Chase Hyatt Visa Now Has Smart Chip Technology And No Longer Requires $1,000 In Spending To Receive The Signup Bonus!

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Chase has refreshed the Hyatt card to include a Smart Chip.  If you have traveled in Europe or Asia you probably know that your credit cards don’t work at many terminals that require am embedded chip in your card.  With a Smart Chip card you will now be able to use your card even when abroad at these terminals.

The Hyatt card does not charge a foreign transaction fee and gives triple points for spending at Hyatts.  Hopefully Chase will bring this technology to the Sapphire Preferred card, which also has no foreign transaction fees, in the future.

In another improvement announced today, non-elites will no longer have to spend $1,000 to get their 2 free nights for opening the Hyatt card.  If you applied for the card in the past 92 days then you can send Chase a secure message and they should match the terms of the new offer.

The signup bonus is now as follows:

Current non-members and non-elites: 2 free nights at any Hyatt worldwide for spending $1 and get free Hyatt Platinum status for as long as you are a cardholder. Platinum status get you free wifi, free upgrades, bonus points, 2pm late checkout, and more on all stays.
Current Hyatt Platinums: 2 free nights at any Hyatt worldwide for spending $1 and get 2 free suite upgrades on paid stays.
Current Hyatt Diamonds: 2 free nights in a suite for spending $1.

All members also receive a bonus free night every year at category 1-4 Hyatts (like Hyatt 48Lex in Manhattan and Andaz West Hollywood in Los Angeles) just for having the card.

With some Hyatts (like Park Hyatts in Paris, Sydney, and the Maldives) charging $1,000 per night, it’s a pretty sweet signup offer!

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If it is chip and signature, at least in Europe it’s effectively useless at most unstaffed kiosks and even many staffed windows. I base this on considerable experience attempting to use a Chase British Airways card with chip in several western European countries.


Nice to have a card with no spend requirements11


Apply for this in a 3bm along with Continental and United and you’ve got 100K miles and 2 nights in a hotel without any spend requirements.


In canada also they use only the chip


how long does it to get the card ?how long does it take to get the points , can hyatt points transfer to airline miles?


Figure on a week to get the card and a few days to get the free nights after you make your first purchase.
You can transfer points into miles, though not at ratios like SPG offers.


Dan, can you please include the link for continental and united? so i can sign up for all 3 of them at once. also, when you said 100K miles you meant 30K plus 20K after sending a secure message?


How do I become a diamond member and what is the spending to point ratio?


How much would you value two free nights at a Hyatt Hotel?


Dan, if I applied for a citi card on sun. and got approved instantly , would you say I should wait a while till I apply for this card or does it not make a difference?


Yes, after SM match. 3 cards in 3 browsers, 1 credit pull.

25 stays in Hyatt hotels.
Or get it matched from status like Hilton Gold or PC or SPG Platinum.

At however much the hotels you use them at charges per night.

No difference.


Can I apply for the continental card if I already have one?


Dan, I got Hyatt platinum through my last card application. Can I apply again and get futher bonus and/or upgraded to dimond?


Also I am a Hilton gold member can I get hyatt to hike me to dimond and if so what must I do.


isnt it 50k or 60k free miles in the 3bm

25 and 25 or 30 and 30?


Does this work for any hotels in Israel?
Are there any fees which one must pay for these free nights, along the same lines as the airlines charging government fees? Or is this really amazingly free free free?!
Also, if having the card gets you platinum status, does that mean that if you apply for the card again a while later, you are already considered a platinum which would then qualify you for
” Current Hyatt Platinums: 2 free nights at anyHyatt worldwide for spending $1 and get 2 free suite upgrades on paid stays.”?
I’m a bit confused about that…
Thanks Dan!


do the 2 free nights ever expire?


dan, is there an annual fee on the card ? and do u think that this is the smartest card to do for my 3rd card in the 3bm if im not actually getting points ?


if i have spg gold can i get a hyatt status match before applying for this hyatt card?


