AMEX Business Platinum Card Losing 4 Benefits In 2020

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The Business Platinum Card® from American Express has 4 benefits won’t survive next year.

  • The 10 annual Gogo inflight WiFi passes will expire on 12/31/19 and new passes will no longer be issued.
  • Boingo, which offers worldwide Wi-Fi hotspots, will no longer be included as a card benefit.
  • WeWork Global Access will not be renewed for next year. You can enroll through 12/31/19 and you will get access for 12 months, but you will no longer be able to enroll starting on 1/1/20.
  • As we previously broke the news on, Premium roadside assistance will no longer be available as of 1/1/20.

Thankfully, recently added benefits like the $200 in annual Dell credits will stick around.

The card will also gain premium trip delay insurance and trip cancellation insurance on 1/1/20.

Will these changes affect whether you will renew your card for $595/year?

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47 Comments On "AMEX Business Platinum Card Losing 4 Benefits In 2020"

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Andrew Lock

Yep. I’m out.


Me too. But not only because of these changes

I signed up on last day of the $450 annual fee and haven’t really gotten much value besides the SUB and Dell Credits. Nothing else.
Haven’t used:
The 35%, TSA, PP, $200 Airline Credit and more and now with the AF rising there’s no way I’d get an annual benefit worth $595


Any idea how to redeem my 200$ airline bonus does it still work to buy gift cards? Thank you


As far as I’ve read recently, there’s no good way to get much value out of the $200 travel incidental credit anymore. And that’s probably why I’ll be downgrading or cancelling the card next renewal.


Yup, Also lets not forget that Amex is getting really stringent, and its not at all unlikely that Amex would shut one down if they noticed they were playing around with $200 incidentals ..


Ugh the Gogo credits going away sucks, sometimes they’re worth like $40 apiece. I almost cancelled last year but had this last year at the lower fee plus they did a retention bonus. I don’t think I can justify keeping the card esp with the higher fee.


Higher annual fees, no more buying gifts and getting reimbursed and now no more GoGo… that’s in. No more incentive to keep the card. I’m out! I get the priority pass with my Chase Sapphire.


Will the price stay the same?


That’s a major bummer. GoGo was definitely a nice perk. Boingo proves helpful on occasion. WeWork was a yawner for me.


While I didn’t personally use these benefits, the value proposition of the card was iffy to begin with for me. So hopefully, they replace those with good benefits or else they probably will lose me.


amex offered to add 3 more users for 175 and give me 5k points for each after i spend 500 if i decide to cancel the authorized user card right after i receive the points within the first billing cycle will i get a refund of the annual fee or only the primary card prorates the annual fee thank you in advance

Brooklyn boy

Hey Dan, I have 60,000 Amex points, but i want to close my card. If I don’t have any travel plans, what’s the best program to transfer my points? Thanks


Reminder to everyone who signed up to WeWork to cancel before the 12 months are up because after that it’ll cost $350/mo


Definitely on the fence now. Anyone had luck with their retention department (i.e. lowering annual fee, bonus points, etc.)?


what would you do if you got delayed on a flight booked thru the amex plat before amex added the trip delay protection would you dispute the charge of the flight i want to know what is should do for a cancelled flight maintenance airplane related that threw off my entire schedule and ruined my vacation very upsetting


Dan, Add the AF to the post. It’s relevant.


any reason i can’t see comments on telegram on safari phone browser anymore?


Will Amex refund me part of the annual fee, being that I can’t get a full year of the benefits that I signed up for?



Mitzvah Yingel

WiFi was defiantly a nice perk, but for someone who travels enough to make use of it will make much more use of the added delay and cancelation insurance.

I recently took a domestic flight booked with this card thinking it has insurance, I ended up paying about $1000 to get back home after my flight was canceled, the insurance has much more value than WiFi.


Do not forget the Premium roadside assistance which they are also removing. Sorry, but they keep taking.


I would cancel the card, but i use the hertz status alot, and the priority pass, will i loose those if close this card ?


You could do a status match between other agencies to keep that. You would lose the PP membership though as soon as you cancel the card.


I got this card with the $595 fee with 75K points. Already got $200 back with AA gift cards, $110 back with dell credit is that not enough of a reason to get the card?


You can’t do the gc anymore only let you use it legit now


I signed up for We work last year. Can I resign now, before 12/31 for the next 12 months?


If you had card before last year it stays at $450 this year and there after goes up?


And never so boingo wifi so dont really care


Cancelling at the end of the year!


Heck no….Byebye Amex


saw limited time offer opening a capital 1 spark business & earn up to 2K cash back, any experience, does it pays to open it/