Chase Ink Plus 60,000 Point Signup Bonus Returns

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Update: Today is the final day to apply for the 60K signup offer.  The offer is slated to fall back down to 50K tomorrow.

Originally posted on 02/09:

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The Ink Plus is a business credit card and you will need to scroll through the pages of the business credit cards to find the offer.


Offer Details:

Spend $5,000 in 3 months on a new Chase Ink Plus business card and get a 60,000 point signup bonus.  The previous signup bonus was 50,000 points, though this card has offered a signup bonus as high as 70,000 points in the past.

The current 60K bonus offer will run until March 1st.

It’s not difficult at all to get a value of 1.75 cents per point when using Chase Ultimate Rewards points for travel by transferring them into airline miles or hotel points. That would make this signup bonus worth over $1,000.

You’ll also earn between 5,000 and 25,000 bonus points for the base spending depending on whether you spend in 1, 2, or 5 point per dollar categories.  So after spending $5,000 you’ll have between 65,000-85,000 Ultimate Rewards points at your disposal.

With a Target REDcard you can spend $5,000 in a single month for free.

There is a $95 annual fee. There are no foreign exchange fees on the Ink Plus card. Insurance coverage on car rentals in every country outside of the US is primary on leisure or business rentals. Within the US coverage is primary for business rentals and secondary on leisure rentals.

Applying for a business card and the benefits of business card spending:

The Ink cards are business cards. But you may be already running a business that qualifies for a business card and there are several huge advantages that business cards have over consumer cards as you can read here.

For example if your name is Joe Smith and you sell items online, or if you have any other side business and want a credit card to better keep track of business expenditures you can just open a business credit card for “Joe Smith Sole Proprietorship” as the business name. You don’t need to file any messy government paperwork to be allowed to do that.
Just be sure to select “Sole Proprietorship” as the business type and just use your social security number in the Tax Identification Number field as well as in the social security number field.

If you’re like me and you run more than one business you can signup for multiple of the same card for each business to manage each businesses expenses separately.

A great thing about these business cards is that they don’t report your spending on your personal credit report.

On personal cards if you spend money on your card your credit score will be hurt even if you pay your bill on time. A whopping 30% of your credit score is based on credit utilization. You can pay off your card before your statement is generated to avoid that, but that takes effort and laying out money well before you have to. Additionally it’s good to have the statement close with a few dollars to show the card is active and being paid every month.

On a business card it’s just not reported, so you can wait until the money is due without it having a negative effect on your score. Plus if you close a business card it won’t ever have an effect on your score.

Lounge Club:

You’ll also getive 2 free lounge visits per user, even on free additional user cards. Here is a link to find valid lounges worldwide. Lounges include the Dan Lounge in Tel Aviv and the Art & Lounge in Newark which both have kosher food.

Cash back:

Ink cards are now all issued as Visa cards, so you can register them for Visa Savings Edge.

With that program you earn cash back on top of points.  You’ll earn 1% cash back at Chevron, and Texaco, 2% cash back at TigerDirect, 4% cash back at Alamo and National, 5% cash back at Lenovo, Sony, and several hotel brands, etc.

Bonus points:

Ink cards offer 5 points per dollar on internet/cable service and telecom purchases, so that’s a nice rebate when you purchase a new cell phone and off your cable bill.

They also earn 5 points per dollar at office supply stores. There are hundreds of gift cards sold by office supply stores.

-Upgrading on your carrier’s website to an iPhone or Galaxy? 5 points per dollar.
-Buying gift cards for gas? 5 points per dollar plus you’ll pay the lower cash rates at the pump.
-Buying gift cards for Amazon, Gap, Groupon, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Marshalls, Nordstrom, Southwest Airlines, TJMaxx, etc? 5 points per dollar.

Gift card uses:

Your local school or other charity will be more than happy to accept donations of Amazon gift cards for supplies or any other useful gift cards for chinese auctions, raffles, fundraisers, etc.

They will give you a tax deductible receipt for the full face value-the price you paid for the gift cards. And at the same time you’ll earn 5 points per dollar. So while doing good you can still get a nice chunk of points and you’ll save on your taxes.

Or you can use Visa gift cards for everyday spending thereby getting 5 points per dollar on everything you buy anywhere via the Visa gift cards.  You can read how lucrative that can be in this post on where you should be using each of your cards.

