AMEX Business Platinum Annual Fee Will Climb By $145 In February, Roundup Of New Added Benefits

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In March 2017 AMEX raised the annual fee on their Consumer Platinum card from $450 to $550 when they added the ability to earn $200 in annual Uber credit and 5 points per dollar on airfare.

In February 2019 the annual fee on the Business Platinum card will go up from $450 to $595. The new fee applies to renewals starting in February and for new cardholders applying for a card in February.

New benefits will include:

  • Up to $200 in statement credits annually for U.S. purchases with Dell on your Business Platinum Card. You’ll receive more information about how to enroll in the new Shop Dell with Business Platinum benefit in February 2019.
  • One year of complimentary Platinum Global Access from WeWork, a network of premium workspaces around the world. With Platinum Global Access, enjoy over 300 workspaces in 75+ cities and 20+ countries, valued at $2,700. You’ll receive more information in February 2019 about the offer and how to enroll.
  • New Centurion Lounge locations in Philadelphia, Hong Kong, JFK, Los Angeles, and Denver, and the expansion of Centurion Lounges in Dallas and Miami.
  • $100 hotel credit on qualifying charges at hundreds of properties in The Hotel Collection (increased from $75) for new reservations made after January 1, 2019 when you book through Amex Travel.

The higher fee will sting for many people, though if you’re someone who makes annual purchases at Dell it can work in your favor.

Are you a Business Platinum cardholder? How will these changes effect your decision about renewing the card?

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I’ll have a year to decide, but it’s likely good bye


I have a platinum card and I will probably be closing the card.


My DW and I each have the Biz Plat. If the Dell offer can be satisfied with GC, then it will be quite favorable. Else, not so much.


I don’t need any of this new stuff. Will probably close it


I have two of these. Is there any way to benefit from the Dell credit if I don’t need anything from Dell?


Sell it for half price


The personal sounds better now


Probably not worth it for me

reb yid

Better to switch to platinum personal?


Personal gets Uber Credits $15/Month & $35/December, also $200.00 in airlines fee’s

Also, you get $50/Saks, twice a year.

Good choice


I have the platinum card and I’ll keep it. I can write off the fee as a business expense. The benefits out weigh the cost.


Where are you deducting the fee? Miscellaneous deductions on Schedule A (itemized deductions) are no longer allowed. If you are using the card entirely for business purposes, you can deduct the cost on a business return, such as those filed by a corporation. This would save you 21% in federal taxes — about enough to cover the AmEx fee increase.


and if she operates the business as a schedule C (sole prop) then she can deduct the fee as an expense, lowering taxes by as her applicable rate, plus saving on SE taxes.

And if the business is an S corp or partnership, transferring income to personal return on a K1

In short, taxes are more complicated then a single comment

Robert Jantsch

I will likely close business and get the personal option. Really hate to give up Centurion Lounge access.


Will probably keep it as the benefits still out way the cost considerably.


Interested in WeWork access!
Keeping the card for one more year. This will save me a lot of money.


WeWrok is annual?


It seems it’s limited to first year as member


I have a personal Plat card and a biz plat. card. Is there anything that the gold has over the plat? I am thinking of canceling my personal and getting a gold or simple amex card and keeping the biz one for the rewards and service.

Harabi MiUto

Amex Platinum, which once was all about serving its customer, has sadly become a co-marketing and product placement tool (Dell, Uber). Its Gold card, was gold, now offers a customer level service barely competing with Capital One’s. Sic transit gloria mundi. #sad


Downgrading to green, not worth it anymore


The WeWork benefit is a game changer for me!… I am on the road regularly and always need a place to work out of a couple hours / days a week that is not a coffee shop


Great to read all these cancellations. Now I may have a chance at entering the sfo lounge.


Will wait for a Comprehensive Report on Downgrading Options from DD as for me its not worth any of the new Benefits

Isaac K.

I have the personal and business cards and have been debating if I should keep both. Will definitely be closing the business card.


If paying the current annual fee in January, will I get the added benefits free in February?


Same question.


Amex is really pushing their luck here I think. It’s a close for me.


Still need the 35% rebate on point/air redemption, that has been big…but will certainly look at moving more spend to Chase Quad and redeeming with Reserve…


I will keep. As a high spender, the 1.5 points for high spend and 35% rewards bonus are worth it for me.


The only thing they added that *might* be interesting to me is the Dell discount, but if I’m effectively paying $145 for a $200 discount….well, that is certainly not the type of discount that would get me to ante up.

