Ends Today! Get A 25% Bonus When You Transfer AMEX Membership Rewards Points Into Flying Blue Miles; Fly To Israel For 20K Miles Each Way

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Update: DEAD!

Update: This promotion ends today!

Get A 25% Bonus When You Transfer AMEX Points Into Flying Blue Miles

Login to your account via the link above and the transfer ratio should say 1:1.25 through 4/29. The last transfer bonus from AMEX to Flying Blue was 25% from 5/1/18-6/15/18.

Flying Blue is the mileage program of Air France and KLM. They are both Skyteam Alliance members, as is Delta.

The nice thing about Flying Blue is that they consider Israel to be part of Europe. However they do charge fuel surcharges except for Delta flights.

Round-trip coach to Israel would require 40K AMEX points plus fuel surcharges with the 25% transfer bonus:


Round-trip business to Israel would require 84.8K AMEX points plus fuel surcharges:


Flying Blue does allow one-way redemptions for half the price, so 20K AMEX points would be enough for a one-way ticket between North America and Tel Aviv in coach and 42.4K would be enough in business class.

Flying Blue occasionally has useful Promo Awards that discount the miles required by 25-50% from rotating cities. Currently those are valid from Montreal and Toronto and they change each month.

Round-trip business to Israel would require 63.6K AMEX points plus fuel surcharges:


AMEX cards with transferable points include:

  • AMEX Blue Business Plus
  • AMEX Platinum Business
    • $595, earn 1.5 points per dollar on eligible $5K+ transactions, $200 in annual airline fee credits, Marriott and Hilton Gold status, 35% points rebate on paid airfare redemptions, Global Entry/Pre-check, AMEX Global lounge collection access.
    • For rates and fees of the AMEX Platinum Business Card, please visit here.
  • AMEX Gold Business Card
  • AMEX Gold Consumer Card
    • $250 annual fee, 50K points welcome bonus, $100 in annual airline fee credits, earn up to 4 points per dollar.
  • AMEX Platinum Consumer Card
    • $550 annual fee, up to 60K points welcome bonus, earn 5 points per dollar on airfare, $200 in annual airline fee credits, up to $200 in annual Uber credit, up to $100 in annual Saks credit, Marriott and Hilton Gold status, Global Entry/Pre-check, AMEX Global lounge collection access.
  • AMEX Everyday Preferred Consumer Card
    • $95 annual fee, up to 20K points welcome bonus, earn between 1.5-4.5 points per dollar everywhere with 30+ monthly transactions.
  • AMEX Everyday Consumer Card
    • No annual fee, up to 15K points welcome bonus, earn between 1.2-2.4 points per dollar everywhere with 20+ monthly transactions.

Will you transfer points to Flying Blue with this promotion?

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What’s their typical fuel surcharge for a round trip business redemption NYC-TLV?


Before you book on airfrance.us call them to make sure seats is actually available the sites not always up to date from experience,


Never had this issue


on delta flights the lowest they charge is 29k per direction


@dan is it worth transferring without any specific plan in mind?

samuel l friedmann

what about going from the U.S. to Switzerland?


Delta (skymiles) has sales many times for 32k RT.



If i want to fly one way business to israel, is this a better option than doing the citi thankyou points to Quantas?


2 different options. If one doesn’t have Citi points — no way to get miles to Qantas.

LY is pricey/complicated if you don’t live in NY. If you have a direct LY option from a different city (MIA/LAX) it is more expensive…if you don’t you have to make your own connection.

AF doesn’t charge you more for a different city in the US


When do the points expire?


Its also the cheapest mileage program to get to mexico from the usa or visa versa. Its 12,500 on delta or aeromexico, which would = to 10,000 amex points with the 25% bonus. You could see any destination milage amounts with all mileage programs for the entire world on http://www.awardhacker.com

Ahmad Ali

Is delta ever available nonstop in business class from Ny to Tel Aviv with flying blue or only through Europe?


NEVER. DL doesn’t offer any business class seats except at the massive screw you rate. AF cannot book those flights.

Decent availability on AF in business but they also have a “dynamic” pricing model – so 53K miles is the lowest, but often times it can be availability at the 60K or 65K level. A little weird



If i want to fly one way business to israel, is this a better option than doing the citi thankyou points to Quantas?


Hello Dan, Do you think this offer is the best way to use Amex Membership Rewards points to fly between NYC and Barcelona? I can’t find out a way to quote how many miles a flight is on KLM without first doing the transfer. If you don’t think it’s a smart move, do you have any recommendations on how to use the Membership Rewards for this route? Thank you!


Idk if this will be seen, but idk what’s happening whenever I click on the link it has never log in and than when I log in, it just goes back to the login page. Also, whenever I try to go into the anex rewards portal, it says its temporarily down, for the past 5 days!! I would appreciate any help. Thanks


Something’s wrong with your internet connection, cuz it works fine with me


What kind of availability are you likely to find in the summer or any time of year when you are looking for 6 seats?


Can I use starwood points for this?


@dan if I have an AMEX Gold Delta Skymiles card is there a way for me to sign up for membership card so that I can get this deal?


Be VERY wary if you are transferring into a FlyingBlue account without any prior account activity. From personal experience (and looking at countless reports online) they’ll flag it for fraud and it will take you many weeks of frustration till they’ll unlock your account. I guess you get what you pay for.


can you please clarify when you say delta doesn’t charge fuel surcharges for those flights? does that mean to say that you wont see that 260 charge that you screenshotted on top of the 40k amex? that would mean 40k amex plus small taxes for a rt delta flight if so that amazing?


p.s. after approx 10 phonecalls (wiating on hold for approx an hour each time) and dozens of emails, we were finally allowed to use our miles for a booking. They insisted that I couldn’t use miles to pay for my 3 year old. Supervisor said the same and out of frustration (desperation) I paid the (slightly reduced price) to book a child ticket. Hilarity ensued when they sent me a confirmation for a bassinet and said that the rest of us would have to pay an extra 50euro to sit in the extra legroom space where the bassinet would be located. The whole thing was a complete farce and I would avoid flying them in the future at all costs.


I want to take my family for Succos. A few questions.
1) Are these flights in Business direct or with a stop over?
2) How do I see if there are flights available? I see you mention Delta but I only see KLM and Air France. Do I need to login to each airline to see available flights or can I do it from Flying Blue?



you mentioned once that cathay has better availability then aaadvantage booking cathay flights is the same true for aero plan united?


are there any other charges
where can we check availability

Devorah Leah Lederman

Why do we seem to always get posts about things like this on the last day? And in the afternoon, yet? For many of us women, 4:00-7:30 is our busiest times of the day (not counting 7:00-9:00 am). And many of us go to bed after that?

Please try to give us an extra day, at least!