3 Hours Left! Earn 80,000 Ultimate Rewards Points, Good For At Least $800 Cash Or $1,000 Travel, On The Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card!

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Earn 80,000 Ultimate Rewards Points On The Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card!

Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card Signup bonus

You can now earn 80,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points for opening a Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card and spending $4,000 in 3 months. Those points are worth a minimum of $800 cash back or $1,000 towards travel and other categories, but they can be worth much more as shown below.

The previous signup bonus offer on this card was 60K. During the pandemic this card once offered a record high 100K signup bonus, which expired last year.

It is unknown how long this offer will last for.

Chase typically will not match Sapphire card offers if you signed up with a lower offer, but it can’t hurt to ask!

Also available is a 50,000 point offer on the Chase Sapphire Reserve® card, but you will be better off applying for this card and converting it to a Reserve card down the line.

Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card annual fee

There is a $95 annual fee for the primary card and no annual fee for additional cardholders.

Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card signup bonus terms

If you received your last Sapphire bonus on today’s date in 2018 or earlier, you are now eligible to earn another Sapphire bonus!

  1. You won’t get approved for this card if you have received a signup bonus on Sapphire Reserve, Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card, or Sapphire card within the past 48 months. You can call Chase to find out when you last earned a bonus on those cards or you can pull up your old statements online to check when you last got a bonus. You can also send Chase a secure message with your old card number to ask when you got the signup bonus on it.
  2. You won’t get approved for this card if you currently have an active Sapphire Reserve, Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card, or Sapphire card. However you can call Chase to change those cards to a Freedom Unlimited, Freedom, or Freedom Flex card, wait 2-4 days, and then apply for a Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card ! You can keep them as Freedom cards to help build your Quinfecta or you can upgrade back again if you still want a Sapphire Reserve.
  3. You can apply and Chase won’t pull your credit or approve you if you are not eligible to get the card bonus.
  4. You will get the bonus for this card even if you are an authorized user on another person’s Sapphire card.
  5. If you are approved, that means you will get the bonus for this card as long as you spend $4,000 in 3 months.


All Chase cards that earn Ultimate Rewards are subject to 5/24 restrictions, meaning that you are not likely to be approved if you have been approved for 5 or more consumer credit cards in the past 24 months. Note that the Chase system automatically counts cards like authorized user cards and store cards as cards that count towards 5/24, but if you explain to Chase that those cards are merely authorized user cards or store cards they can manually approve you for a new card.

You can check your credit report for free at the federally authorized annualcreditreport.com to check how many accounts are shows as being open in the past 24 months.

Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card annual hotel credit

Get a $50 annual hotel credit every cardmembership year as a statement credit when you book any hotel through the Ultimate Rewards portal.

New Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card holders as of 8/16/21 can use this credit immediately! Existing cardholders can use it starting with your first account open date anniversary after 8/15/21.

You can find your anniversary date for this benefit by logging into your Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card here.

You can pay for hotels with partial cash and partial points at a value of 1.25 cents per point, so you can pay $50 and get back $50, plus use points for the remainder.

Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card anniversary bonus

New and existing cardholders get a 10% anniversary points bonus on all spending starting on 8/15/21. For example if you spend $20K on your card in a cardmembership year, you’ll get a 2,000 point bonus.

The bonus does not apply to the signup bonus or bonus point categories, it only applies to the 1 point per dollar base spending.

Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card card earnings

  • 5 points per dollar on all travel booked through the Ultimate Rewards portal (Effectively 5.1 points with anniversary bonus).
  • 2 points per dollar on travel (Effectively 2.1 points with anniversary bonus).
    • Includes airfare, hotels, car rentals, cruises, subways, trains, taxis, tolls, parking, Airbnb, Uber, etc.
  • 3 points per dollar on dining (Effectively 3.1 points with anniversary bonus).
    • Includes sit-down or eat-in dining, including fast food restaurants and fine dining establishments, take-out, and restaurant delivery.
  • 3 points per dollar on select streaming  (Effectively 3.1 points with anniversary bonus).
    • Includes Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+, Netflix, HBO Max, Sling, Vudu, Fubo TV, Apple Music, Apple TV, SiriusXM, Showtime, Pandora, Paramount+, Peacock, Spotify, YouTube Premium, and YouTube TV.
  • 3 points per dollar on online grocery shopping (Effectively 3.1 points with anniversary bonus).
    • Excludes Target, Walmart, and wholesale clubs. The online grocery category includes purchases for grocery pickup and delivery that are placed online with grocery stores, specialty food stores, or delivery service merchants that classify as grocery store merchants such as Instacart (excluding membership and subscription fees). Meal kit delivery services are included in this category.
  • 5 points per dollar on Lyft spending through 3/31/25. (Effectively 5.1 points with anniversary bonus)
  • 1 point per dollar elsewhere (Effectively 1.1 points with anniversary bonus).
  • There are no foreign transaction fees.

If you have a Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card and Sapphire Reserve, you’ll want to use the Preferred card for dining purchases (3.1x vs 3x), streaming purchases (3.1x vs 1x), online grocery purchases (3.1x vs 1x), airfare booked via the Ultimate Rewards portal (5.1x vs 5x), and everyday purchases (1.1x vs 1x)!

Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card spend threshold

You’ll need to spend $4,000 on this card within 3 months.

You can pay your federal taxes for a 1.87% fee. If you overpay your taxes you can request a refund or apply it to your next year’s taxes.

My local natural gas company allows me to prepay up to $1,000 on a credit card for a $1.65 flat fee. That’s a great way to earn miles and help meet a spend threshold. My electricity supplier allows me to pay with a credit card for free as long as I am enrolled in autopay.

See this post for more ideas on meeting a credit card spend threshold.

Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card benefits

  • Primary rental car CDW insurance in every country.
  • Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption Insurance
  • Lost Luggage Insurance
  • Trip Delay Reimbursement
  • Baggage Delay Reimbursement
  • Travel Accident Insurance
  • Purchase protection for items damaged or stolen within 120 days

Peloton credit and bonus points

Charge your Peloton membership fee to your Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card and you’ll automatically get $60 back through 6/30/22.

Make a Peloton purchase of $495+ and earn 5 points per dollar spent through 6/30/22.

Increased points value

If you or someone in your household has a Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card you can redeem Chase Ultimate Rewards points earned from any card at a value of 1.25 cents towards paid travel. That makes the 80K points worth at least $1,000 towards paid travel.

If you or someone in your household has a Sapphire Reserve card you can redeem Chase Ultimate Rewards points earned from any card at a value of 1.5 cents towards paid travel. That makes the 80K points worth at least $1,200 towards paid travel.

Pay yourself back

Chase Ultimate Rewards cards allow you to Pay Yourself Back for purchases in rotating categories.

Currently, you can pay yourself back for Airbnb and select charitable organizations at a rate of 1.25 cents per point through 6/30.

A great feature of the program is that you keep the original points that the purchase earned, even though you paid yourself back for the purchase. That means your points will be worth more than 1.25 or 1.5 cents each!

In other words, if you spend $300 on an Airbnb on Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card, you can use 24,000 points to offset that purchase and make it free. Plus, you’ll still earn 630 points for travel purchases, so you effectively used 23,370 points to offset the purchase. That means your points were actually worth 1.28 cents each.

If you spend $300 on dining or Airbnb on Sapphire Reserve, you can use 20,000 points to offset that purchase and make it free. Plus, you’ll still earn the 900 points for dining or travel, so you effectively used 19,100 points to offset the purchase. That means your points were actually worth 1.57 cents each.

Airline and hotel transferability

If you or someone in your household has a Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card you can transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards points into valuable airline and hotel mileage currencies.