IOW, I’m out


is the wework a one-time thing? it says “one-year complimentary”
will this encourage or discourage wework from opening up in Lakewood?

Delta flyer

The personal platinum card gives me 5x points for chosen airline airfares. The business platinum card refunds 35% of points on airfare with chosen airline. The combination was really worth it when they were giving back 50% of points, less so when it went down to 35%. Now that fees for both cards have gone up so much , it’s time to kill both cards and do all travel with Chase Sapphire reserve, with 3x points for airfares and each point worth 1.5 for travel, plus net cost of $150 after easy $300 travel expense reimbursement. Sorry Amex, you are taking too much and giving too little.


Time to close


I’m sure you can get sort of gift card by dell and won’t loose any money


Where’s the dotted line? When and where can one sign up.

I’m in for the WeWork alone.


I am currently a member at we work, does this mean I will get $2700 in credits to my rent?
what does this mean exactly?


are there any places to use wework in new york? do they give you office suites or cubicles? thanks


You can see all the locations on their website. They have a ton in NYC and several in Israel and other countries.


Based on how I read the email from Amex I can’t figure out if the 35% points back on pay with points airfare is only on selected airline of if it will (now) cover any airline.


Remember the 1.5 u get on each transaction above 5k. It adds up very quick to much more than $550. U get up to a million extra points a year. Do the math before closing this card.


Once got the platinum without enough research. MISTAKE
1) the ONLY perk worth noting is the Centurion Lounge access.
2) $200 airline cred – must choose that airline PRIOR to purchase and CAN ONLY BE FROM THE LIST THEY OFFER (stupidly limited)
3) “airline of ur choice” is all of 3 international airlines.
4) 35% back on tickets… They hike the price SEVERELY making the 35% a wash AT THE VERY LEAST! (and can take 8 weeks to get credited)
5) buying business class tix through them is just insane. transfer points & buy it through the airline itself. if anything is an issue as all they cannot give u BS and divert ur problem to “the agency”
6) if u just want to a points ticket through them without the 35% then again u will find youre paying at least 25% more than you can find it direct or from other booking agents. (in general, always better to go direct even for few dollars more. though im not going to sit here & explain)
7) amex WILL zap points from ur account for whatever crazy reason & good luck with their reps when its something that amex benefits from it.
8) they randomly lower credit lines with no one having authority to do much about it.
9) randomly decide to put ur account “under review”. anyone having dealt with that can tell u about “agmas nefesh” (ive not sold points from my accounts as i have what to do with them mtself, never delinquent, increased my spending YOY by 25% bringing me close to $1,000,000 this year)
10) i once opened a platinum card (which they mistakenly didnt ship for over a month) & spent $20,000+ in the one month i used it. paid in full. decided to close it after i realized how lame the card really is. After purchasing a points flight they cancelled my flight a few hours later bec i “owed them” 75,000 points for the “spend promotion” that one receives with the signup. lets not forget my annual fee of $450…

So, unless utilizing “Transfer Partners” (which is very lucrative) their points system is not all that great they just have some great marketing. They have rental insurance, upgraded status on other programs, great with disputes etc. but nothing worth $450 (SOON TO BE $595)
ALL other perks mentioned are available on other cards & points systems (none being more that $450). they also treat a customer better & attempt somewhat to keep them.

Most major banks really do suck in most ways (not just CC). too much red tape & no one has authority forcing u to get bounced about to do 3 different things. BUT they are the only ones big enough to to offer a rewards system. nothing like having a small bank in my case Signature & one other.


I typically don’t complain on free stuff.


Amex is great if u built up a relationship with them and u pay your bills on time. Nobody beats them with the amount they let you swipe. If you open just to earn the signup points they will screw you. Be wise with them and you build up a solid relationship with them, it takes a little time.


@ Mike, thats what one would think. i agree that they give fantastic limits but they do randomly shift & its really frustrating knowing that what u swiped last will will not necessarily be available to you again the following week. relationship or not, the issues i stated above. they do not have great customer service especially if its something that benefits them. the real perk is the fact that they generally give you more flexibility with spending.


How does the new fee line up for exisiting business card holders. When does it start to take affect for them?

Amex fan

You still have the 1.5x on over $5k which gets me few 100k pts a year. Also use the 35% points back which really help get J class tickets for a good price and economy when prices are crazy. SO it def hurts but still worth keeping it.


So if I join now, before the price increase, I will still get all these new benefits starting next month?