ISIS Wallet To Rebrand As Softcard

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Update: Today is the final day for Verizon customers to get $20 back for spending $40 on Serve. You can spend on your physical Serve card at a store or online as long as the card is registered in your ISIS/Softcard app.


Originally posted on 09/03:

In July I wrote about my long overdue journey from Bluebird to ISIS (click here to read more about the differences)

Of course over the past month we’ve read about the horrific beheadings perpetrated by the Islamic State which is also referred to as ISIS, so ISIS wallet has wisely decided to change their name to Softcard.

Regardless, ISIS with Serve has been amazing.
As a Verizon customer the signup bonuses are lucrative. $25 for signing up to ISIS with Serve, $20 off your first $40 Serve purchase, $1 back every time you use the ISIS wallet (up to $50/month through 2014), free coke from select coke machines, along with many other offers.

Similar offers are available with AT&T and T-Mobile. Sprint customers can’t get ISIS.

Plus of course the Serve card is eligible for AMEX offers.
And you can add $1,500 in free monthly credit card funding to your Serve account without having to leave to comfort of your home.   That’s on top of $1,500 of debit card funding online and $5,000 of swiping gift cards in stores like WalMart and Family Dollar where you can add gift cards purchased that earned 5 points per dollar+1% cash back into your Serve account.

It’s all too lucrative to last.  But I’ll keep enjoying it while it does!

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Is there a isis app for iphone?


Yes, but you need to get a special NFC case for it to work as the iPhone doesn’t have NFC built-in (though the new one being announced next week ought to)


will applying for serve card cause a credit hit on my report?




if you charge your credit card to upload money on the serve card, it says there may be cash advance fees. anyone have any thoughts or experience? also any atm issues with getting the money out


@Dan: You say it’s too lucrative to last, but I’m not sure. Bluebird has been around close to 2 years now without many hitches, and these days Serve is basically the same thing, why don’t you think it will last? The extra ISIS benefits may have a clock, but I think BB/Serve is here to stay…


I was waiting for that to happen. I’ll admit I was getting a bit freaked out every time I got a notification on my phone from ISIS :-)!
@Dan, how are you cashing out the Serve card via ISIS/Softcard?


I have used several cards without issue.
Nor have I read about any CA advance fees being charged though AMEX charges apparently don’t get points so I haven’t used an AMEX.

Bluebird requires going to a store.
ISIS lets you charge $18,000 a year to your credit cards with no fees. Seems too lucrative to me.
May last a while, but eventually that will probably be further limited or eliminated.

Lots of easy billpay options to cash out. Or even ATM.

isis usis

Here’s hoping that the Islamic State people dont decide to rename their terrorist org to Softcard anytime soon.


Will credit card funding get points


Nah I’m just doing it because I’m bored.


Is the $20 of $40 serve purchase only at Verizon or is that for any $40 charge?


Any $40 charge, even if you just use the Serve card and not the ISIS app.


Will this work without an NFC SIM card?





sorry is that sarcastic, would you earn points?



so the best way to sign up is through the ISIS app?


why are you saying you can do $1,500 in free monthly credit card that only when you have ISIS right?


Chutzpah! Let the terrorists change their names. If the next group of crazies call themselves DansDeals, will you change your name too?;-)


the $25 signup bonus was offer 8/31/14


do i have to buy a ISIS ready case? the app is not downloading


dan it worked with citi?


Is it $1500 Credit card funding online AND $1500 debit card funding, Plus $5K?? I know that is what you wrote, but I thought it was $1500 Credit OR Debit online.

Maybe time to drop the bird.




If you use AmEx cards to fund Serve, you will NOT get points. So yes, you guys had a valid question. Any other card will get points. With AmEx, I am not sure if it will count towards spending limits.


Except that both the original post (linked to very clearly in the post for people looking for more info) as well as comment 8 already said that.


How does one obtain Amex offers for Serve card? I can’t find it anywhere on my Serve account. thanks.


if i have signed up online for serve caan i download app get nfc case and still get benefits of loading $1500 on app with credit cards and $1500 debit(GC) ONLINE AS WELL??


