Limited Time Credit Card Offers Ending Soon


-Until sometime tonight you can still get The Lufthansa Premier Miles & More World MasterCard which offers 20K miles for spending $1 and another 30K miles for spending $5,000 within 3 months.  The normal bonus is 20,000 points but with this bonus you’ll have 55,000 miles after meeting the spend threshold.  That’s more than enough for 4 free domestic one-ways in United coach, 3 free domestic one-ways in United first, or a free one-way lie-flat business class ticket to Europe. Barclays cards also come with your free FICO score for free for as long as you’re a cardholder. Read more in this post.

-For a limited time only you can still get 20,000 points on the Chase Freedom card for spend just $500 in 3 months.  The Freedom card is my favorite no-annual fee credit card and it has a normal bonus of 10,000 points.  The exact signup bonus promo end date has not been announced so it can be pulled at any point.  You can earn 5 points per dollar in rotating categories throughout the year which adds up to 30,000 potential points per year for just $6,000 in easy spending (see the related post links below for more on that).

You also get a 10% point dividend in February on top of all points earned in the previous year if you have a Chase checking account.  If you have a Freedom card but don’t have a checking account yet be sure to open one by 12/31 to get that dividend!

Freedom points can be redeemed for 1 cent cash back each but I really hope you don’t do that.  They can transfer into far more valuable airline miles or hotel points if you or your spouse has (or will get) a premium Chase card like Chase Sapphire Preferred , Chase Ink Plus , or Chase Ink Bold. Points transfer instantly between cards and into miles.

More on the Freedom card in this post as well as in this 5x post.

Don’t know where to use each of your cards?  This post highlights the bonus opportunities.

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can i get the freedom again if i already have it?


Do I still get to keep the points that I get for the miles&more program if I cancel the luftansa card? Thanks. And is there a way to get the annual fee waived?


Hard to get approved for 2 of the same card if you still have the old one.

You do keep the points even if the card is cancelled. This is true for all points held by an airline or hotel.

Tons of folks have reported getting the fee waived, just call and ask for a manager to waive it once you get the card!


Dan thanks for your quick reply. One more question how long are these miles good for without using them till they expire? Thanks!


Lufthansa miles last 3 years.
However if you keep the Lufthansa credit card they will never expire even if you have no activity.


What’s the best way to redeem chase freedom points so you get the most money for your points?


See the 5x post that I linked to in this post.


Will barclays make problems if you use blue bird or ap to reach the 5k threshold? Thanks.




Thanks. I called to get the fee waived and was refused. Was told its policy and no way. I see you write that many did get it waved so I’ll try again.

Can I use Lufthansa for business class NY- Australia with out the crazy fuel charge?


If I do a 2bm with this and us air is there a way to get off the us air annual fee? And is it gonna merge into aa miles when they merge and when is that gonna happen?


@ dan…If i am going to downgrade my sapphire to freedom- should i not sign up for th 20k bonus now?


If i get approoved can i still get a free credit report? How do i get it?


Did you ask for a manager?
I’d do it during business hours when the specialists are in.

2BMs can be tough these days with Barclay though not impossible.
Q1 2014.

Downgrade it after you get approved.

You get it as long as you have a Barclay card:




Dan I got the chase British airways card with a anuall fee of 95 dollars. I spoke to the manager and they said they won’t wave it. Is there anything I can do to get that fee waived for the first year


2BM or 3BM is tough these days with Barclay meaning its tough to get all 2or 3 cards or that they might pull 2 or 3 times?


and which 3 would you go for on a 3BM? if 3BM is a stretch, what two? I don’t have any Barclays right now


@Dan: if I just got the sapphire preferred card should I be opening a freedom card now or should I be waiting until I will want to “downgrade” to a no-annual fee card at the end if the year to do that?


Do I have any chance of being approved for the lufthansa card if I only ave a 9 month credit history?

Can the miles earned be used toward a direct flight to Israel?


I have the freedom right now and want to use for mileage, which of the three cc is best,sapphire preffered or ink plus and how do u redeem for miles


Dan to ask for annual fee to be waived would you call right away when you get the card or wait till fee posts on statement ?


Can I by vanilla on Amex SPG to meet threshold of 5k


@dan I can downgrade it to a freedom even though ill have one after approval?

Dan's the man

@Shaya: I think that’s fine just don’t pay off the SPG card using the Bluebird funds. Use the Bluebird funds to pay your rent, mortgage, tuition, or even write a check and put it in your banking account and pay the SPG card from there.



Thanks. It worked I called and spoke to a manager and he waved the fee on the Lufthansa card!


Send an SM.

Can be tough to get more than 1 card approved but not impossible.
Arrival, Lufthansa, and USAirways are best:

You can open one now.

You can fly on USAir direct with no fuel surcharge but you need to ticket that by 03/30/14.

They’re all great cards.
You can transfer points to miles on or by calling Chase.

As soon as the fee posts online.


I have.

Told ya 😀


@Dan’s the man:

You’re sure I can’t pay back the SPG with Bluebird funds? I did it a few months ago and had no problem. I shouldn’t do it to any CC or only SPG?


@Dan: any disadvantage in calling right away once I get the card to try and get annual fee waived as opposed to waiitng till fee posts?


dan does it pay to get approved for a new S/P by closing an old one moving CL but they wanna reduce it ? I don’t like the idea what do you say?

Dan's the man

@Mandel: You “could” do it but I personally wouldn’t since Bluebird is an Amex product. I do it for Chase and other banks but Amex I don’t.


whats considered to many AU on Amex cards acct?


I called Barclays regarding my Miles & More acct. The calls are routed to Manila, so they are super nice. I had the agent transfer me to a “specialist” who said he would reverse the annual fee. Thanks Dan!