Card convertibility

You can call Chase to convert this card or any of the following cards into another card from this list:

  • Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card ($95 annual fee)
  • Chase Sapphire Reserve® Card ($550 annual fee)
  • Chase Freedom Unlimited® Card ($0 annual fee)
  • Chase Freedom Card ($0 annual fee)
  • Chase Freedom Flex Mastercard ($0 annual fee)

Note that some reps will only allow card conversions after you have had the card for 12 months.

If you or someone in your household has a Sapphire Reserve, then your points will be worth at least 1.5 cents towards travel!

If you want to get a Sapphire Reserve, your best path is to apply for the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card and then convert it to a Sapphire Reserve as you’ll get 80,000 signup bonus points instead of 50,000 points!

Killer Combos

Stacking multiple Ultimate Rewards cards together can supercharge your earnings by getting you more points per dollar while increasing the value of all your points.

Read more about this strategy in depth in this post.

Chase Bifecta would consist of a household that has the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card or Sapphire Reserve and the Freedom Unlimited. The total effective annual fees would be either $95 with Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card or $250 with Sapphire Reserve after accounting for that card’s $300 annual travel credit. With the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card+Freedom Unlimited you would earn 1.5 points per dollar everywhere, 2.1 points per dollar on all travel, 3 points per dollar on drugstores, 3.1 points per dollar on dining, streaming, and online grocery shopping, and 5.1 points per dollar on travel booked via Chase. You’ll be able to transfer all of your points into airline miles or hotel points or use the pay yourself back feature. Read more about Freedom Unlimited here.

Chase Trifecta adds a no annual fee card like Ink Cash or Chase Freedom Flex into the mix, so your total effective annual fee will still be $95 or $250. Both of those cards give options to earn a whopping 5 points per dollar in various categories on top of the 2-3 points per dollar that the Sapphire cards offer and the 1.5-5 points per dollar everywhere else with a Freedom Unlimited card. Read more about Freedom Flex here and read more about Ink Cash here.

Chase Quadfecta would add both the Ink Cash and Chase Freedom Flex on top of a Sapphire card and an Unlimited card, so your total effective annual fee will still be just $95 or $250. The Quadfecta is the sweet spot and allows you to really supercharge your spending everywhere.

Chase Quinfecta could add the Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card to that mix, adding $95 to the annual fee total. This make sense if you spend money on shipping, social media advertising, or search engine advertising, or if you want free cell phone insurance.

Alternatively, you can create a Chase Quinfecta by adding the Chase United Explorer card, United Club Infinite Card, United Gateway℠ Card, United Quest℠ Card, or Chase United Business Card into the mix. Those cards don’t earn Ultimate Rewards points, but it makes your Ultimate Rewards points more valuable. Having a United card enables you to have access to significantly expanded United saver and standard award space in addition to benefits like 2 free club passes, a free checked bag, a free carry-on bag, and priority boarding, even when you’re on a basic economy fare. See more about those benefits here.

Again, all of these cards don’t need to be in one person’s name. 2 people from the same household can split up the requisite cards that make up the Quinfecta, as they can transfer the Ultimate Rewards points back and forth between themselves freely and they can add each other as an authorized user on their cards!

DoorDash DashPass Membership

DoorDash DashPass allows you to get free delivery and lower service fees on $12+ orders from select restaurants that have a blue checkmark. There are also lots of promotions and free food offers available to DashPass members.

DashPass normally costs $9.99/month.

If you add your Chase Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card® Card to your Doordash account and open the Doordash app, you can enroll for free through 12/31/24!

