus for adding a AU?


I’m just waiting for all the people who are going to ask if this applies to the reserve card as well… 🙂

огненный шар

Does this apply to the reserve card as well


Until when is this offer?


Wasn’t the $95 fee waived for the first year with the previous offer? So essentially you are paying $95 for 10k points now…


Is there a date until when this offer will be around? I’m waiting to clear out of 5/24…


I just opened a card and got the 50k bonus.
you mentioned to send them a secure message to match. How exactly do I do that?


Can I get the bonus if I’m an additional user on someone’s account?


So after this limited promotion ends the sign up bonus will be 50,000 points without the annual fee waived.


There is another downgrade option… To the no annual fee Sapphire Preferred card….


Hi. If I haven’t opened the Preferred or Reserve yet do you recommend opening the preferred now? Or wait to see if the reserve runs a better promo in the near future? What would you do?


Is their a way to determine if you had this card in the last 48 months?


I just applied for this card, before the increase, will I get the 60,000 bonus, or the 40,000?


If I got the bonus on a Sapphire Reserve less than 48 months ago, will they not approve the card altogether, like Citi? Or will they approve it (and waste a precious 5/24 slot), but not award the bonus after the fact?


Can I get this card and it’s bonus if I already have the Chase Saphire Reserve card?


My wife is an AU on my Sapphire preferred card. Do I need to cancel that before she applies for her own card?


does opening business credit cards counts for 5/24?


Hi Dan! I opened this card today, thanks for the heads up! Would you also open one for your wife? Is there any reason not to cash in on this offer?


What about the Chase ink business its 80,000 points


I have the sapphire preferred, my wife has the reserve. My pts are worth 1.25 for award travel. Can I just transfer these points to my wife where they will be worth 1.5 for award travel? Is that a good idea?


If I were to get this card and downgrade after 12 month to a freedom unlimited would I still be eligible for a signup bonus on that card?


I think he meant to ask if you would get the signup bonus on the freedom when downgrading. The answer to that is no. It is only for new applications.


I wrote to Chase about eligibility and they replied:

“You’re eligible for a new cardmember bonus as long as:
– You haven’t received a new cardmember bonus on this
account in the past 24 months.
– Your account is open and not in default when we post the

This seems to contradict your 48 month requirement above. Am I missing something or safe to proceed here if I’m between 24-48 months?


hey Dan can you please clarify the transfer rules of UR points. is it only between two people living at the same address,or is it anyone in the same household/address ie myself, my wife, and my teenage children? thank you in advance


If my wife is not an AU on my Sapphire Reserve card but I am an AU on her Freedom Unlimited card can we easily transfer UR points from her card to mine in order in to take advantage of the 50% travel bonus? Or does she also have to be a AU on my Sapphire Reserve card (which will cost an additional $75/ yr.) Thanks.


If I get referred by someone and it says on the link 50,000 points will I get the 60,000 points?


Wondering about transferring my Ultimate Rewards point to my mother’s account (because she has the Reserve, and I don’t). I have a different address on my account than my mother’s – do you think they’ll make an issue that it’s a different household? I heard Chase can be pretty strict on their rules.


I don’t have a preferred nor a reserve
Which do you prefer I sign up? Now that there’s a bonus for preferred


I sent chase a SM as my wife applied and met the threshold within the last month and a half. They matched it and didn’t say anything about or charge the yearly fee. Thanks Dan!


Dan I got the signup bonus for the sapphire over 5 years ago I then downgraded to the sapphire reserve ($0 annual fee) what are your suggestions? Is it possible to get another bonus? Also have you heard of the sapphire checking account bonus offered?


Can I upgrade from a Mileage plus explorer card, and still get the 60,000 miles, or should i just apply for the card separately?


Does anyone know if you can pay your monthly mortgage with this?


Any tips if i applied for the Sapphire Reserve and freedom unlimited two weeks ago, i call chase they say i am declined, so i call reconsideration and they say my application is still pending…

(automated line still says application being reviewed)


Does the 48 months start ticking from receiving the SUB or from when you opened the account?


If I live abroad [Israel], do purchases abroad count towards the $4k for the bonus?


I sent a secure message since I signed up in January as well, but they declined to match the offer. Can someone share what I should do?


Try again.
Worked for my wife.


Did she have to pay the annual fee?




does this card give you free access to any airport lounge?


I have had the Chase Preferred for years and I now want to close it down, as my husband is approved for this offer, will I lose my UR points?


First transfer the points to your husband’s account and then you can close yours


I downgraded my sapphire preferred to the no annual fee sapphire. Is there a way I can transfer my points to another card/program?

shaye ben reb moshie

thanxs dan i signed up and got the 60,000 points!!!


