Don’t Forget To Claim Your New Sapphire Reserve Doordash And Lyft Benefits!

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Chase is increasing the fees and adding benefits on their most feature laden card, the Sapphire Reserve card.

The annual fee is now slated to go up from $450 to $550 starting at 8:30am ET tomorrow.

  • You can add your Sapphire Reserve card in your Lyft app and then click here to enroll in a complimentary 1 year Lyft Pink membership, a value of $19.99/month. With that membership you’ll save 15% off all Lyft rides, get priority airport pickup, get waived cancellation fees 3 times per month when you rebook a ride within 15 minutes, get waived lost and found fees, and enjoy 3 free bike or scooter rides per month. You can enroll in this benefit through 3/31/22.
  • You will now earn 10 Ultimate Rewards points per dollar on Lyft ride spending through 3/31/22! That will stack on top of earning Hilton points and earning Delta miles on Lyft!
  • You can enroll here in a complimentary DoorDash DashPass Membership through 12/31/21. That’s a value of $9.99/month and offers free delivery and lower service fees on $12+ orders from select restaurants that have a blue checkmark.
  • You can now get a $60 annual Doordash statement credit that will refund your first $60 in Doordash spending. You have until 12/31/20 to finish the $60 of spending credit and you’ll get another $60 of spending credit in 2021.

Will you keep your Sapphire Reserve card or will you downgrade to Chase Sapphire Preferred, Chase Freedom, Chase Freedom Unlimited?

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Do you need to do something to get the $60 credit?


It makes sense to wait until you will use Lyft to activate the Pink membership as not to start the 1 year clock for no reason, right?


Smart. Wish I would’ve thought of that before enrolling


How do you search for kosher restaurants? I’m looking in Ft Lauderdale.

Loves Shabbos

Is there a deadline or user limit to when we can stop claiming? Ex. I don’t need the lyft membership right now, I’d prefer to wait to take advantage of a full year.


Just making sure understand correctly. Doordash you get $60 credit for first time user (on DD) or you get a $60 credit from chase regardless if you used doordash before ? Thanks


It’s probably to soon to tell, but if anyone has a DP, please Let me know if you need to use the Sapphire card in order to receive the 15% discount, or If any card works once the membership is added.


lyft any card. door dash reserve only.


Will probably work with any card, but since the Sapphire Reserve will now be earning 10x points on Lyft, why would you use any other card?


Doordash free membership not activating. Once i add my SR card it simply asks me if i want to sign up for $9.99 a month. Any suggestions?


Anyone else having issues activating dash pass? Lyft pink worked fine for me but dash pass kept giving me errors when I tried to activate it.


I’m having issues trying to activate it. It’s saying there’s an error with the card and to choose another one but I don’t understand what’s wrong. You figure it out?


Is an additional $60 doordash credit also available for AU’s or only the primary cardholder gets the credit?


Do you get $60 of free food in 2020 and $60 of free food 9n 2021 with no delivery fee?

Wondering Jew

Can the Doordash credit be applied to several orders totalling $60, or does it have to be a single order?


Lyft says “Not Available”. Is there something I need to do to get it?


Do you need to use the CSR card to:
Get the 15% off Lyft?
For DashPass orders?


lyft any card. door dash reserve only.


Where is the Lyft discount applied? At booking, after ride completion, or on CC statement? I’m not seeing lower fares being quoted nor any indication of a discount being applied (although there is another discount promo that I’ve had in my account for a few days, maybe they both can’t apply to a single booking?)


You need to first activate Lyft pink. It should show you that it’s free if your chase sapphire reserve card is already added to your Lyft account. Once you activate your free year, the largest effective promo will apply automatically. For example, a $12 ride will be $6 if you happen to have a 50% off (up to $6) on your account because the 50% I’d the biggest discount in this case. However, a $70 ride will be $59.5, which is 15% off, because this (-$10.50) is a bigger discount than your 50% off offer which is capped at $6 off. Remember that you will also get minimum of 10% back (much more if you Make the best use of your UR points) of the final price of the ride, as 10X points per dollar.


Thanks Saul, your info is correct, as the receipt states: Best Promo Applied. I don’t believe this was mentioned in the coverage until now. The significantly reduces the value of the discount, as promotions of 25% or 50% off are extremely frequent, and most rides for me and I’m sure others aren’t large enough to make the 15% off uncapped the better promo.
@dan i think this is worth noting, unless you have already and I missed it.


Nice wrap up.
How likely is it that pink members won’t be targeted with other promotions as much as non members? So far I’m getting 30-50% off every time.


i have my sr card as my payment in the lyft app but its telling me not availablewhen i try putting the benifit.
I need to use lyft in 2 days . how do i get it to work?


15% will be deducted automatically or will post as credit?




If I activate pink and then downgrade my card, does it get canceled or does it stay till the end of the year?



I am outside the US and it says ‘not available’ to enroll even though I have the CSR.


Regarding earning Delta and Hilton points by linking the Lyft account, do I have to choose one or can I double dip? Meaning, I already have Hilton linked to my Lyft account can I add Delta or will that negate my Hilton?

Q for dan

Delta refunded my flight to a pretend agency cc who closed biz and owner small shop (crook) pocketed My funds
I spoke w delta, asked for a voucher
They wouldn’t
Insisted on refunding the crook cc
I explained to them funds are lost
Where do u sue delta ? Small claims in my state? I want my funds !! Thank you

Dan\'s the Man

Use a card such as Chase Sapphire that provides trip cancellation insurance in case of company going out of business. If you booked it recently you can simply dispute the charge with your credit card company.


How does it still make make sense to keep such an expansive card?


I still dont see doorpass offer. I signed up for the 1 month trial hopefully it will kick in


If I cancel my card will my priority pass automatically be canceled?


I already have this card for a year will my cost for this year be $550?


Question about the lyft 10x points. I know that if I’m still getting travel credit then I don’t earn points. Does this exclude earning the 7 bonus points as well?

Mark Seidenfeld

Can I receive the Lyft and doordash benefits on 2 separate accounts (twice, mine and spouse) with the same card , or does the benefit apply once to the card only, regardless of how many Lyft and doordash accounts linked to it?


just wanted to add since I added the Lyft Pink membership to my acct, the rates have gone up significantly higher than Uber, and I don’t see any discount or advantage of using Lyft (yet). Only once out of the maybe 10x I cross-compared Uber to Lyft and it was a few cents difference. Every other time it was $7-$10 more on Lyft.
Also, I don’t think you get points for the travel credit, which I should have waited to activate the Lyft membership until after I had used all the travel credit as I am not gaining points bonus points using it. Just some thoughts about this “change”. Thanks


I have found that lyft is only less expensive on longer distance rides like the airport. I use uber for my daily rides. Lyft promotions are only on the ride itself, not the fees and uber promos tend to be on the whole ride price.


So both of these promotions are for a fixed amount of time, but what will they do next to justify this almost 22% increase?

I really like this card, but I don’t know that I am ready to fork over an extra $100 a year for benefits that aren’t beneficial to me. I don’t eat out much or order in and Lyft overall is more expensive than uber.


@Dan seems like if you haven’t used the $300 travel credit you don’t get 15% off with Lyft being that it’s coming off the credit and not as a credit card charge

Please confirm


Thanks for clarifying.


Does only the primary saphire reserve cardholder get Lyft pink membership or does the additional cardholder get it too?


Does the Doordarshan credit need to be used before December statement closes or 12/31?


Can one buy a Door Dash gift card and still get the CSR credit