Point Currency:

Chase Ultimate Rewards offer instant and fee-free transfers to top-notch mileage and points programs at a 1:1 ratio.

Transfer partners include:
United (Star Alliance) is still an excellent currency, even after their devaluation earlier this year.  They never charge fuel surcharges, have very flexible routing rules, they allow one-way awards for half the mileage, they have short-haul awards for 10,000 miles, they allow for a stopover and an open-jaw so that you can really maximize a single award ticket into several free trips, and they have dozens of partners to fly on, most of which can be booked on their website.
British Airways (OneWorld) is awesome for short-haul awards. Just 9,000 miles for a round-trip zone 1 or 15,000 miles for zone 2 short-haul award. The zone 3 award for 25,000 miles round-trip can also be a bargain, for example a flight between the west coast and any of the Hawaiian islands or between Boston and Ireland is just 25K miles round-trip with no fuel surcharges. Flights to Israel on Air Berlin are just 60,000 miles with no fuel surcharges. They allow one-way awards for half the mileage. There are no close-in or expedite fees. You can cancel an award for as little as $5.60. Infants are only charged 10% of the miles on international trips instead of 10% of the full fare like US carriers charge. Plus they don’t collect fuel surcharges on AA/USAirways within the western hemisphere, on Qantas within Australia, on Air Berlin, Aer Lingus, Alaska, or LAN and you can transfer points to Iberia to limit fuel surcharges there as well.
You can read more in this post on everything you need to know about BA Avios. And you can see 103 places you can go to nonstop from NYC with Avios.
Korean (Skyteam) offers unbeatable first class availability (A380 First Class Trip Report here) and they also have true bargains on partner travel, just 30,000 miles to fly round-trip on Hawaiian or Alaska to Hawaii in coach or 60,000 miles in first. And it’s just 20,000 miles to fly to Alaska in coach or 40,000 miles in first. You can even get a free stopover on the way to or in Alaska! If you can find Delta saver availability you can fly to Hawaii round-trip for just 25,000 miles in coach or 45,000 miles in business.
Singapore (Star Alliance) offers private walled-in first class suites that can only be booked with their miles. A suite one-way from JFK to Europe is 57,375 miles. Travel to the US48, Hawaii, Alaska, Europe, and Israel can all be had on the cheap. There are no close-in booking fees and changes and cancellations are very cheap. Fuel surcharges apply when flying on most airlines besides United. More info here.
Southwest offers a value of about 1.7 cents per point towards award travel.  Plus you get 2 free checked bags, free flight changes or flight cancellations. and you can even get a point refund if the price of your flight goes down. You can also transfer points to Airtran for flat-rate awards like business class upgrades or free tickets at a flat rate instead of a rate that corresponds to the ticket price. From Airtran they can even be converted back into the old Southwest program that also offers flat rate awards.
Virgin Atlantic has some niche uses with awards on Delta.
Hyatt is a very powerful hotel currency. They have finally added a cash and points option that offers some excellent values and more importantly those stays earn points, elite stay credits, promo credits, and you can use suite upgrades on cash and point stays as well.  It remains far less expensive for high-end hotel stays than any other hotel program, a $1,500/night villa at the Park Hyatt Maldives would run just 25,000 points or 12,500 points+$150.
You can also funnel points through Hyatt to Southwest to qualify for a free Southwest Companion Pass which gives you a free companion every time you pay for or redeem for a free ticket.
-You can also transfer points to Marriott, Ritz Carlton, Priority Club, and Amtrak. I’ve never been on an Amtrak in my life, but some people have reported getting some really nice bargains on Amtrak travel via their program.

The beauty of miles over points or cash-back:
The great thing about being able to transfer points into airlines or hotels are the incredible values you can attain.
-A coach ticket to Hawaii can cost $1,000 and a first class ticket to Hawaii can cost $3,000 but you can use 25K or 45K miles for that same ticket. If you were using Capital One points you would need 100,000-300,000 points per ticket.
-A last minute ticket or a ticket where you don’t stay for 3 nights from New York to Detroit costs $1,500 in coach but just 9,000 miles. That’s a value of 16.7 cents per mile. If you were using Capital One points you would need 150,000 points per ticket.
-A first class ticket to Asia can cost $27,000 but you can use 135,000 miles for that same ticket, a value of 20 cents per mile. If you were using Capital One points you would need 2,700,000 points per ticket.
-A night at a Park Hyatt in Paris, Sydney, or the Maldives can run $1,500 with tax but you can use 30K points for that room, a value of 5 cents per point. Or you can use less points and get even better values with cash and points. If you were using Capital One points you would need 150,000 points per night.
And that’s all besides for the fact that getting a Capital One card costs a minimum of 3 credit pulls whereas you can get several Chase cards with just 1 credit pull.