Airline transfer partners

You can transfer points at a 1:1 ratio to:

  • United (Star Alliance)
  • Air Canada Aeroplan (Star Alliance)
  • Singapore (Star Alliance)
  • Air France/KLM Flying Blue (Skyteam, 25% bonus through 5/15)
  • British Airways (OneWorld)
  • Aer Lingus (OneWorld)
  • Iberia (OneWorld)
  • Qatar (OneWorld, transfer via BA)
  • Emirates
  • JetBlue
  • Southwest
  • Virgin Atlantic

Hotel transfer partners

You can transfer points at a 1:1 ratio to:

  • Hyatt
  • IHG
  • Marriott

The great thing about Chase Ultimate Rewards is how versatile and valuable they are

The Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card allows you and anyone in your household to transfer Chase points into miles. They also allow you to use points at a value of 1.25 cents each towards travel.

The Sapphire Reserve also allows you and anyone in your household to transfer Chase points into miles. Plus it allows you to use points at a value of 1.5 cents each towards travel.

The fixed value is excellent and doesn’t require hunting down award space, but those points can be much more valuable by transferring them into airline miles or hotel points.

  • If I want to stay in a 5 star Park Hyatt in the Maldives, Melbourne, NYC, ParisSydney, or Tokyo that would cost over $1,000/night, I can instantly transfer 25-40K points to Hyatt to do that, a value of up to 6 cents per point.
  • If I need a one-way flight from Cleveland (or Chicago, Detroit, Miami, Montreal, Orlando, Pittsburgh, Toronto, etc) to NYC that can cost $500 each way, I can instantly transfer 7.5K points to British Airways to book a short-haul on American with no last minute booking fees. Or if American doesn’t have availability I can instantly transfer 10K points to United for their short-haul award. That’s a value of up to 7 cents per point.
  • Air Canada offers one-way short haul awards for just 6K miles. You can also get stopover awards for 5K miles, build round-the-world awards, and get free lap child awards in the US/Canada and bring lap children to anywhere else in the world for just C$25!
  • If I want to stay in a non-chain hotel that costs $300/night and don’t want to pay cash, I can redeem 20K points for the room thanks to my Sapphire Reserve card’s minimum redemption value of 1.5 cents per point or 24K points with the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card ’s minimum redemption value of 1.25 cents per point
  • Flying Blue has award flights to Israel for 25K miles for adults or 18,750 miles for kids.
  • If I want to fly in a $25,000 ANA First Class Suite round-trip from the US to Tokyo, I can instantly transfer 110K or 120K points to Virgin Atlantic. That’s a value of up to 23 cents per point. You can now redeem one-way awards for half the price as well!
  • If I want to book a $2,281 business class ticket on Air Canada to Tel Aviv I can redeem 152K points for the flight thanks to my Sapphire Reserve card’s minimum redemption value of 1.5 cents per point or 182K points with the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card ’s minimum redemption value of 1.25 cents per point, plus I’ll earn Qantas miles for more future travel as it’s considered a paid flight instead of an award flight.
  • And thousands of other possibilities from Singapore couples suites to booking Southwest awards with 2 free bags and free cancellations, to stealing 2nd base in middle of an MLB game.

Will you signup for this Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card offer? 

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Got my card three days ago with the 60K bonus. I called today to ask for the 80K bonus but they told me they won’t match it.


How soon can one upgrade to the sapphire reserve ?


Do the 48 months start when I applied or when the bonus actually posted?


I’m thinking of opening this card but unsure if I will be approved because of multiple accounts opened in past 12 months, although I am below 5/24 (opened a bunch of business cards). Is that a reason for rejection? 790 credit score…


Unsure when I got bonus last. Is it OK to apply and will just be rejected if its within 48 months, or may I be approved and waste a pull?


I tried and was 3 days early. Got an instant denial with no credit pull so I guess you have nothing to lose.
If you get denied, call reconsideration and ask when you’re eligible


I opened my last chase card around 5 months ago, and have opened and closed a couple of chase cards over the last few years. Do you think opening this card now can be a trigger of a chase closure?

Sam 77

When is this deal over?


Read the post? 🙂


They asked me to move credit from other Chase cards first. Had to call Recon in the past to do that. Glad to see they saved me the hassle!


