AMEX Removing Airport Restaurant Access From Their Priority Pass Cards

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The Business Platinum® Card from American Express and the The AMEX Consumer Platinum Card offer some pretty incredible benefits, including some of the best lounge access benefits of any card:

  • Centurion lounge access
  • Delta SkyClub lounge access
  • Priority Pass lounge membership
  • Airspace lounge access
  • Escape lounge access

Once upon a time, Priority Pass included access to airlines lounges like United. That fell by the wayside, but over the past few years Priority Pass has made up for airline club losses by adding airport restaurants to their portfolio. Typically you can get a $28 credit for yourself and each of your guests. You can lookup participating restaurants and lounges on their site.

In Cleveland I stop at Bar Symon and pickup a to-go bag full of granola bars, drinks, chips, and fruit for free thanks to my Priority Pass card.

In Tel Aviv you can get a 100 Shekel credit at Schmoozy Bar instead of going to the overcrowded Dan lounge.

Sadly, starting on 8/1, Priority Pass memberships issued by all AMEX cards will no longer allow restaurant credits, though they will continue to work at traditional lounges.

This is certainly a devaluation of the Priority Pass program. In Cleveland I can still access the Airspace Lounge, but in Fort Lauderdale for example there are no lounges other than the $28 credit you can get at Kafe Kalik.

Here’s hoping that the Chase Sapphire Reserve and Citi Prestige cards continue to allow airport restaurant and lounge access…

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Which airports have kosher restaurants in the Priority Pass program?

(CSR user here, so I’m unaffected by this Amex change unless Chase follows suit.)


Which airports have kosher restaurants?
(Besides TLV if you call rabbanut kosher)
In some restaurants you can find packaged kosher items.


Yes I do call that kosher. Thank you Rabbi yochai


No problem
I purposely left it open to your decision. Wasn’t being sarcastic at all.


lots of non kosher restaurants offer kosher drinks coffee, gondola bars.


I’m not sure there is a need for that tone? It is of course everyone’s right and choice to choose not to accept any particular hashgacha, but it is also reasonable to recognize that there are many good people who do accept the Rabbanut hechsher, and it’s highly inappropriate to disparage them for that. There are many opinions out there (of course there are, we’re Jews), and there is no need to put a different opinion down.


I have been using this perk when I am traveling via the chase card. I also have the platinum card. Is there any point to use both, for this benefit same day—or only one works per day per airport? Either way, I know at least one of them won’t work until we know more as of August ..based on your article. I know this is a side question, it seems Amex Plat signup issued me a different Priority Pass card number than the Chase one., So is it a one per day either or thing for now?
Also. I’m Heading to tlv Israel via San Francisco from LAX next week.. is your israel use above the best way to use for that trip?



Have CSR and PT and in the past have been able to double dip, Note: I tip with cash and then would immediately use other PP card and ring up items (i.e. PDX Caper’s market RIP). But YMMV.

SFO hit Amex Centurion lounge (better food than Giants clubhouse imho not sure about fish restaurant) .


Interesting. Thanks for the answers!


In Tel Aviv you can get a 100 Shekel credit at Schmoozy Bar IN ADDITION TO going to the overcrowded Dan lounge.
(FTFY, at least until 8/1).


Thank you, can you catch it on your arrival day in Israel, once per day inbound, or only the day you are traveling outbound- out of tlv?


The lounge doesn’t exist for arriving flights. Neither does the restaurant.


ATM 1X @ each restaurant/lounge ( i.e. one could triple dip in PDX per PP account but one location is no longer offered as a PP venue).


we used it in TLV shmoozy bar we were very happy with refreshing drinks, we will miss it..


how do i get into the centurion lounge if i have the consumer plat just show them the credit card and boarding pass? with piority pass you have a special card


how do you get the restaraunt credit in the lounges? and anyone know the best lounges in heathrow?


If I have 2 priority pass cards can I swipe both at 1 restaurant to double up on the credit


If the waiter lets you, PP is ok with that.


Aspire lounge at MAN T1 now offers Kosher breakfast and snacks on the days that ElAl fly


Thanks dan.
I have Priority pass memberships from AMEX, CSR & CITI PRESTIGE. How Can i tell which priority pass membership is from which cc account ? How can i tell them apart ?


Call PP and ask them, then write on the card with a black marker.


I use the membership dates on physical cards.

Digital app, my Samsung Notes secure folder allows me to have two PP accounts without having to log out and then enter sign-in data (same with CC/bank apps like having a second phone/device)


Amex platinum product is becoming far inferior to chase sapphire reserve, my now go to and i will eliminate after my upcoming trip to europe and before my increased renewal kicks in. The rewards gold will do along with my Sapphire, Ink (and liking my new Capital One card which keeps adding benefits and airline promos). The chase products are just better values now in too many ways to pay $595 for the “privilege” of platinum.



I think a huge key is to start complain in by chat to Amex, everytime a PP listed lounge is closed to PP members.

As well as being the reason for closing a card, or asking for a retention offer, as no access to lounges and no restaurants makes it a non-benefit. Hopefully Amex will do a 180.

Maybe this is by design an Amex new ownership of lounge buddy will open access to PP closed lounges or offer a lounge buddy membership to replace PP


is PP usually restricted to only one lounge (at a particular airport) per day or can i visit multiple lounges within the same airport during my transit?

Shaul Yaakov

Probably would have been better from AMEX to just make a policy that you could only enter 1 lounge or restaurant per airport per day.

That way they could get around people abusing the $28 credits multiple times before a flight, without killing off half of PP value (certainly domestically).

Just Me

So to me it looks like the Barkley Black Card is pulling ahead they don’t have a limit on how many guests you can bring into the lounge and they have yet to put a block on the restaurants


Got a bottle or Recanati Rose at Schmoozy but United took it away from me before getting on the flight since it wasn’t in a sealed duty free bag. Gate supervisor stated “TSA regulations.,,,,”