About no foreign transaction fees, my credit card processor told me that its nonsence, because if they dont charge you the 3% they charge you a higher exchange rate, and I think he’s right. You can test it by making a same amount purchase on 2 cards and see the difference you are charged total in US dollars.


Being ignorant, what’s 3bm? What’s this about SPG Gold status match? What does it cost per year for the card. Thanks


Applying for 3 cards from the same bank in 3 different browsers, 1 credit pull


Good question, dunno.

50K after matching for each card.

Nothing in Israel, but it really is totally free.

They expire in a year from when you make your first purchase.

$75, if you will use the nights then it’s a great deal.

You may be able to get Platinum, but I’m not positive.

That’s a lie.
The rate they give you is the same rate as you would see in the WSJ, they aren’t playing any games.


Hi Dan,

Would appreciate if you can advise on how can i get matched to Hyatt diamond if i already have hilton gold status.

Many thanks


You usually need some points in the Hilton account to get matched.

-Call Hyatt at 800-228-3360 to request a Diamond Challenge.
-Email proof of competitor status to
-Fax proof of competitor status to 402-593-9449
-Mail proof of competitor status to PO Box 27089, Omaha, NE 68127-0089


@Dan: Thank you very much for the prompt reply. I don’t have any points in the Hilton account, just the Gold status, so maybe getting match to diamond is not feasible. How about getting matched to Hyatt platinum status, is that automatic from Hilton Gold?


If you have any AMEX MR points you can transfer them to Hilton.
There is no official Hyatt Platinum match program, but you can always try calling and see what they’ll do.


Hey Dan, How can you upgrade a hyatt free night to a suite?


You need diamond status (either through 25 stays or through matching)


@Dan: Thank you, that makes total sense…


Dan, can you make a quick comparison between 50k UR points vs the 2 night Hyatt card, if you plan on using the 50k for Hyatt?

In other words: which one will get you more nights at a standard room in the Hyatt?

(I know that the Hyatt card will get you free wifi etc.., but I am talking only about free nights)


A comparison? Ideally do a 2bm/3bm and get the Hyatt card and 2 UR cards (see the credit cards tab for some great suggestions) with just 1 pull and stay for more nights and have elite benefits!

Anyway standard Hyatt rooms go for 5K-22K points per night. Suites are 50% more than that.


Dan– regarding the hyatt card– is there a way to transfer continental one pass miles to my hyatt card so that I can get hyatt hotel stay with points? I have both the chase hyatt and chase continental plus cards.


An Ultimate Rewards card like Sapphire Preferred, can transfer points to Continental or Hyatt, but once they’re in Continental they can’t be transferred again.



Well, you are talking to a guy who already has the Sapphire, Freedom, Ink, CO and UA cards.

The question now is, gun for the Sapphire again, or go for the Hyatt?

Also, you said: “Anyway standard Hyatt rooms go for 5K-22K points per night. Suites are 50% more than that.”

Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought that you only get the suites with the Hyatt card if you are an existing diamond member before you get the card. If not, you only get two standard rooms.

If I am correct, if you are not a diamond member of Hyatt, then having the UR points is a better option for (potentially) more nights. (Without free wifi).


Make your current Sapphire into a Mastercard and then apply in a 2bm for a Sapphire Visa and Hyatt?

It really depends on how you value free wifi, late checkout, and potential upgrades with the Platinum status.

Also you may still be able to get Hilton Gold if you change your address to Australia or Russia here:
And then add some points to the account from AMEX MR and then match to Hyatt Diamond and get the nights in a suite…


Dan before i send a secure message to chase to get the other 20K and tell them i saw a publicly advertised offer, i feel i have to see it first or otherwise i might be lying. is there anything like that i can see?


No, but feel free to just say you heard/read about it.


oh good idea. can i do the same with my amex platinum card? the offer is 50K, but can send a message asking for 100K?


Dan, would you recommend this card as one of my 3 chase cards to apply for?


Won’t work.

I’m not familiar with the Marriott program, but thanks as always for using the links found in the “credit cards” tab or in the sidebar of this site.