Is it possible to apply for a Freedom Unlimited while I still have the Sapphire? (I have a green star pre-approval offer, already.) Then, after the FU bonus posts, request to downgrade to the FU from CSP? Is that possible if I already have that FU account opened? Do I need to wait a certain amount of time to downgrade to that Freedom? I’ve read the card number stays the same if I downgrade vs apply for a new one.

Also, when I want to upgrade back to the CSP, do I have to wait 24 months from the Freedom bonus or 48 months from the Sapphire bonus?


I have the saphire reserve card 4+ years that i can product change and get this bonus but i also have already booked travel with the reserve. Will i lose the benefits of the reserve for the booked travel if i product change it now?

Thank you!


You don’t get the bonus when you product change, only for opening a new card


Exactly! You dont get the bonus if you have another sapphire product as well, hence my product change to freedom.


If I just signed up with 60k offer, Is it possible for a private client banker to switch it?


I have one credit card that I opened five months ago and my credit score is 719 is it worth it to apply for this card?


Does this card have international transaction fees? Couldn’t find it…




i dont undestand this chase bifecta thing i currently have a chase saphire prefered and freedom unlimited. what do i do now?


How long should I wait after downgrading to sign up for offer?


“Thanks for your request. Unfortunately, we couldn’t approve your application.
We’ll provide more detailed information explaining our decision by U.S. mail in 7 to 10 days.”
Should I wait to see what I get in the mail or call reconsideration?


Does this card cover the Global Entry Fees? If not, can you recommend a good card that does?


Would it make sense to book travel and pay as opposed to using points and then use pay yourself pack to pay off the purchase ?


how long will this SUB last?


Last bonus was November 2018. Does it hurt to apply or waste of time? How long to wait after a downgrade, the new account already shows in my online account (downgraded a few hours ago).

chaim mosha

Can I get for this Card if its my first own Card to open? (was additional pretty long but still not opened my own)


Got rejected right away. I assume because of 5/24. Is that going to cost me a pull?


I had got this card around this time in 2018. I called Chase to see if I’d be eligible for these 80,000 points. They couldn’t find any record of me having this card (I 100% did). Do you think it’s worth a shot to go for this one now? Or should I wait another year to be on the safe side?


I have this card and got my bonus point more than 48 months ago. If I cancel my card now (or transfer its current credit to a different card) can I sign up for this card again for the bonus points? or do I need to wait a certain amount of time between cancelling my current sapphire card and signing up for a new one?


Is it possible that the bonus will go up to 100k as happened last time?


Big fan Dan! I signed up for the Sapphire last year at your recommendation–any other recs for a new card with big signup bonus at annual fee under $100? Thanks a stack!


I got told I’ll be notified by mail if I qualified, I assume that’s a no? Can’t think of why I wouldn’t


Usually that means you’ll get approved in my experience


Hi would anyone know the required credit score needed to gain approval?

Eli G

Is the $95 dollar annual fee refundable if I downgrade on year 2 within a certain amount of time. I just got billed on the 1st for my 2nd year? Thank you Dan


I got approved this AM through your link.
Can I apply same day for a business ink card with the same credit pull, or is business and personal 2 pulls even same day?

YF Deals

Have you written any posts on the Chase Ink Business Premier, seems like a great card, competing with Capital One on double points . .


Hey Dan, I signed up for this offer last time you posted.
Unrelated questions I need to add a additional cardholder to my account for a rental asap, (like immediately) anyone that would do something more than the standard 1-2 days rush?
I have Amex Plat, amex bonvoy, chase sapphire, chase ur visa ..


@dan while Chase had a great travel portal. as of late the portal is worthless with limited hotel options and flight costing more on the portal. (had a flight planed to Punta canna 5 ppl on united price per person was 220 on chase it was 270! that’s an extra 250 on the trip) and will mention that support has been at best a 50 min with loops . seems like capital one up the game and with price match and all the great options + hotels ….