What is the best way to use Ultimate Rewards points for travel?
1) sell them to a broker at .017 cents per
2) book travel flights through Ultimate Rewards (seems expensive)
3) Book flights via another program ??? (how do you transfer points, if this is the best option)



is anyone having issues applying for chase sapphire prefered card? just tried 3x and it wont let me check off the box at end of application. very frustrating !


How do I get a free fico score?

I signed up through your link, however i dont see how to get it.



@sara u have to first chick on the box that tells u to read the terms and after u scroll to the end of that it will take u back and then u can check off the box at the end of the application


@dan I have a freedom and I called to see how much I have on it and hour I can transfer to miles, they told me it’s a 1:1 ratio even if I only have the freedom card and not the sapphire preferred

steve from chicago

tried twice to get lufthansa fees waived with no luck – any suggestions


@steve from chicago: did you ask for manager or account specialist?


@dan is using ultimate rewards for travel the same thing as transfering points to miles


They lied.


steve from chicago

the first time i asked for a manager and the second time i asked for a specialist – any suggestions ?


Dan any downside to calling right away when i get card to get fee waived as opposed to waiting until fee posts?


If I currently only have a BOA Reward CC and want to apply for one more CC, should I go for an AMEX SPG or Chase Freedom? I am not a big spender but do travel and want to know what is better! thank you!


can i still get the Lufthansa Premier Miles & More World MasterCard tomorrow, 12/15 ?


@dan any idea how to start with c.c we only have debit and the income is not high enough. which one is the easier to get? thanks


@lila: start with a chase slate. six months later a Freedom


Can you redeem your miles in your Miles & More card for Cash or Gift cards?

miles and more

if I just got approved for 2 american express cards this week (new York) and applied but for denied from Barclay’s about 2 and a half months ago should I try again now


Dan, do you recommend the barclays us airways where you get 35k after first swipe. Is it worth opening?


You have to OPEN. And read the terms and conditions then you can check the box.


@ Dan I want to open for a business Credit card by Lufthansa is there such a think if yes can u pls post the link


Does 2 or 3 bm work with Barclay cards?


Off topic but I need help
I’m flying to HK in two weeks in business class, and from there im taking a connecting flight to China, but that flight is 6 hours after I land, could I use the lounges in Hk if yes how do I go about it, my second question will I be able to use the new lounges that has the sleeping areas, please help me out.



Do you know if I load $ from my credit card to the Amex Serve reload is it considered a cash advance or a purchase?



Dan, i aplied 4 the chase ink plus & ink bold business cards with 2 web browsers & got aproved 4 one of them with a 18k limit. Should i call & have them move over some credit 2 get aproved for the other card? Wats the number 2 the buisness reconshder & what should i say why do i want both cards??


One is a charge card, one is a credit card.
HSA spending is better put on its own card while other spending goes on another.


I want to apply for the Barclay’s card, but want to know which Cards I should apply for at the same time… Any ideas?


Both are great cards.

Do you have family that can add you as an authorized user on one of their good cards?

Be better off selling em.

@miles and more:
Did you call Recon then?

Pretty tough these days.

Off topic discussion belongs on DDF.



Wat do u mean HSA spending? Wats that??

joey a Dan fan

Dan, first thanks 4 ur Gr8 site & awesome advice all the times. I would like to ask. it may not be in place here But wanted to know about “balance transfers”. If it has any negative affect on my credit score if I’m doing a B transfer?? How would it effect my credit score & report? Never did B T b4. Wanna transfer SPG like 5K to Slate visa, Getting offers daily & got an offer now with SLATE visa for 15 m 0 interest & NO TRANSFER FEE if reply now.. Can anyone answer “if it won’t reflect any negative..” & what about by amex SPG that I trnsfr a 5K from them??


One card is missing in this post and that is the discover card. The only card that gives you your FICO score free with every statement. A 12 dollar value every month free.


Google is your friend.

@joey a Dan fan:
I have a link for that offer as well and am always appreciative if you use my links:

Carrying a balance can lower your score for as long as you have that balance but it will go up again when it’s paid off.

This isn’t a list of cards with good benefits, it’s a list of cards with limited time increased signup offers.

I have a link for that Discover offer as well and it’s an easy card to get:

miles and more



For some reason the landing page of your chase freedom link doesn’t say anything about 20k miles, only about $200
Do you have a screen shot


$200 cash back on the Freedom card is always in the form of 20,000 points.
They want you to use it for 1% cash back or $200.

However if you have a premium card you can move the points there and then transfer them into much more valuable miles.


Can u talk about the us air card 35 k bonus after first purchase?


Called four times and they advised they can’t waive it and they received a lot of calls about it. When they get bombarded with calls seems things can get killed


Were you billed the fee yet?
Try calling during business hours when real managers are in.


link no longer works




Barclay card link is dead


Link dead??


Lol, this link has been around for months now. Why is it that people always wait until it’s too late?


Still works on barclays site!


Thx for responding. Do you have an idea when us air points will be transferred to aa miles?


Is the cannos deal still active (as it seens from the post ) I can’t seem to access it


dan. i couldn’t open the freedom cause i have the sapphire already and its considerd one family. please if u could state that for others to know


lufthansa has a similar offer still goin on the site for 35k points. does it pay?


That’s not true. Call back!

I’m sure we’ll see the 50k again.


said they didn’t even pull my credit cause its one family. what exactly should i tell em


Call and say you want it anyway as it has different benefits.


sorry. my mistake. they said the prob is cause im secondary to my wife freedom


@Dan: why does it matter if he was biiled ?