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Got the Ink Cash card less than two months ago (approved without calling in, first business card). Would it be a problem to get this one now?


Not an issue.



Got the BA personal card, Southwest personal card, and when tried for southwest business was told by chase I do not have enough credit history for my business so they will not approve a business card (tried with 3 different reconsideration agents). Any point for even trying to apply for this offer? (the denial for SW Bus was early January).



Got my Ink card recently. Can I ask for the 10,000 extra miles on my existing card?


I currently already have this card. If I open another one for a separate business, will I receive another bonus even though I already got a bonus for this card?


If I have a credit score of 760+ but I just applied for a few credit cards in January what would be the effect if I applied for the ink card on my social now and is it worth it


I run my own business online but I’ve gotten rejected for a business card before. Any tricks on how to get one?


I just applied last week for the same card at 50k points. I just called to see if I can get it matched. The lady told me the marketing team will send me an answer in the mail in the next week. Do they usually match the promotion?


my credit score is 740, I have been rejected for this card 3 times even after calling recon several times, what are the chances I’m approved this time?


Chase united business card now also offering 50,000 sign up bonus and $95 annual fee waived first year


1. is there anything else to spend on besides getting the staples GC in order to get the 5% back?

2. you write in the article that i am able to get besides the 60k an additional 25k can you please say how?

3. i sighned up for the us aireways when you came you with the bonus sign up …you wrote that because its a business card even though the SS is the same i will not get a puch from my Credit score?


what is the name of the points? what are they called?
i know you said they are worth 1.75 i just want to know from a general points of view…

mendy L.

I have the target prepaid card from amex i wanted to know if i swipe the 5k on the target card o i get the 5% back?
i saw the list that you posted the only problem is i lose money and its a big hassel as well. what do you say dan?


I recently applied for the inc, called recon and was told that I don’t have a long enough credit history. My credit history is a year and three months old. And I opened a bunch of credit cards in the last year.
What do you suggest?


@ mendy
how do you lose money exactly? there is no cash back on your red amex you swipe it as a reload and that would be considered as a regular transaction/expense and you would have met the minimum spending total amount of UR made including bonus would be 65k. no loss whatsoever


You mention in your post that you can multiple cards for multiple businesses that you may own. However, will you get the 60k signup bonus for each? Because the terms say “This new cardmember bonus offer is not available to either (i) current cardmembers of this business credit card, or (ii) previous cardmembers of this business credit card who received a new cardmember bonus for this business credit card within the last 24 months.”

So seems like if I already have the Chase Ink Plus card, then I won’t the signup bonus for signing up for this offer for my other business?


Dan writes that an additional cardholder also can get the loungclub for free, can you explain how to get this? I just have my primary membership card from them in the mail. Thanks


Chase will usually match you if you applied less than 60 days before the change. I just sent an SM since I applied 50 days ago and I got a message confirming the addition of 10k UR to my account by next statement.


@Y.Z: can never hurt to ask
@Barak: they are usually much better via SM.
@shmuli93: 1. Any office supplies store. Telecom. Ect.
2. Did you even bother reading the post?
3. USAir isn’t a Business card. It’s a personal card. And even with business cards, they still pull your credit when you apply

high end hobo

when does this expire?!


@shmuli93: Regarding question 2: the mentioned 5 to 25 thousand additional points were referring to the base points acquired for spending the $5,000 necessary to get the bonus (5,000 for general spending, 25,000 for office spending etc.)


hey dan i have 3 chase personal ccs and a biz ink plus cc -the last one i got in the summer. and i tried to apply for freedom and got denied bec “i have to many ccs open now” #1 should i in general try and apply for more chase cards and disregard them? #2 can i apply for a chas biz and not worry about to many personal ccs open ? thanx


@yankel: can’t seem to find it. would you please share a link?


Great! I’m almost finished w/ the $50K promo of which I will be calling into Chase to have the other 10K added on. Chase will do this if it’s within a certain period of time. I believe its 60 days/more. The only thing I don’t like is that it doesn’t have “primary insurance” for car rentals such as the CSP (my primary car rental card) b/c I rent a lot from Nat’l (especially during their 2 for 1 promos.


