Can’t View Your FICO Score From AMEX? Try These 2 Simple Tricks…


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Most services that advertise free credit scores are only providing you with a FAKO score. That’s not something of much use as lenders don’t ever see those scores. A FAKO score can be significantly different than your FICO score, discrepancies of more than 100 points aren’t uncommon.

I’ve been tracking my Transunion FICO 8 score for free from Barclaycard and Discover. I had been getting my Experian FICO 8 score from AMEX. That stopped recently when my AMEX profile changed from the newer version to the older version.

I was kind of happy with that as it also took me back to the old AMEX Offers format, which is far easier to use than the new one.

However it also wiped out the option to view my FICO score.

Old version:















DDFB user Ari R. pointed out a few days ago that if you delete the additional user’s off of your login then it will switch back to the new format and give you the FICO option back and that you can toggle back and forth as needed.

And of course, I realized that adding AU cards for AMEX Express Checkout was the culprit.

So I clicked on Account options>Remove cards from online access and deleted the AUs:



















Once all the AUs were gone the FICO option returned:

















And the score is looking as healthy as ever, despite the games I play:
















Several DDF’ers reported that this method worked for them, but it didn’t for a few others.

What worked for some DDF’ers was to remove a primary card from their main login and give the primary card its own login.

DDF hat tip leader and poweruser Marco Polo reported that deleting AUs and making his business platinum card its own dedicated login didn’t work, but when he made a dedicated login for his consumer blue card he finally got the FICO option.

Can you view your FICO score from AMEX? Did either of these tricks work for you? What’s your FICO score? Hit the comments!

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clear thinker

So far nothing doing.


I tried it myself removed the aus and it worked from what it seems it has to do with how many cards are link can anyone confirm this in my experience more than 2 cards linked (even primarys) will give you the old version


I only have one card per account on my log-in. Most of these are primary but one is an AU account. However, for the AU card, it’s the only card on that account that I have on my login.

However, I have no useful links link on my page anywhere. I never have had it actually as I’ve always been on the old Amex page.


Worked for me, sweet!
769, not bad.


My fako is 831 and fico is 768


@Sam: when did you get your first individual card


have login for each card but FICO does not work : “Sorry, your FICO® Score is unavailable at the moment”


How do I add AUs with different SSNs to my login for express checkout?


I think I got it since I removed my Business Gold Rewards card & made it its own login.

Experian Score 738 as of 8/1


Removed my Amex Business Gold Rewards & made it its own login information, & viola I have my Fico Score (738 as of 8/1)

Thanks Dan.


Wow! Confirmed, Removed the cards (where i am only the AU) and left the cards where I am the Primary user, and got my score 781.
Same story by my wife’s account (Removing AU brought the FICO score), But she got a 794…


I would rather do the 2nd trick, because the amex checkout is still ongoing with new ticket master links!!!


Do you mean that I should remove the cards which I’m just a AU to it?


+1 on my login which i have one card which i am the AU, i dont have it.
but on my login which i have a single primary card i have it.


Transunion is 822 and Equifax is 862 (out of 900). Just missing my Experian score.


Removing AU worked for me.
Thanks man!
759. Less than a year of credit.


”and of course, I realized that adding AU cards for AMEX Express Checkout was the culprit.”

what do u call secondary cards? u r an AU under s/o else’s card, or just adding yourself as an AU to ur own Card?

and is there a reason u put all under one login?


Is it supposed to show the FICO no matter what kind of card you have? I have only Starwood for example but never seen it. I get it with Citi however


I have 2 cards on and the option is still there. Why did my score go down by 30?
Is it because I have a card that opened and not used for the last 5 months?


@Josh: Disregard, found it


@שמואל: ur the Au on ur own primary?

mia flyer

question for Ya’ll

i have 2-3 cards which i haven’t used for some time since they give me no benefit at all – one i still owe 16k and am paying it off slowly , will it harm my score if i shut them ? or is it better to show the available credit even though i haven’t been using it


@Anonymous: I have a online American Express account where i have access to all my accounts (to accounts where i am the primary and to the accounts where i am only the AU).

got it

does it effect your score when checking a few times???


cool. didn’t know abt this feature but got right in. my score is a cool 839!
mucho gracias.

abraham mayer

i have the amex business platinum and dont see any option of free fico. is it only for consumer cards?


I just removed the primary SPG and created his own login and it worked


I figured the simplest would be to pick one of my cards where i am primary and make its own online account. Worked like a charm. 792


Worked for me. Got a 816


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I was waiting for this all whole year.
I removed a primery card, and opened a New online account for it.


@Aron: how long do you have credit for


How can you get them to update your score? mine is from june


I have a idea – which I dont know if its possible, so I am commenting, and whoever has better knowledge should contribute to it.
removing AU and when your FICO link appears, you should be able to “SAVE THE LINK” and save it somewhere, so when you re-register your AU, you can use this LINK, i tried it without success, but there might be smarter people on earth…


@Anonymous: First CC is Going back about 20 years but with little activity. Had a more active credit life within the past few years

Bobby G

Worked for me, just had to unlink the 2 of 3 cards i have. Showed up immediately with the old screen 798, had a 805 on july 11 not sure why it went down

Thanks Dan


I never Amex had this benefit! Thanks for the info. Had no issues viewing my score.


Your FICO® Score as of July 25th
On June 27th your score was 790
do you know how i can see what made it go down?


I check mine on the barclay card site (827)


worked for me thanks! had 4 cards linked up (3 business and 1 personal) and when I made a separate login for the personal I got my free score! 796


when i try to create seperate online accounts for my additionals of my business account i get a message that it must be activated first with providing ss and dob i did that already and still getting message what to do?? anyone had this issue??

ich zug

@ere: I had recently the same thing, it happened cuz I applied for a new credit card which pulls it down a bit. did you apply for any credit card lately? don’t worry after paying the bills on time for 3 months you will gain back your points plus even more…


Dan, you are an AMEX member since 1984? Were you alive then?


No shout out for monthly EQ score on citi cards? C’mon man.



Was wondering when someone would notice that 😉

I don’t love the 900 scale.


how do i delete au?? (removing my primary card(spg)and open new login didn’t work)


interesting on amex site it says score is 674 and on credit karma its 752 does this make sense??


Amex showing my score even though I re-added all my AU.


How do u do this on a mobile device I used to b able to see it but not anymore @dan


You can just type “FICO” in the help search bar and your score will pop right up.


@Shulem: in the help search bar type “FICO” it will pull your score right up.


I’ve tried all of the above but no FICO score. I have the option to click on “View FICO Score” under useful links and then get the “Sorry, your FICO® Score is unavailable at the moment.”. I’ve phoned AMEX 14 times about this but keep getting passed around with hollow promises. Really annoyed and would love to see the FICO score. Tried typing FICO in search too but to no avail.