Chase: Sapphire Preferred Signup And Bonus Points Are Subject To The 7% Annual Dividend Bonus!


Well this is news to me!  As reported by atlas310 on the DansDeals Forums, and confirmed by myself with a Secure Message to the Chase Sapphire team, you do earn the 7% annual bonus on the 50K signup bonus!  I had figured that the 7% bonus applied to the bonus categories, but never knew that it would also apply to the signup bonus.

The annual 7% bonus is awarded every January or February on your statement.
So let’s say you open the card today. How big will your signup bonus be after you spend the requisite $3,000?
-Single points categories: You get 53K points now for spending $3K within 3 months and then 3,710 points in 4 months from now with the dividend for a total of 56,710 miles within 4 months.
-Double points categories: You get 56K points now for spending $3K within 3 months on flights, hotels, car rentals, and dining (Charges made in airports, with travel agencies, at caterers, and on timeshares, trains, buses, taxis/limos, ferries, bridges, tolls, and parking also all qualify for double points!) and 3,920 points in 4 months from now with the dividend for a total of 59,920 miles within 4 months.
-Triple points categories: You get 59K points now for spending $3K within 3 months on travel booked via the Chase booking tool and 4,130 points in 4 months from now with the dividend for a total of 63,130 miles within 4 months.
So your total points earned for opening the card and spending $3,000 will be somewhere between 56.710 and 63,130, depending on what you spend the $3,000 on. Not too shabby!

With its array of bonuses, lack of foreign exchange fees, and great award transfer partners like Continental and Hyatt among other mileage transfer options, the Sapphire Preferred card is one of the best non-AMEX cards out there today.  Other bennies like $500 per item of return protection, no annual fee for the first year, a customer service rep whenever you call so there’s no automated phone-tree maze, and a heavy metal eye-catching card are just icing on the cake.
The award benefits can be made even sweeter if you also have a Chase Freedom or Ink Cash card in conjunction with the Sapphire Preferred card to take advantage of the 5 points per dollar categories on those cards that can then be transferred over to a Sapphire Preferred (or Ink Bold Business) card and then into valuable Continental miles or Hyatt points. It gets even sweeter yet when you have a Chase Freedom card with a Chase checking account as you then get an additional 10 points per transaction on the Freedom card and a 10% bonus on all points earned on the Freedom card, all of which can then be transferred over to a Sapphire Preferred (or Ink Bold) card and then into Continental miles or Hyatt points.

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On the 10 points per transaction and 10% bonus, what is the cap, if there is one?


do you get the bonus on
points that you’ve spent already?


Hi Dan,
Thanks to your site I got this card with a total of 100k reward points back in June (2011) if I understand correctly you are saying that even before my year is up, and before any annual fee is paid, this Jan or feb (2012) they will automatically add 7210 (103000 x 7%) to my account?!


Dan if I(we) both get the Sapphire card for the 50,000 points can we downgrade to the regular Sapphire card before the annual fee is due thus not having to pay any annual fees? Thanks.


There’s no cap! I’ve done penny transactions at the gas pump until it froze after 19 tries just to test that out 🙂

Sure! As long as you earned them you’ll get the bonus regardless of if they are used or not.

Congrats on getting that awesome 100K matching offer and on the 7% bonus you’ll get for it in January/February!

Sure, you can always downgrade and avoid the annual fee.
You won’t get all the preferred benefits though once you downgrade.


Does any of this apply to the regular sapphire card because I just got my Chase Sapphire. and I already have the freedom and a chase checking account.???


Dan, when a card offers bonus signup miles, if you spend a certain amount in a certain period of time-when does that period begin-approval/application/first charge etc?


Thanks Dan!! It was all thanks to your site! I know that there are many deal sites out there, but yours is the best by far!! Enjoy your Florida trip, and for good pizza hit shemtov’s pizza its one of the best pizza shops ive eaten at! (sorry dont remember exact add)

Sapphire to sapphire preferred

Do you think I would get the 7% on transfers from other sapphire members?


Yaks, thanks as the was my question as I was about to ask about the 100k points.

Dan thanks for the quick response and the answer I was looking to see 🙂


In response to the first commentator, I also made many 1 penny purchases on ebay (including free shipping!!!) and there was no cap and I received the bonus points!!!


@Yaks: whats the deal of getting 100k points?
i already got 50k, how can i get the other 50k? can you pleas ehelp me out. thanks in advance


Sorry but I don’t think the offer is still active, there used to be an offer that gave u 100k and u can get them to match it!


sorry the 7% is only for the preferred
@Sapphire to sapphire preferred
not according to chase cs
are you sure youre going to get the 7% on the extra 50k? if it got added manually will it still be considered “earned” points? you might have to fight for it


Thanks, Dan. Are there any no cost Chase checking accounts?


Can anyone confirm – Items purchased just to reach the signup bonus, such as spending 3k in the firt 3 months can be returned. True or false?


on chase sapphire preferred will I get 7% in jan/feb on points that I earned but already used/transferred?
Thanks dan.



If you earned them on the Sapphire card you will get the bonus regardless of if you used or transferred out the points.


@Dan: would know if i call chase and ask them to for 100k on the sapphire credit card, if they give it to me? or if you have a good idea how i can to get it please let me know.

p.s. enjoy your trip to miami!


@dan a co-worker of mine just got in the mail an offer and pre approved for the chase sapphire card and it says you get 50k bouns after spending just $750 in 3 months…. have you heard of it?



I am interested in purchasing the chase sapphire prefered although i am new to all this points stuff. Can you please explain to me in simple terms, what the benefits are in purchasing it.I am trying to go to israel through points and would like to know how. Thanks.


Dan i was wondering if there is chase sapphire businesses card, or it just comes as a personal card???
thanks in advanced


There is Ink Bold and Ink Cash.
Read more here:


Signed up for the 40,000 point bonus and asked for match to 50K via SM. Was denied in less than 24 hours. Any suggestions?