Get Bonus Starpoints For Adding Additional Cardholders To Your Starwood AMEX Account!

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Starwood Additional Cardholder Bonus Offer Linky

You can get 2,000 Starpoints for adding 2 additional cardholders to your Starwood account. You get 1,000 points for each additional cardholder that you add. You need to spend at least $150 on the additional card within 90 days to get the points.  There is no fee for additional cardholders.

Another perk: You can register additional cardholders for AMEX’s $25 Small Business Promo.  Each additional cardholder can get the $25 credit!

For those who don’t know, the Starwood AMEX is my personal favorite card for spending. 20,000 Starpoints can be converted into 25,000-50,000 miles in dozens of airline programs or can be used for incredible values at Starwood hotels including great rewards such as 5th night free, Cash & Points, and Nights & Flights. Just having the card gets you Starwood preferred plus status with free 4pm late checkouts and better rooms.
The card also comes with premium AMEX benefits such as the incredible return protection which allows you to return unwanted items that stores won’t take back, purchase protection in case an item is stolen after you buy it, top-notch warranty extension where AMEX will pay to replace or refund your product after the warranty is over, rental car insurance, and more.
AMEX is also the undisputed leader in making chargebacks a painless process when you have a dispute with the merchant, just fill out the dispute online and they’ll credit your account if they side with you.

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Dan, how can you covert 20k starwood points into 50k airline points?


What information do we need to add an authorized user? Do we need to provide social security numbers?


i added cards a few days ago would that do for the points offered?


If I did the offer last time when they had it could do it again



Nope, you do not need to provide SSNs!

Only if you did it via this link.

Doesn’t hurt to try-At least you’ll get the $25 bonus!


If I add an additional card and then remove it soon after the $150 is spent, will that affect my credit in any way?





When you add an authorized user, does it affect that persons credit?


Just make up any name for the addl cardholder and dont give a social and it wont affect anyones credits.

Deal Guy

Is there a way to add a user and be able to add his social so I can build up his credit?
I dont want it to become a joint account,I just want to have him as an additional, and to build up his credit.


@Deal Guy:@ Deal Guy
you always have the option to write in his social


@Dan/Ctownbochur: do you know the promo code?




@shach: got it it is p827001 valid through 3/2011


Link doesn’t work! Had to call – consumer cards were added over the phone and I had to provide date of birthday and SSN. Trying to get to enroll business cards – I am on the phone now for about 45 min. They had to verify that it is a valid link from AX. So stupid. God disconnected, they didn’t bother to call me back.



Worked fine for me.
Many AMEX links only will work in certain browsers, so be sure to try FF, IE, and Chrome before giving up.


did this a few months ago, got 2K points. can i do it again (cardmember 3&4) for another 2K?


@Melanie: over the phone they will not honor (tried it)it unless you give them the promo code.


So do I get 2000 miles plus $25 or just one of them


For 2 cards you would get 2,000 Starpoints and $50.


Dan what is the best link to a new starwood card? i heard there is a link that gets you 25000 points? and a link that gets you automatically gold?


The link above is the 25K link.
You get 10K after your first purchase and 15K bonus points after spending $15K.

And you get Starwod gold after spending $30K or by getting the AMEX Platinum:


so if i have 5 Amex in my name plus 2 additional users, i can get over $200?



Ive heard there is a link that may be targeted that will give you automatic gold???


Not that I know of.


Does this mean if you have both the Consumer and Business cards….you can add two users to each account for a total of 4,000 Starpoints?


the link asks for both the name, SS, and birthdate
what happens if I don’t put in SS – will I still get the card?


You should.


love your website

dan – do you mind telling us what credit cards you use and for what? thanks so much




@sunfun: of course


Can someone help me what my my best way of using my starwood points towards an AA direct flight NYC-BUD? Is LAN an potion??


thank you for all that you do
i just spent 2 hours reading the different credit card options you have on your site. but did not find the answer i am looking for. i need a CC that i can spend 150K a month on and get points. until now i use amex and sell the points but more and more vendors dont want to take amex so i need to open up a visa or mc to use. what is the best CC to use. i will get more miles then i can use so i need a CC that is easy to sell/trasfer miles to get cash for them. can you please help me out.
thank you


@ steve
Go for continental from chase or aa from citi . Just check for the mileage caps on them per year. Those miles are very valuable and in high demand. Its possible to get 1.6 cash per mile if you shop around well.


AA has an annual earnings cap if you are not elite.
Continental has no cap, offers a 10K mile bonus for spending $25K annually, and has more card benefits than the AA card.

I use the Continental card for non-amex spending:
I do AMEX spending on the Starwood card.


Is the link for adding the 2 additional members working? I keep getting ‘The servers are not responding’ error and to call up some 800 number. Is there any other way to register the 2 additional members?


@Sam: call them and use the promo card poted above


The link wasnt working so I called the 800 number the rep said i would need to give the social for the additional cardholder,she said its a new rule started this past saturday.


Worked – added two additional members. The link errors out in IE8 but works fine in FF.


@fred: Who’s buying AA for 1.6?


Whats the best way to use my starwoods points TLV-NYC


If I have done this promo a couple of months ago can I add another 2 card holders and receive it again?


has anyone got their points yet
How long do you think till they post?


i am currently a gold member do you know what it takes to get upgraded to a platinum member?


Hi Dan, I had cancelled a starwood account and reopened another 11 months later. THey are not giving me the bonus because I was a cardholder within the past 12 months. Are you familiar with this? Is there anything I can do?