If I open two card the same day will each count towards 5/24


Can I apply for both sapphire preferred and sapphire reserve simultaneously (2BM) to receive both signup bonuses?


FYI if you get declined for having a card within last 48 months they don’t pull your credit reports.

~King Lake~

anyone else having trouble to apply online?


I plan on spending 70-100k on construction. Which card will get me the most points?



I have a sapphire reserve and a freedom unlimited, I’m not a big spender – Does it make sense to open a chase Ink cash and preferred for the bonus points? Or I should open the Delta Amex cards for the bonus points ?


If opened the card 24 mo ago but never received the bonus (didn’t meet the spending) currently still have the card, can apply again and will receive the bonus ?

~King Lake~

thanks @dan just got the approved


If you transfer points to united won’t you be hit with the booking fee for a mileage ticket within 30 days?


is it 48 months from account opening or receiving bonus


Receiving bonus


What’s the best way spend the points besides travel i have chase sapphire


Does 5/24 include mortgages?


As far as I know, mortgage are not a cc application.


How long do you have to wait after canceling the current card before applying (if bonus was received 24 months ago)?


To utilize the points as 1.5 towards travel, or to unlock points transfer to miles, do I need to have someone in my household with a sapphire card or it’s enough if I am an additional user on someone’s sapphire?


how long does it take after completing the spending for the points to post?

Grouchifier 1.0

@Dan, does this card come with the new Chase Debt Forgiveness Program?

Yosef H

How can I get the most of my sapphire preferred points like you listed above with British airways? Flying from Miami to New York is costing me 22k points round trip.


if flying with air canada you will earn qantas points ?


I opened a Reserve card on 12/16/16 and a Preferred card on 4/27/2017

The reserve card is closed out and I have the preferred card active.

Can I apply and get the bonus again?

Flying awayy

Hi Dan – I’ve had my reserve card for 3+ years. When I called Chase about applying for the preferred the rep said I first must cancel my reserve, then apply for the preferred with no guarantee it will be accepted. Should I not bother b/c I havent had my reserve card for at least 48 months? Or do you have any ideas? I dont want to hurt my credit score (which is excellent) by cancelling my card.


You need to wait 48 months since you received the signup bonus on the CSR


48 months from the application, approval, or receipt of bonus?


This card allows you to use points to book last minute travel? there is no minimum 2 week purchase like the Delta Platinum card?


48 long wait
I am at almost 36
Pay $450 or pc cf and wait a year ?
I know 450-300
But paying other a fees


I have a British Airways Chase card @$95 per year. Does it make sense to keep it open if I get approved for a Sapphire card?


Just got approved. Last bonus received was only 47 months ago.

New York

How can you know when the last bonus was received?


I had an old downgraded sapphire card that I just switched to a freedom unlimited. Can I apply for this offer or is there a waiting period?


i already have a freedom and freedom unlimited card is there any way i can get rid of the annuel fee?


Received a bonus on a Sapphire personal card less than 48 months ago. Am I eligible for bonus on a Sapphire business card? Does it matter if I apply with my SS number vs an EIN?

sid boo

I already have sapphire preferred. Will they approve Saphire Reserve for me?

New York

When you say: Baggage Delay Reimbursement it’s only if purchased the airline ticked with this card and if was purchased with chase points in UR portal it would not be covered?


I just got approved today for this card. I also would like to get the BA card but I would rather wait for a better offer. Is there any advantage to applying for both the same day?


You mention that if you hold the chase reserve that you are not eligible, what about the jpmorgan reserve (rebranded palladium card)?


can i also convert this card to the sapphire card with no annual fee?


Dan, I got denied when I applied for Chase Sapphire Proffered. They said I should wait 48 months (meaning 4 years!) before I can apply to any Chase Product and get the bonus points. Does that mean that the 5/24 rule changed? Any insights what should I do next?
(I have excellent credit score of 808 points)

Adira Benklifa

If I open this card and already have the ink business card, will I be able to cancel one of them after a year and combine the miles to avoid an additional annual fee? Or will I need to keep the card open until I use the miles?


Thanks Dan, my father was just approved


I just applied online and got an instant rejection. I have a preferred Sapphire and it’s been over 48 months since I received my bonus points so I’m surprised. Reply said I’ll be given the reason within 7-10 days.


still able to get this card if am an AU on plain sapphire card?




does this card give you free access to any airport lounge?


Hi there,if I have 5 CC opened in the last 24 months,and 3 of them were close douse it apply to the 5/24 from chase ? Or can I call them if I didn’t get approved
and also one day after 5/24 finished can I apply already ?