Haven’t seen the chase portal in a while as I downgraded the reserve this year and got approved for CSP yesterday.

The Cap1 portal has limits too:
I was looking at a decent hotel and wanted to get a room with certain features AND an enclosed space for our toddler which they have in a suite. the only room available on the portal for that hotel was a basic room. The 5x-10x on the portal is enticing but only if you can get the actual room you need.

I was able to pay myself back with points though which lessened the sting and ensures that Cap1 holds its value pretty well.

that’s now $4000 in travel offset by 3 Cap1 cards!


Does anyone have a opinion on wether it’s worth it to wait it out for hopefully the 100k bonus to come back? Or just jump in now for 80k ?



Last got bonus in August 2018. Is it a complete waste of time applying now?




Chase is telling me that both my account details say I’m currently ineligible for product changes on any of my cards (I have 5). Why would that be, is there a limit on how many changes you can make? I have product changed a couple times in the past year, was always effortless.


Anything i can do my points posted end of June of 2018

trip protection affected?

If I have upcoming travel booked on my reserve (for added trip protection) and I want to downgrade the card to get the preferred bonus (has already been 48 months since last one), will I lose the trip protection from the travel booked on the reserve?


same question


I’m at 4/24 with Chase. I applied and was approved for a Chase business card. Will this bump to 5/24?

Reb Srul\'s

I got this card in Aug. ’21 with the 100,000 signup bonus. I now have approx 148k on sapphire preferred, 41k on unlimited, & 46k on flex. what is best options flights and/or cash is better. Combine to which one?
Also does the Amazon option really give a Dollar per point?


Does the csp work to rent in Israel?
For primary car rental collision insurance.

Reb Srul\'s

What is the best cash value for 256K CSP Ultimate reward points?


Hi Dan,
Would I be able to get to place an order immediately if I get approved. Will I be getting my credit account details? I have a $3k purchase that I can make today or tomorrow


I’m sorry if I missed the clarification of this in all the discussions, but I think there may be something inconsistent between your description of the Sapphire Preferred Card Earnings section and your Sapphire Preferred Anniversary Bonus sections. In the Anniversary Bonus section you describe the bonus as being 10% of the dollars spent on purchases (e.g., 2,000 bonus points on $20,000 spent). But in the Card Earnings section you write that the effective earning rate on 1% purchases is 1.1% after anniversary bonus. That would imply that the anniversary bonus is 10% of the points already earned — not 10% of the amount spent. (In the example above that would imply an anniversary bonus of only *200* points on the 2,000 points earned on the $20,000 spent. If it would actually be an anniversary bonus of 2,000 points as you write in your example, in this case the effective rate on 1% purchases would 11% (=1%+10%) — not 1.1%.

Can you please clarify — is the anniversary bonus 10% of the points earned or 10% of the amount spent?

Thank you very much.


I’m sorry. My question is still valid but my alternative numbers were off. If the anniversary bonus is 10% of points earned (which is implicit in your statement that the effective rate after anniversary bonus is day, 1.1% on 1% purchases) then the anniversary bonus on $20,000 spent would be only 20 points (10% of the 1% already earned, i.e., 20 additional points on top of the 200 (=1% of $20,000) already earned.)

Thank you.


Hi. I figured out where at went wrong in my logic. The $20K on purchases will earn 1 point per dollar, i.e., 20k points, initially — which basic value is a minimum of 1% of the amount spent or $200. The anniversary boost will up that by an additional 2,000 points — worth a minimum of $20. So effectively it is a boost of the number of points x10%.

Nothing to see here. Sorry for the confusion.


I applied for this card. They said, they can only transfer some credit from other chase cards to this card. I chose to transfer some credit from other cards in order to get this card. Will I still get the signup bonus?



Mordy 13

Applied and was approved for this card using your link . Thank you !

