Get 2,000 Starpoints For Adding 2 Additional Cardmembers To Your Starwood AMEX Account!


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-You will get 1,000 Starpoints for adding each new additional cardholder onto your account.
-The additional cardholder must spend $150 within 3 months for you to get the 1,000 bonus Starpoints.
-You can get up to 2,000 points with this offer (2 additional cardholders)
-The bonus Starpoints will be credited to the Primary Cardmember’s Starwood Preferred Guest account 8 – 12 weeks after the requirements are satisfied, as long as you have no American Express accounts in default.
-The Additional Cardmember must be 15 years or older, have never been an Additional Cardmember on this account before, and have never had an American Express Account in default.

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Hi, how do i add my wife as a secondary account holder,by including her s.s#? will her card be considered as her own, in otder to build her credit that she doesnt have?


do youy have to supply them with credit info for the additional cardholders or can you just give the names


hey dan great sight,

couple questions
1. does the spending on the additional card members count to your 6 month – $15,000 spending to receive the bonus?
2. If i signed up a month ago for both me and my wife…am i already getting the 1000 starpoints?
3.Lastly if i do add to additional card members when can i cancel them? After they spend $150 or after I receive the points?


By adding her with her SSN it should go onto her credit report.
You can always call after signing up here and ask to make sure she is a “joint user” equally responsible for the card.

You can just give names.

Thanks it’s 20/20 😉
1. Yes
2. No
3. There is no charge for the additional cardholders…why cancel them? I suppose you can cancel after you get the points if you want.


I thought that you always get 2,500 points for adding another card to your account.


They had a promo like that years ago, I haven’t heard of that recently though.


I tried it and got an error message!


I just spoke to tech. support. they said the error message from this screen is a known problem (12651074) and they are working on it.


Worked for me just fine.


i spoke to them after i got the error and they said the promotion is beginning april 1st


I thought that when fico redid the credit scoring last year or two years ago, there was something about secondaries no longer building credit based on primary’s account(obviously only if ss# is on the account – w/o the ss# of the secondary on record – no one ever built credit to the best of my knowledge – thats y amex was always so good for this as they always request the social). Am I remembering wrong?


is this for the starwood business also or just the personal?


In the past you were able to add a cardholder without giving a social security number. Is this still the case?


To earn 1,000 bonus Starpoints, the Additional Cardmember must have a total eligible spend of $150 within the first 90 days of their Cardmembership.


1. If you ask to have the credit card “authorized user” status switched to a “joint user” (assuming they permit that type of relationship on Starwood cards) with full responsibilities on the account, would they run a hard credit pull on the new user?

2. Do they ever reject such requests?


is this good on the business card as well? or only the personal? anybody know?


will i get 4000 points for business and personal?