Here’s How To Pro-Rate The Annual Fees On AMEX Cards After September 1st, Besides For Moving To Boston


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AMEX is making changes to their annual fee policy on September 1st:








Currently you can cancel a card for up to 60 days from the date the fee was billed. That will switch to 30 days from the closing date of the statement on which the fee appears.

But the bigger deal is that annual fees will no longer be pro-rated if you cancel a card after that 30 day period. Currently annual fees are pro-rated, so if for example you cancel a card after 5 months of paying an annual fee you would receive a a refund for 7/12ths of the annual fee.

Apparently these new rules don’t apply if you live in MA, so there’s always the option of moving to Beantown. (I don’t think day-tripping to Bahston for more than 300,000 miles will count even if it is wicked smaht 😉 )

Otherwise, I reached out to AMEX and confirmed that you will still be able to downgrade your card and receive a pro-rated refund after these new rules go into effect.

That mean if you have a $450/year Platinum card for example, you’ll still be able to downgrade to a $195/year Premier Rewards Gold card or $95/year Green card and receive a pro-rated refund for the higher priced card.

You just won’t receive any refund if you cancel the card. Unless you Pahk the Caa in Hahvahd Yahd.

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you gave examples of downgrading to a lower annual fee card

what about downgrading to a no annual fee card?


Pahk the Caa in Hahvahd Yahd???


i thought we all lived in boston. weird.


You’re in a joking mood today! 🙂


I’m waiting to see who is going to be the first to ask an explanation on the last line.


@anonymous, park the car in Harvard.
You sir was clearly never in Boston


this was worrying me very much, thanks


I have the platinum card for two years and have never been charged an annual fee, any explanation?

Yordai Dooma

I think some of the readers here live out of town. Dan was obviously trying to help them. Yes, most jews live in boston


@Anonymous: There is no charge card without an annual fee so the answer is no


Will you instantly be charged the AF for the cheaper card upon downgrading?


One of those days.

Play the lottery.

@Yordai Dooma:

Not instantly.

Jack out of the box

Was there a similar change recently with Citi? I downgraded a Citicard recently (I think within 30 days of AF charge) and I got back only like 10 months of AF.


@Yossi: I have seen before a Platinum business card without an AF but it was a really old account, and didn’t have all the benefits of the current Platunum cards, I don’t know if they have such an idea as a personal card.


Will it be automatically or will they need to manually do it ?


@Baruch – nor it seems were you – there’s no parking in Harvard Yard!!


Hmmm were you drunk while writing this? The truth🙃


Dan is still basking in the afterglow of the Cavs parade by the Flats and the Tribe playing terrific ball,once the Browns play, it might be a little different. While you Bostonians seem to have a parade along Freedom trail at least once a year,and with my basketball team the Nets,giving you a draft pick every year apparently


does this apply for new cards only? or even the existing cards?


On a different note, how do you get the pro-rated refund right now. Do you specifically ask the representative while cancelling or its automatically applied to your account?


will you then have to pay for the full anual fee of the downgraded card, or you can downgrade then cancel?