Thank you again for providing the most comprehensive Credit Card reviews anywhere online !

( note : I was above 5/24 when the 100K CSP offer was around )


I downgradedcny sapphire two days ago, will it hurt if I apply to early?


Got the CSR when they first offered the 100k signup bonus (2017?), should have maybe downgraded earlier when they had the 100k bonus offer, but didn’t want to lose the better annual fee which I paid before this year.

Just downgraded the CSR today to the Freedom Visa (helpful since they only take Visa in Costco, and you can’t sign up for a new Freedom Visa anymore), and will hopefully get approved for the new CSP in 3 days.

Only regret is that I didn’t have time to apply for the Global Entry renewal before I downgraded, though I really would use it maybe once, so no big loss, at least I already got the $300 travel bonus, and will get the prorated annual fee (renewed in Febrruary) refunded.

Next question is how I can qualify for the Freedom Flex first year 5% bonus on gas, already have a Freedom Flex (and got one for my wife once the first year and my 5% shopping benefits ran out), and would change it to another card, but I don’t know if I’ll qualify for that, at this point, the 5% on gas is probably going to end up giving more than 5% on shopping with the way gas prices are going…

Thanks Dan for sharing your time and expertise!


Tried applying today (5/29) and got declined for some reason, didn’t get any explanation, should have been 3+ days since I downgraded, so going to try to call them and see what the issue was…


Great way to find out that 5/24 includes cards from other banks and authorized user cards, always assumed it was only Chase cards… 🙁
Hadn’t opened many Chase cards in the past while, but had another few from other banks, trying to call to see if the authorized user cards can be excluded…


Called back and was able to have them exclude the authorized user cards, since my wife is (supposedly) the one paying the bills, and had to move some credit around, but was approved in the end, hope some of this helps someone…


Thanks for your write up and good info!!


I was declined because “I didn’t have enough credit history, and because I don’t have any account with chase”
but then I called the reconsideration line and got approved B”H because I am a additional user on a chase card and I said that I am responsible for my charges…


What’s this Amazon dollar per point business all about?
Anyone able to clarify?


If I don’t have a chase checking or savings account, and don’t have any of they’re cards yet, and the message I got was I’ll be notified by mail if I qualified.
What does that mean?
What are the odds?
I have a U.S. Bank credit card now for many years that gives 1%


I applied and got declined – looked into it and realized that I still have a Sapphire card opened (oops). If I cancel that today. Should I call Chase in two days to have them reconsider or just submit a new application completely?


Dan, if I downgrade my chase reserve to be eligible for this card, will I lose protection on a trip I booked with it for June? I would assume so and then its just not worth losing that coverage but just wanted to double check


If chase closed my accounts 2 years ago and i settled with them and my score now is 697 will i get approved?


What do you mean “settled with them”?


Meaning i settled for less then owed


hi just wondering if i apply for sapphire and get denied and then apply for freedom will that come up on my credit score as one application or 2 applications?


I didn’t read carefully and downgraded my Sapphire Preferred to Freedom Flex without realizing my last bonus on Preferred was in 2021.  Confused now whether I should leave as is or switch back to Preferred?

Chaim L.

If you leave it as Freedom flex, you gain 5 times points on rotating categories. And it’s free.
However the points aren’t as valuable.
Also you lose the 5 times points on travel through the portal.
And also lose the 2 times points on other travel.


Thank you, I appreciate the info.


Also you can’t transfer points.


I got declined could be because I’m with in the 48 months. Will be 48 months at the end of June . Is that the reason? And if yes will it hurt my credit?


I see you posted it will end 6/01 559pm some other sites claim 5/31 which one is it?


I Downgraded my reserve card on Thursday, am i safe to apply now?


looks likes its now 60K?


Did the offer end yet? Need update.


Is the offer over yet?
Did offer end yesterday or today?


Thinking of downgrading my sapphire preferred
Which chase card should I switch to?