Now Live For June: Sapphire Reserve $300 Grocery+Gas Credit, Plus Earn Bonus Points For Spending On Groceries With Most Chase Consumer Cards!

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Update, 6/1: The grocery and grocery delivery bonus for June is now live.

If you have a Chase Sapphire Reserve you can also use your $300 travel credit for groceries or gas from today through the end of the year.

You can also use your Sapphire Reserve Ultimate Rewards points for cash to offset any grocery store/grocery delivery, dining, or home improvement purchases at a rate of 1.5 cents per point, even if it’s reimbursed from the $300 credit!

Originally posted on 5/1:

Credit card companies are rushing out new benefits to make up for the lack of travel benefits due to COVID-19.

Chase will now offer bonus points on grocery spending worldwide. Registration isn’t required, except for Chase Freedom.

Grocery stores and grocery delivery services are eligible for this bonus.

Earn 5 points per dollar on groceries on up to $1,500 of monthly spending in May and June (Up to 15K points per card during promo period):

Earn 5 points per dollar on groceries on up to $1,500 of quarterly spending from April-June (Up to 7.5K points per card during promo period):

Earn 3 points per dollar on groceries on up to $1,500 of monthly spending in in May and June (Up to 9K points per card during promo period):

Earn 6 points per dollar on groceries on up to $5,000 of total spending in May, June, and July (Up to 30K points per card during promo period):

Chase previously announced a $100 statement for Sapphire Reserve cardholders with renewal dates between 4/1-7/1.

Will these benefits make up for the loss of travel benefits on your Chase cards? Which benefits would you like to see added to your card?

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Which would be better to spend on, my Amex Marriott Bonvoy or csp?


If you’re wondering if this is only in US grocery stores Chase customer service told me that their offers apply worldwide.


Wish the grocery bonus on the freedom was for a diff quarter since almost all cards offer bonuses these months.


Prepay at your grocer during this quarter. Have a positive balance to use up over time.


Isnt there a United explorer with af and one without both are included?



Chase sign up extension?

Hey Dan question regarding the extension to Chase sign up Bonus.
I opened Ink Business Preferred in February so the deadline is coming up. Chase still says the deadline is in May.
Is this accurate or can I assume its been extended?


I got an email that I have 6 months


Do supercenters (like walmart etc) count? Thanks Dan!


Walmart gave me 3% on my Sapphire Preferred for my Walmart Grocery order. Should’ve used my Freedom for potentially 5%.


Thanks! Was just about to go shopping and was going to use freedom unlimited. Now I’ll use CSR instead.


Thank you Dan! Is the Chase Freedom Unlimited one of the exceptions to this added bonus (no bonus over the 1.5 points per dollar)?


Will amex SPG match the 6 points per dollar?


What about chase freedom unlimited


Just FYI… CashApp’s cash card has a grocery store boost (at least on my account) where once activated, you can get 10% off at any grocery stores. Minimum spend is $1.50, max discount $7.50. (not sure about multiple transactions one after another. Doesn’t say how often it can be used, so could be no limit).
I’m not an expert on the value of airline/cc points, but I feel like enough actual cash is probably more valuable


You wrote “consumer cards”. Does it apply to United Business Visa?


Is the Freedom Unlimited included?


Great summary as always

Nerd Wallet reporting CSR bonus for May and June Only


Do the additional points earned still count towards southwest companion pass?


My CS Reserve renewal is 9/1 and they told me over SM that they cant guarantee the $100 off the annual fee for me. Im prob gonna drop it for the preferred and get an Amex plat. Plus my amex corporate card gets me $150 off the Plat annual fee (corporate advantage program)


Does Instacart (or any other services like it, such as Shipt for target) count?


does bingo grocery count?


bingo I think is wholesale club

Ben udom

Bingo is categorized as a wholesale club.




Hyatt card could be interesting, with extra points plus extra qualifying nights


Bummer! I just came home from the grocery, where I paid with Freedom, (already maxed out the $1,500 for the quarter) only to find this post. Twitter owes me a reimbursement…

BTW, do any of their business cards have such an offer?


Dan unrelated question just applied for My daughter’s first cc she is 18 now! amex wants to speak to her first. we used her parents income as her income. is that okay? She has no income of her own. What will they ask her

Marvin Pollack

Amex Hilton giving 12 miles per grocery dollar


Are the ink prefered included in this offer?


I must spend $1,500 in order to get 5 points per dollar?


Have both the Freedom and Sapphire Reserve (as well as the Freedom Unlimited, but that doesn’t matter here), started using the Freedom for my recent shopping, but assuming I don’t manage to max out the $1,500 quarterly spending (though we may get close!), I assume it doesn’t really matter which card I use (I already transfer all points to the CSR), unless there’s some other benefit of using the CSR for this?
Thanks a lot!


Correct. Just make sure you activated the freedom for the bonus.


Just to confirm, its $1,500 per month on spending or $1,500 for total spending on this offer?


I have the CSR, but don’t recall getting an email about this and I don’t see it when I log into my CSR on Chase either – no mention of this benefit? Where can I see this?


What’s with the Freedom unlimited is it the same? CS not letting me register

Sari Bernstein

I just looked over my credit card for grocery charges, and i see that a local kosher supermarket was considered groceries in April but in May came up under shopping. Is there anything i can do about this? Anyone have a similar issue?


Chase claims no offer on groceries for the freedom unlimited?


Not showing 5% points (shows 1%) on my grocery purchases with Sapphire Reserve.


By the way it works for Walmart in Florida and Publix I bought tons of Amazon gift cards at Publix and got five points


Anyone try ordering delivery through the Costco app that gets fulfilled by Instacart? Did that code as grocery?


Does the 1500 count the transaction date or post date ? I bought on the 31st.


Any way for me to get the Sapphire Reserve now for 450?


What do you do if you DON’T want to use the $300 credit for groceries? The reason for this is because groceries are 5X right now, while travel is only 3X, so I’d rather use the $300 credit (whatever is remaining of it) on travel than on groceries.


Anyone have a list of stores coded as grocery?

Amazon for instance?


Can anyone post a list of stores coded as grocery and home improvement?

Also, stores which wld qualify if you purchase gift cards?