Aryeh Sonnenberg

I’ve been counting the days until it’s been 24 months since I applied for this card last. This post says it needs to be 48 months. Is that new and maybe HUCA-able?

Beni J

How long would I have to wait to get a product change from the prefered to freedom unlimated, and still keep the 60k signing bonus?


Dan, I am sorry if I missed this. I am new to DansDeals… I got the Sapphire Preffered card in Dec 2015 and that’s when I got 40,000 sign on bonus. Did you say that I can get these 60,000 automatically if I haven’t received any bonus in the last 48 months? If so, how do I do that? Do I cancel the existing card and apply for a new one? I don’t want to do that…


Thnx Dan!
I have been meaning to do this for ages! Recently retired to Israel, and need all the points I can get to go back and visit


@dan I just booked my flight and car rental on preferred, if I upgrade to reserve before my statement, will I get 3 points per dollar? And will I get the $300 travel credit?


I signed up for the discover student card 6 months ago, and have been using it regularly, maintaining a good score. Do you think I will be approved for this as my second card?


Random question.
I have a Chase United card. I sold my points twice for cash. United penalized me and they shut down my Mileage Plus Account. Although on my statement it still states how many points I earned. Is there any way I can get them to forgive me, and to give me my Miles/Cash Back for the points I’ve earned.


Hi, can I still get the 60k bonus if I add my wife as an authorized user to my existing sapphire preferred account?

Dan fan

Is there any way to transfer points from my amazon prime rewards card to my chase sapphire reserve card ?


is there a sign up bonus for the jp morgan reserve card? and does it give me statement credit for global entry?


with a FICO score of 709 what are my chances of getting approved ?

Beni J

I got approved for preferred and got the bonus. Can I make a product change to freedom unlimated, apply for reserve card and still be able to get the 50k signing bonus from the reserve and keep the 60k I got from prefered?


Hey dan thanks for always being a help really appreciate it. Once I receive the 60,000 points which card should I downgrade to, for no annual fee? And should I wait to downgrade the card if I would end up combining the 60,000 points to a different sapphire card?


Can paying off other credit cards be included in the initial requirement for purchasing?


Not sure if this has been answered yet, but can I get the bonus if I currently have the Sapphire card – just the regular card (e.g. not Preferred nor Reserve)?


I am an AU on my spouse’s Reserve card and I depend on his income to qualify. Can I still be approved for the Preferred?


If I got a $100 credit to my Reserve CC (4/1 annual fee of $550), will my Preferred card get a credit from Chase as well?


No Ink bonus? “The card you may be looking for might not be available at this time. Please see below for a list of the current best small business offers from our partners.”


Question: do the 60,000 points get added to my account as soon as I meet the $4000 threshold or only after 3 months?



You get it when you finish spending $4000


Hi Dan, My CSR card got the AF posted April 1, until when can I do a PC to avoid the AF.


Hi Dan, If im currently authorized user on a sapphire reserve card will i still get this offer?


I am an additional user to someone’s cc . Can I just close that without it affecting my credit score?


Do you by any chance know if this card has rental car insurance for pickup trucks? I’ve always wanted to rent one but I don’t want to buy the rental company’s cdw for $35 per day.


Does this card cover rental car insurance for pickup trucks?


Worth paying 1.87% for tax if already met threshold ?
Considering no one flying anywhere in the near future ?


Hey Dan,
How can I check when I got the bonus last time (for this and the reserved)?
Thank you


Would I get approved for this card if I had the card 2 years ago? Not asking about bonus just about getting approved.

Tina Brown

If I down grade my current Preferred card to a Freedom card. When can I open another preferred card and get a sign up bonus? Can I transfer unused points to my wife’s Preferred card?


I want to apply for a Chase Sapphire Preferred card from the dansdeals.com site, but the link takes me to cardratings.com that doesn’t include the Chase Sapphire Preferred card, only the Reserve card. How do I get credit for dansdeals.com with my card application?


I have a sapphire card and added my wife as a cardholder. If she signs up for her own card can she get the signup bonus?


Hi Dan,
If I have an ink preferred card from a couple years ago would it make sense to open the sapphire , transfer the points to the sapphire card and downgrade the ink card so I’m only paying one annual fee? I don’t need the bonus categories on the ink card and I have the united explorer card.
I used to open an ink card every 18 months or so but now that the required spend went from 5k to 15 k it’s less attractive . Thoughts?

Jonathan Shapiro

If we currently have a Saphire Preferred card and we were told we are eligible for new sign up bonus. What do we do? Do we have to downgrade this current card?