Is it ok to fund serve with AMEX gift cards?


it is a little unclear if you use the amex card to load are you just not going to earn points like for a reg purchase or are you saying that it will not count towards your spending limit? which if its just a charge and not a cash advance it should.


@Dan: dan is not being serious. why else would he be doing this or telling us about it.


Any promos going on now (for a T-mobile customer) other than the $10 referral and the $1 back on $1+ purchases? I’m about to sign up and was looking to be referred so we can both get $10 (looks like they’re still running the referral promo as far as I can tell) – is there a congo line set up for isis/softcard? 🙂


Did a $52 charge last week and no $20 credit. Do you know of anywhere this $20 of $40 for a Serve charge is published?


I’m only seeing $1000/month for credit card


That’s without ISIS.


says my phone is not compatible.
is an “enhanced SIM” required?


oooooh good one.

@heather, I think you have to select in first in ISIS


Excuse my ignorance but I’m just not getting the difference b/w bluebird and serve. With bluebird I go to Valero and buy vanilla reloads with my cc, load them on to my bluebird and then pay bills etc. How do I spend credit card money with serve?

Vegas Mohel

Anyone try loadng serve card directly from Chase Ink Cash
Card online? Any Cash advance fees charged?

new to isis as no more AP

I am trying to understand what this isis is, as AP is gone. Can you please writeLike
1) the steps
2) what to do
3) and how to do?
4) Please:)


Will it work with Page plus if the phone is a Verizon phone?


I am new to the whole ISIS/Softcard situation but am very interested. I have I phone 5s, and although I didn’t go to Apple store yet, have not been successful finding an NFC enabled case. Any ideas? Thanks.


For the record, ISIS/Softcard has a rootchecker, those with rooted phones will get message saying “this phone has been rooted, softcard is not supported”. This just means that you’ll have to jump through some hoops to get it working, Xposed Framework and ISIS Root Bypass Module….


Can you pleas explain what you just wrote?


it does not work with verizon prepaid. EVEN 4G.


if i already have a Serve card, will i get the promo by just using it in Softcard or i need to order the card through Softcard?


can someone please help.
I have a verizon Samsung galaxy 4s which seems to be fine for this. when i try to create an account with my phone i get an email almost instantly. “We’re sorry, but it appears your Isis Mobile Wallet® was not activated. To set up your Wallet, you’ll need to restart the activation process. If you continue to experience a problem with activating your Wallet, please call your wireless service provider for assistance. ”
i called Verizon and they can’t figure out the problem


What’s the fastest way to transfer money to my Serve card? I want to buy something tonight, but the balance is only $25.


@dan any way to get the serve card without having to cancel my bluebird?


how do you withdraw the 1,500 that you put in fee free*?


Do you have the NFC/Secure Element SIM?

Use a credit card!


Pay a bill?
Withdraw to bank account?


can i swipe gift cards at 7 11 (the serve website says you can load with cash wallmart 7 11 etc.)?


Thanks! I got $45 worth of merchandise and made $5 from this deal!


@Dan: is it worth shutting down bb for serve?


@Jacksassonbk: read the other post. Going to work on swapping ASAP!


@Mendel: is it prepaid? (8:09 PM)


@dan I have not used blue or serve before. Can you walk me through getting a serve card? What are the advantages?
Thank YOu


@Dan my Amazon purchase went through as two separate transactions. Do you think I’ll still get the $20 back?


I’m on T-Mobile with an incompatible Isis phone. If my wife has a compatible Verizon phone, can I install Isis on her phone and then sign up for the card for myself on her phone and get the Verizon bonus? Can I then uninstall the app and sign up again for her and have us both get bonuses? Thanks.


if i already have a Serve card, will i get the promo by just using it in Softcard or i need to order the card through Softcard app?


probably too late now, but what happens if you go into a Verizon store and use one of their display phones to sign up for an account? Also, how long after you cancel your Bluebird card can you apply for the serve card?


I think u can no longer (as of 9/16) download ISIS Wallet on the iPhone. Might be an Apple Pay thing..


If I have a non compatible phone, can I just set up a serve card, load every month with $1000 with my credit card and cash it out at an ATM? Will this work? Will this give me points on my (non-amex) credit card?