AMEX Is Clawing Back Refunds From Money Making Dell Purchases

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AMEX is clawing back refunds if you made a Dell purchase of $111 or less on an AMEX Business Platinum card registered for both $100 and 10% back at Dell.

In other words if you made a $100 purchase you would have gotten back $100 and $10, making for a $10 profit. AMEX is now looking back to purchases like this since the beginning of 2019 and taking back the profit, in this case $10.

I can understand making a rule going forward, but I’m not a fan of clawbacks like this that erode trust in a company.

Going forward you’ll want to make sure that you charge more than $111 with Dell if you’re registered for both $100 back and 10% back to avoid making a profit and having it clawed back.

Did you get a clawback charge on your Business Platinum card today?

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Yes i did. Was thinking it’s this. As usual thanks for clarifying!


Was that in the language? Also, why wasn’t it automatically rejected initially? The “offers” system is clearly designed to encourage people to use the card in the hopes of getting cash or points back, which they may or may not actually receive.


Yup I got a charge From dell today and disputed it cause has no idea what it was


Amex only clawed back the $9.63 credit from my account and not the $100 credit. So I guess that’s good?

Shaul Yaakov Morrison

Isn’t this on Amex for allowing this in the first place? If trump hasn’t completely gutted the CFPB, someone should file a claim.


I also had a charge was wondering what it was


I wonder if they are going to do the same thing with the $300 Marriott credit on the SPG Lux/Brilliant card? Similar thing happened there- AMEX offers a free $300 annual Marriott credit on that card, and there are periodic AMEX Offers for Marriott, usually “Spend $200, get $40 back.” So if you had the offer on the SPG Lux, and made a $300 purchase, you would get the $300 credit AND the $40 AMEX Offer credit, meaning you would make a profit on the purchase, just like with the Dell credit. I suspect more people were doing that one, too. We’ll see what happens.


Yep, they charged me $9.81. Do I earn amex MR points for that? 🙂


Yep, clawedback and I see at least one report for someone who spent more than $111 receiving a clawback too. Looks like everyone was charged $10 if they spent over $100?


That is crazy on a card that has a $595.00 AF. Ill check mine. If It happened to me it would have been by accident.


Mine was “clawed back”. Didn’t exactly make a profit, but broke up purchase into multiple transactions.
Charged only $100 on one account and on 11/4 charged $10 “Shop Dell with Business Platinum Credit”.
Will a letter with explanation be coming in the mail?


Hi, I’m a newbie here and was hoping I could learn about deals and tips AND read someone’s political commentary as well, because I don’t get nearly enough of that. So, I should charge $111 to avoid the clawback but I have to be worried about whether the president weakened the consumer protection board? Please tell me how they’re connected. Dan? Can you do this?

Oleg Shalumov

Funny, but i got a charge on my closed card. Can they do that if the card have been closed for 6 months already?

Some dude

111 including tax?