@YitzyS: what’s SM? Sorry I’m new to this stuff


Dan – please help.. need to pick a CC for home imp..
I am B”H building a house and the deal with the contractor is I pay for the materials.. What is the best CC? Is it this Ink?

Thank you


Dan, I read here a million times that biz cc’s don’t effect your credit . Is that 100% confirmed information? I ask BC I am applying for a mortgage soon so its important to keep my utilization low but I need to spen like 75 – 100 thousand a month but its not worth messing up my mortgage


At the same time I would assume that applying for a biz card does afffect my credit as a hard pull even if its biz – correct?


Dan- I realize this is comparing apples to oranges but overall would you say this is a better card to have then Sapphire preferred? Ink has more bonus categories and offers cash back. Is there anything sapphire offers that this card doesn’t?


@Barak: secure message


If you recently got the card with only 50,000 points send secure message to them on their site and they will give you the additional 10,000 points. They want to make us happy!
Worth trying for everyone – all they can do is refuse.



I cannot find the link to sign up….



Whats the best way to reach the spending requirements? Thanks.


i applied the first time when they were running the last promotion of 70k and got declined, i fixed the issue, can i now re-apply or should i call them (its been over 2 months since initial application)


Is the offer dead? I can’t find the link…


Thanks Dan for posting. Just got approved after calling in as my application was ‘pending’ when I submitted it.


it’s not dead.


Does any one know where the ink card pulls it’s credit report from ?


I speak from experience.

Signup an additional cardholder via the same link as the primary.

@high end hobo:
Read the post.

Can you give the contractor GCs for Home Depot or Lowes?

Yes, as long as you don’t miss a payment.


Sapphire gives bonuses for travel, dining, etc.
And it gives primary car rental insurance in the us

Did you read the beginning of the post?

Redcard is the easiest.

Why not?

Follow the post’s directions.


Depends on your state.


@Dan: Dan, You wrote in the post about having multiple Ink cards for multiple businesses. You didn’t mention a/t about receiving multiple bonuses within 24 months. Victor assumed that you can, and your reply to him seems to confirm this. I just want to ascertain that I understood you correctly, that one CAN get multiple bonuses for multiple businesses within 24 months. Thanks a lot.


I have an Ink card, but not Lounge Club membership (I just learned about it in this post), and I have a trip in a few days. Do you know if there’s a way to get the Lounge Club membership and receipt of card expedited? Thank you.


@Dan any idea how many chase ink miles are needed to get a round trip ticket to israel or australia?


maybe.. Not sure … lets say I can give GC to HD and lowes..

what is the best option..

if i can’t what is my choice…

I am doing 2 major construction porjects so these small difference can have a big impact. Thank you


On second thought… No GC… what is my best option


what is a link to sign up for the card that you get credit, sorry if I missed it in the post.



Not that I know of.

Depends on the airline.

Why can’t you get GCs from Staples?

Just follow the instructions in the bold paragraph in the beginning of this post.


@Dan which cc is the best to use for booking a trip to Australia? TIA


@Shlomo: please be careful if will need a mortgage later and you racked up a bill on your cc your in trouble


Link isn’t working, is the deal expired?


Just followed my instructions in the “note” section and it worked just fine.

Which link isn’t working exactly?


A couple of questions:
The in-branch promo was waiving the fee in the first year. Anyone know if they will waiver the fee for online applicants, if asked later by SM.
Are different sole-proprietorships (ie one for selling stuff online, one for tutoring, one for taxi services) considered different businesses by Chase, even though they also share the same SSN?


Dan – I already signed up for this card 4 months ago and got the 60k bonus. Can I sign up again under a new (or same) business (I have multiple tax ID numbers) and get the 60k bonus again?


If i buy construction material in A local lumber yard, is that considered an office supply store?


can’t find Sole Proprietorship under the business type drop down menu are you sure its still there?


just spoke with ink. they dont have airport lounge passes anymore.they ended that sept 2014.


Looks kike they discontinued the “Sole Proprietorship” option


Is it standard to get ” PENDING” response after applying on line?
Or do they give you I stand approval?


Dan I applied in nov can I reapply now ?


was anybody able to choose the “Sole Proprietorship” option?
This is the only issue that is holding me back of applying!


To enroll for the louge you need a invitation code what is that?